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Customer smashes ATM

Old Bank of Bhutan Premises A 25-year-old man smashed the screen of an automatic teller machine (ATM) at the old Bank of Bhutan premises, Thimphu, after his ATM card got stuck in the machine without dispensing cash.

The incident occurred at around 1:45am yesterday, according to records with the city police.

The man, a contract teacher, was apprehended by the bank’s G4S security, who called police to report the incident.

Police officials said the man was drunk when the incident happened. “He’d smashed the screen with a rock,” a police official said.

The statement of the accused to the police stated he hit the screen with a rock since he was frustrated with the ATM’s service. “He said his ATM card was in the machine,” the police official said. “We checked with the bank officials and the card was found in the ATM.”

The contract teacher might be charged for malicious mischief.  An ATM costs about Nu 800,000.

With the ATM, located in the heart of town out of service, BoB set up its mobile ATM at the bank’s premises, and also provided teller services.

By Nima Wangdi

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  1. Response from BoB
    1. Regarding BoBL ATMs and VISA Domestic Cards
    This is in response to the comments made by various people, e.g, Truthseeker, sangaydorji, kota etc on the news item published on Kuensel online covering vandalism at BOBL’s ATM at Thimphu Branch at around 1.45 am on 31st Jan’2013.
    We at the Bank of Bhutan Ltd welcome comments by customers on our service, as it gives us an opportunity to improve our services.
    Our Thimphu Branch ATM is one of the busy ATMs in Thimphu. Even during the slack season of January 2013 in Thimphu, more than 2,200 transactions had taken place with other banks’ cards. In addition, more than 12,000 transactions have taken place by our own customers, with hardly any complaints.
    We may mention that we have issued more than 28,000 VISA domestic cards, in addition to more than 45,000 of our own proprietary cards. For the whole of 2012, when we look at the total ATM hours, we have a record of 99.8% uptime. In January alone, more than 12,000 transactions have taken place using BoBL Card in our ATM machines. We have the higher number of ATMs when compared to other banks.

    2. Regarding BoBL VISA Cards
    Regarding specific comment by “truthseeker” about “fake visa cards”, we may mention that BOBL is a full fledged member of VISA and issue VISA International Debit cards and VISA International Credit cards, in addition to VISA Domestic cards.
    During the year 2012, our customers have done about 1500 international transactions with VISA International cards, in addition to about 589,000 domestic transactions with VISA cards, without any problem.
    For purchasing items from some online portals abroad, credit cards need to be registered at the site. We are getting a few queries from some such sites, viz., Apple apps store, Apple iTunes, ebay, Paypal etc, that some customers are not inputing the required details or wrong contact details.
    The problem mentioned in the above post could be related to erroneous inputting of required details. We advise our clients to kindly input proper details and information.
    We also request our customers to directly contact us at our 24×7 contact center @ 1095 or Email us at [email protected].
    This will help us immensely to resolve issues and improve customer experience.

  2. truthsweeker correctly said. BOB ATMs do not serve their purpose as they have to according to organization’s words. Really people become frustrated when ATM do not function in time of urgency. This indicates a total drawbacks of the BOB. Anyone wants to do like that drunk and frustrated Contract teacher. Really BOBs are not functioning as they have to be.

    Dear fans outlook and logical please be specific. Do not blame our teachers. You know contract teachers are fresh graduates without any professional backgrounds. Teachers are already looked down by the communities. Please do not add fuel. Do encourage our teachers positively to save our future. Cheers.

  3. I guess that is a good way to inform BoB that their service really sucks and people working there are extremely rude. Since, BoB has opened ATM for 24 hours service, they are obliged to provide quality service any time of the hour or was it just an intended trap for loitering youths at night.

  4. BoB ATM is the lowest rated ATM within other Banks functioning in Bhutan. I would also like to say that they have deceived their customers is fake VISA Debit Cards. They say International but hell to their words, it even doesn’t get registered with Paypal, how shall it be working over in terminals in other countries. People, don’t believe and rely fully that you have international debit card and go without cash….It will lead you to be a beggar in other country and to be kicked out.

    Anyways, this aside, ATM in Bhutan belonging to BOB is most irritating, frustrating Service. It is not too far when people will hear that another BOB is vandalized, because sometimes I too want to kick it and break it.

  5. He is a teacher, but not a fully fledged teacher. He is just a contract teacher without any training’s on teaching. So lets just not blame on the fledged teacher…….

  6. BOB ATM suck us often, sometime out of cash, network problems etc…

    may be that fellow might be frustrated…………….BOB management have to look into avoid such frustration of customer rather than punishing…

    find out why that fellow had done such…..

  7. Let the machine be remade with money from the rude vandal that wanted money god knows why at 1:45am. It is shameful to know that he is a teacher. What does he teach and how? We are sick because of nuisances such rudes create around us …
    What about teaching him lessons in the bond of chains so that he knows how to conduct well with freedom?

  8. this indicates the 1. quality of the teacher 2. the services of BOB ATM
    its very sad to see and hear these kind of incidents..
    well the culprit should dealt with the Laws..

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