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DPT pitches a taskmaster …

… in an exclusively female field of four women candidates

Druk Phuensum Tshogpa’s pitch to represent the party from North Thimphu constituency would be the only male candidate vying for a National Assembly seat against four women candidates of other political parties.

Former DHI Infra chief executive officer, Kinga Tshering, 47, yesterday declared his interest in joining politics, and he chose DPT for a party.

The engineer with a management background said some DPT members from north Thimphu constituency had approached him to continue with the works and legacy their serving candidate, foreign minister Ugyen Tshering, had left behind.

Kinga Tshering said he would throw his hat into the ring once the government completed its term in April.

“I had the honour of meeting Lyonpo Ugyen Tshering and got his endorsement and approval,” Kinga Tshering, better known as “taskmaster” in the corporate world, said.

The humility aspect about politics, he said, inspired him to join politics.

“In a structured environment, things are easy, but in politics you have to be very humble and that fascinates me,” he said. “It’s an area where your guards are down and you offer total humility and whatever service and potential you can to people.”

Kinga Tshering deems it fit to join politics at this juncture in his life, having gained various experiences in more than a decade, working both in the government and corporate sector.

With a degree in mechanical engineering as a Fulbright scholar at University of Kansas in United States, Kinga Tshering also completed his master’s in business administration and in dispute resolution from Pepperdine University, California.

He is also an expert in infrastructure development, banking and finance, energy sector, institutional building and mediation and dispute resolution.

Before joining DHI, he served as Bank of Bhutan CEO where he introduced IT-based services and delivery channels in the bank’s numerous branches nationwide, including Visa and Master card services.

Although other political parties approached him, Kinga Tshering said he joined DPT because, sometime in 2007, after he resigned from civil service, he was involved in some of all people party’s conceptualisation, when the whole political process was initiated.

“It’s a historical relation with DPT and I’d taken up some assignments, and the ideas and ideologies are still preserved,” he said. “There’s a lot of synergy.”

The virtues of DPT, Kinga Tshering said, was humble and humility seemed to be their core value, which mirrored his personality.

“The process of the next three months will be very valuable for me in becoming a better human being,” he said.

North and south Thimphu, where voters were mostly urban-based, he said, infrastructure requirement and addition to existing ones, were critical.

“My engineering background would go into assisting thromde office resolve issues of traffic congestion, land disputes, drainage problems and basic infrastructure needs,” he said, adding the highlands of Soe and Naro were beautiful areas that could be developed into a tourism circuit.

“The value addition I bring is in transforming plans and policies into reality,” he said. “One of them is to make sure high end visitors, who are pressed for time, to have access to both urban and rural Bhutan scene in Thimphu.”

Kinga Tshering is up against Druk Nyamrup tshogpa’s Sangay Zam, Druk Chirwang tshogpa’s Lily Wangchuk, People Democratic party’s Sangay Tshoki, and Druk Kuen-Nyam party’s Tshewang Tashi.

“It’s a privilege for me to be competing with four very competent women,” Kinga Tshering said.

By Passang Norbu

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  1. Not my vote for sure

  2. Yeah Kinga,Bank of Bhutan has been completely ruined by you.Now it is the worst organization to work in after all those system you introduced.

    Once you become the foreign minister god knows what will happen to the relation of our country with others.

    You are best in DHI infra only,even though nothing is working out.

  3. Good luck Mr. Kuenga, every body is applauding you for the right choice and right decision you made. Let the country move forward with the excellent leaders and you are among many who are strong contender for the ministerial post and for sure you can contribute a lot for the country.
    I suppose other parties are shaken because they felt anyone can win the sit from North Thimphu since Lyonpo Ugyen Tshering was sure that he will not be in fray for the contest, but emergence of Mr. Kuenga Tshering will make huge difference and impact on other party candidates.
    Good luck to all the five…….let the best one win…

  4. Hi! For Mr. Kuenga to win the MP ship, we at Taba have adequacy o make. That is our town plan is struck with no fund. Therefore, getting the world bank or ADB on board to fund the project is mandatory.

    If upper Taba do not want to go for it please consider only the Taba below the Road, where we have no problem.

    Good luck Kuenga but get us through for us o get u through.

  5. Lower thimphu is better as it would be a blow to the kawap’s ego. Lili Wangchuk has been from the upper city for a long time, tshewang tashi is a kawap and her father represented kawang in the city corporation committee. In reality kawaps couldn’t get half their works done like the Baps. Baps proved themselves competent. But still as members of Tsoche Gye they have their egos to uphold.

  6. Kinga is a good person from down to earth family background. I wish him all the best. Perhaps, he could have become MP from Lower Thimphu where his victory is assured.


  7. Can’t wait to watch the North London derby…sigh. sorry i mean North Thimphu derby. Other derbies are not so entertaining. If Mr Kinga wins the derby, I can smell Orange.

  8. Can’t wait to watch the North London derby…sigh. sorry i mean North Thimphu derby. Other derbies are not so entertainment. If Mr Kinga wins the derby, I can smell Orange.

  9. you made the right decision and i am sure you will be going to win. Lets pray for you to be the minister of foreign Affairs.

  10. My sincere Tashi Delek and best wishes to you. I think you made the right decision. Good luck Kinga.

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