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Doegor Tournament begins

The first national doegor (stone throw) tournament started at the Changlingmithang yesterday.

In the first match, team Tsimasham from Chukha, hammered Kheng Drujeygang from Dagana in three straight game sets (Ku). Seven points make a game set.

Teams play 50 rounds in a match, of the league cum knockout format.

Team Tsimasham completed the first game set in 13 rounds. The second and third game sets rounded up in 25 and 38 rounds.

Doegor is a traditional Bhutanese game played with a pair of spherical flag stones that are hurled at two targets (pegs) fixed in the ground at a distance of 27m apart. The size and weight of the stones differ from the player to player depending on their choice and strength.

The target pegs are nailed into the ground with their tips at ground level. The players try to make their stones land and remain closest to the target peg. A point is scored depending on the closest.

Dawa Tshering, 49, from Lokmekha in Tshimasham said: “Doegor is usually played by low income people like farmers, because it costs nothing to play the game,” he said.

Team captain of Kheng Drujeygang, Singye Dorji, said the villagers gathered to form a team to participate  as soon as they heard about the tournament.

“This is a great opportunity to promote traditional Bhutanese games,” team Tsimasham supporter, Khandu Wangmo, 45, said.

A total of nine teams are playing in the ongoing tournament which ends on April 16. Each team has five players and an extra player. Two matches are played every morning and afternoon.

This is the fourth event organized by Yoezer Events after the futsal tournament, Basketball championship, football matches between Sikkim United FC and Bhutanese clubs, and the Khuru tournament.

“To encourage people to maintain and preserve traditional games, Yoezer Event is organizing doegor tournament,” Yoezer Events marketing officer, Sonam Choki said.

Today morning, Woezer will play against Danglo, and Khamagang-puendruk will face team Chukha.

Nyamro Zhem throws against  Tsimasham and team Fhola will challenge Charo Nga in the afternoon.

By Tashi Phuntsho

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