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DPT supporters’ petition to CJ

A group of 50 Druk Phuensum Tshogpa supporters from Trashigang are on their way to Thimphu today to submit their petition to the Supreme Court chief justice.

The submission is with regards to the Gyalpoizhing land case and the verdict that Mongar district court recently passed, which party supporters felt was unfair.

Besides, they feared the National Assembly speaker Jigme Tshultim and home minister Minjur Dorji might not be able to contest for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Party supporters said the two ministerial candidates who were sure wins for a second term from Trashigang were basically involved in a case that happened much before the country’s transition to a democracy and the institution of Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

The supporters said they were dissatisfied with ACC’s investigation and Mongar court’s verdict based on the investigation.

There existed a law then and a King, they said, who were above the speaker and the home minister who served as Mongar dzongdas, representatives of the King, at different times.

“What transpired then should not be raked up and made applicable in today’s context,” they said. “Had they flouted any laws then, they should have been penalised during the same period.”

Party supporters also said they were appealing to the Supreme Court chief justice to seek his views on whether ACC could investigate cases that occurred during the time of monarchy and if the king’s kasho could be subjected to review.

In that case, they said there were numerous other cases of similar nature across the country and if ACC would investigate them all.

By Dechen Tshering


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  1. Why and what is the problem with my comment since it is awaiting moderation

    it get hearts to any one or any body to those creminals

  2. Appeal the Chief Justice, for what? This is a rare case I have ever heard, funny.

    I think there are legal ways defined in the constitution about moving cases to the High Court or the Supreme Court; but not this way.

    This is clearly a contempt of the Court.

  3. Dear Concer, I tell you that those putting petitions in favor of DPT are not the supporters but it is the DPT that makes the innocent people go with the petition. This is because it would be shame for anyone to support a corrupted culprit.
    Now the interesting thing is that the chief justice is already involved in the Gyelpozhing land scam and on top of that he is no different than the GNH-PM. (Hahaha…I give myself tones of laugh whenever I see our PM giving speech on GNH while the head of other states give speeches on their accomplishments……). Here the DPT can benefit from the CJ. Let’s wait and see before our country Bhutan tumbles by these brainless heads

  4. These balloons of DPT are inflated with nitrogen Gass, that’s why they are flying. The truth can be totally different from what they said in the kuensel report.

    I know these people are being either hired or threatened to make such move. Such thing never happened before in Bhutan. The court and ACC must interrogate these people and I m sure the actual story will be different.

    Why should they worry for whatever happened so long as its the courts verdict. People cannot challenge the Kasho and verdict.

    I m sure the mastermind is ??????????????

  5. Hello:
    Mr DPT suppoters, Better don’t take trouble all the way from Trashigang 500+ Kms away from SC Thimphu. it is useless to approuched SC
    There should be one law in the kingdom of Bhutan right from Dungkhag court, Dzongkhag Court, High court,and SC, Don’t blim ACC, If ACC is not there you and me might have……..? ACC and Medias are the protection team of we poor people in the Kingdom next tyo our Majesty the 4th and 5th King of BHUTYAN.

    Simple way: Dratshang/ Monk: is religious body of Budhisuim, Govtt. has given them somany facilaties right from Peddy field, Buildings in the town and yearly budgets is always there, but still they are corrupted body, They have Namgyel Phodrang complex at Phuentsholing town, If the cleints coud not pay the rentles in time they charge 5% a day I have reffer in the tenant act but could not find in the act in which chapter of tenant act it is written there, ACC chairperson should review this case, it is going against the tenant law of the country.

    On the other hand: I personally froced my whole families and relatives to drop the vote to DPT in the year 2008 By seeing Chairman of DPT.But from today gude Bye to Corrupted DPT now we can not relay to DPT since Minister levels are corrupted during their first term, If they win second time they might transfer the Bhutan Kingdom to their name since when they are at the Dongdag level they have miss used the power agaist the His Majesty’ Kasho. My dear brothers and sisters of Bhutan, Please think 100 times before you drop a vote to DPT or any other party. in fact, ACC has done very exellent job this time and requesting ACC body to review the 5% penalty charging by Monk body building at Namgyel Phodrang complex. is it the His Holiness Ji Khenpos command or the other Management infroced this rule against the tenant act. Best of luck to ACC Body to continue the same as usal.

