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The dzongkhag expects at lease five more engineers
The dzongkhag expects at lease five more engineers

Dagana: HR shortage could affect APA targets

With most of the targets of the Annual Performance Agreement (APA) related to construction activities, the Dagana Dzongkhag Tshogdu (DT) resolved to apprise the works and human settlement ministry of the shortage of engineers in the dzongkhag.

The dzongkhag is reportedly short of about eight engineers.

Tshangkha Gup Tawla said that the issue of not having enough engineers and accounts assistants was discussed at the DT since the first session. “It is not new. However, without the engineers and accounts assistants, it is difficult to fulfil the targets. Not having human capital will affect the targets set in the Annual Performance Agreement(APA).”

He suggested the DT look into removing the time factor for the targets and the risks associated with failing to fulfil the targets.

Dzongkhag engineer, Jamyang Dorji, said that engineers worked at the field and the shortage affected the work progress and targets.

There are 10 engineers in the dzongkhag today.

“There are only seven of us who are actively involved,” Jamyang Dorji said. “If we don’t get at least five engineers by September 30, it is impossible to fulfil the targets. “

Local leaders said that one accounts assistant was handling five gewogs along with an autonomous school.

Dzongkhag’s finance officer, Norbu Tshering, said that the dzongkhag had written to the finance ministry about the shortage.

Human resource officer, Jamyang Norbu, however, said that there were enough accounts assistants. “The dzongkhag has 11 accounts assistants today,” he added.

The local governments are given 50 percent of the budget as part of the decentralisation process. “However, with the power comes responsibility and accountability of managing the human resources,” said planning officer, Sonam Jamtsho.

He said that if the required engineers were not in the dzongkhag, we could at the least use the dependency section in the APA where the works and human settlement ministry would be listed. “We could clearly cite the reasons for every target.”

Dzongdag Phintsho Choden said that management was important and that the monitoring needed to be strong. “We need to change the APA targets or rely on the dependency section reflected in APA if engineers are not enough.”

Rinchen Zangmo | Dagana

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