  6. Let me first start by congratulating JYT and his esteemed team of “Corrupted team members” for bringing, RE to our villages, Mobile network and Farm roads (irony is almost 70% are of them are as gud as mule track or footpath).
    But then my biggest concern as a voter is the JYT as a supporter of “Corruption openly” and still he can convincingly tell gathering about serving “Tsa wa sum”… I used to feel he would be our savior but i guess…. but in any country most of the leaders are wolf in the form of harmless and ever faithful dog except few genuine ones.
    lastly, hope DPT supporters are not out of their mind…. by this particular move they are digging their own grave.
    DPT stop this propaganda….
    I am surely not giving my vote to this party this time… I don’t want to be a part of history where this great nation was handed to bunch of “power mongers and supporters and promoter of corruption”.
    Long live the king and GNH (minus JYT),

  7. 50 supporters! Laloo Prasad can garner a million supporters but does not make him innocent of the fodder scam.
    ACC investigated and The Court gave the verdict. Let the law take its own course.
    The DPT leader must not mislead the simple folks and set a bad precedence and must accept that he cannot be right all the time.
    In 2008 I voted for DPT and I am not impressed. I will give another party a chance and my vote this time.

  8. Whether the move made by the so called DPT supporters in media is right or wrong, in a democratic system, every individual have the right to exercise their RIGHT and let concerned agency take care of it.
    But when coming to personal thing like so called “concern” said about the Chief Justice, may be you are more capable than him, so you think the present CJ who have earned worldly applause for his contribution to the country in the process of transiting to Democracy isn’t actually not the right person. If you are a real bhutanese and love our generations of monarchy, you got to respect the present CJ why? Do some research work. People in this forum not wanting to vote for DPT too doesn’t make any difference, though every single vote plays important role but few among huge chunk of voters will surely not make any difference.
    Politics divides the society and hence we every individual have the right to have our own judgement. So let the people decide, whether they want the same DPT gov. who have done an excellent job despite all short comings or some one like default OL who have learnt no word of respect and appreciation and only know how to discredit everything whom he doesn’t like in personal terms……………let us watch and developments in the next few months….

  9. Hello Bhutan, what is equity and justice?what is GNH? let us hear from those people after they approach to the SC and CJ.

  10. One day, Bhutan will be the top 10 corrupted countries of the world.

  11. Dont be stupid by supporting dose criminals………..This is nation’s issue n 90% citizens r nt hapi bout the verdict but at least we r hapi dat ACC has done gud job.Hey courpted people so called Lyenpos,Dashos nd bla bla bla……..we r nt in our dream????? We r watching n we ll teach u with gud lessons dat u guys ll b nt able 2 imagine also.

  12. Brainless there is deep embedded wisdom for referring to the CJ as the Court Jester. Let’s not forget the development of our judiciary today. It is still infested with ” Yes”man for the jestr. I admit the comment was very personal but look at the broader issues of our justice system. The jester wants to implement e-litigation when court are already dogged with pending litigation. The jester fancies anything with the word electronic very much that he forgets it takes a year to get a report from an expert on a case.
    More subtly put the law made in the kitchen would allow everything under the sun. So why would I mention about his qualification considering all the facts. The supporters of DPT are meeting the CJ hmm I am sure PM is in Bhutan and he sure must have not advice that would he?

  13. No vote to DPT this time. The prime minister was so arrogant with the news reporters. This is no fair being in a country with GNH. We elected his goverment thinking that he could do something big for the country but in vain. He brought loses and the country is going down in debt.

  14. Ok so mzs dont worry if u cannot i m here mey la. Pdp will lose dis time also dont hpe rascle civil servent of bhutan y u r loving other parties m nt frm bhutan n m frm other countries we love ur prime munister dont say he is nt capable if he is nt der ur country will be undr india becareful bhutanese nonense civil servent

  15. Let those criminals be rest now… They need to recite hell lot of Bazar Guru… Rest in REST…

  16. Politically DPT supporters are moving towards right tract of hopes and curtail judgement which has become a corrupted system of judgement in our country since time immemorial and still today. There are cases where people win in District and High court but lose the case in SC which clearly signifies that there is something behind the Judges and judgement. to my understanding law has only one exit at any place or time.therefore please take into consideration the equity and justice as a medium of judgement irrespective of the power and wealth to further add value to the “Gross National Happiness”

  17. sorry DPT you won’t get vote this time from me

  18. i am unsure why you are referring CJ as a Jester. the concern here seems to be unaware of the fact that it is not the CJ who has invited People from Tashigang to appeal to him. so question of him being well versed in law or not doesn’t apply. lets wait till CJ reacts to the appeal. if he accepts the Appeal then he is a Jester and we can question the ground for such law. otherwise why question his ability and qualification. in fact people appealing to CJ should be questioned as to what ground they are approaching the CJ. so lets wait and watch before we throw comments on CJ.

  19. Is it a correct move, DPT supporters? They are convicted by the law. You should accept it. DPT is not administered by these two people. The greatest blunder of DPT government and the supporters is their reluctance to accept defeat. People are aware of their contributions to people and the country. With good, wrongs are inevitable. You must accept it.

    The supporters claim for their petition to the SC Chief Justice is illogical. How can they argue about the time of the crime and its conviction? If a person has committed crime, whether it be in the past, at present or in future, they must be punished. If the judges are to go with their petition, then all the prisoners and criminals before democracy must be freed. Bhutan should forget everything that had happened before 2008. Where is the based for their petition? Is it correct?

  20. These DPT jokers from Trashigang want to get support from the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who is the beneficiary of the Gyalpozhing land scam. Lets see what these corrupted people will do.

  21. People, you all are doing wrong. you support them now and they will leave the corrupt practices? No. That’s what they do in power and such things will resurface if they are back. Besides, the ACC and the Mongar district court have done the right thing. It’s the King’s Kasho they have gone against and you can’t question it. They are not the only candidates capable. There are others capable too, and who are genuinely good people. Those activities happened then but the law is law. you just can’t change as you like it. What they did was unfair and not what mongar court did. You don’t realize because it was not your land that was taken. It was the land of poor innocent people of Gyelpozhing or any1 who owned.

  22. In democratic system, anyone can appeal to anybody. So, nothing wrong in appealing be it dpt supporter or individual.

  23. i am sure “Supporter from trashigang” are not all the people from tashigang. and to those supporters i would like u to stop once and think what you are asking your judicial system to do. first of all if CJ is going to in any way acquit the verdict given by Mongar District Court, then it would leave lots of serious implication. Not because NS and HM are for sure criminal, but then because of the profiteer from the land scam is CJ himself. so any judgement pass by him would be looked upon as conspiracy. and then if convicted people are in anyway guilty, then they are acquitted then using the same logic, many people who are still serving time in District Prison from crimes commited before start of democracy should be released. i am sure those people would also come up with as lame excuse as supporters of DPT from tashigang.

  24. Hola to all DPT supporters, your moving through wrong track. if, i am correct, instead of approaching to C.J of RCJ why not to Chief Election Commissioner of ECB for the approval of your candidates because RCJ job is already done and hope may be final and binding and also may not be alteration of the judgement from the Supreme Court of Bhutan.

    Any how wish you all DPT supportes and hope your dream may be fulfill bye the help of god.

  25. Now which provision in law says the party supporters can move the court jester which the public dearly reffer to as chiefs justice. This can be done if the SC is the CJ’s kitchen. May be a law that is made in his kitchen would allow that. He is not a qualified lawyer and all his editorial in kuensel about the making of constitution is a cut copy paste from various sources in the web. For the law in Bhutan to progress and develop our old court jester must change with all due respect. We have qualified justices in SC to choose.

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