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Drukpol, Zimdra, Yeedzin win February 2 match

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football4feb13Free kick: Samtse FC striker’s kick to the post was stopped by Zimdra FC goalie

Coca-Cola Bhutan National League: Drukpol FC, Zimdra FC and Yeedzin FC have earned three points each after defeating their opponents on February 2 in the ongoing Coca-Cola Bhutan National League tournament.

Having completed the first league round, the six teams participating in the tournament since December 15, 2012, have entered into the second round.

So far the six teams participating, played five matches against one another in the first league and two matches in the second league so far.

In the February 2 match between Drukpol and Phuentsholing FC, Drukpol won the match four goals against Phuentsholing FC’s three.

It was Drukpol captain Sonam Tenzin who scored the first two goals for the team.

He scored the first goal within the first 10 minutes of the game, receiving a straight pass from his midfielder somewhere near the box area.

All he had to do was dribble past couple of defence and sent the ball tearing into the net behind the post.

Phuentsholing FC’s midfielder Karma Dawa responded with a goal at the 34th minute of the game.

That equaliser, however, was shortlived as Drukpol’s Sonam Tenzin scored his second goal of the match at the 37th minute leaving the score on the board 2-1 by the end of the first half of the game.

Second half of the match was characterised with several attempts at one another’s goal posts between the two teams.

Eightieth minute into the game and Phuentsholing FC striker Sonam Tenzin scored another goal to equalise the score at 2-2, until Drukpol’s left-winger Sonam Gyeltshen sneaked past the Phuentsholing FC defence to intercept a pass from his teammate, which he bent it into the post at the 82nd minute of the 90-minute game.

Within seven minutes, Drukpol scored its fourth goal of the match.

It’s right-winger Pema Dorji scored the goal with a left kick having successfully manoeuvred past a defence and outsmarted the goalkeeper.

The score now, 4-2 in favour of Drukpol and the timer ticking, Phuentsholing FC tried desperately for an equaliser.

In the 92nd minute of the game, three minutes of the total 90-minute given to make up for time lost in injuries and substitution during the game, Phuentsholing FC shot in its last goal to settle the score 4-3 in favour of Drukpol FC.

Drukpol captain said he was initially afraid of losing with three of the team’s top strikers unable to play for the match.

“They injured themselves during the first match and during practice,” he said. “We pulled off pretty well nevertheless.”

In the second match played on the same day at Thimphu Changlimithang football ground, Zimdra FC beat Samtse FC 3-0.

At the Punakha football ground, Yeedzin FC defeated Ugyen Academy FC 2-0 at the penalty shoot out.

Of the six participating teams, Yeedzin FC leads in terms of points at 17 after defeating Phuentsholing FC and Ugyen Academy FC.

Drukpol FC having triumphed against Samtse FC and Phuentsholing FC gained 15 points to reserve the second place.

At 11 points, Ugyen Academy FC is third, Zimdra FC fourth with 10 points, Phuentsholing FC fifth with seven points and Samtse FC has yet to earn a point.

On February 10, Drukpol FC will take on Ugyen Academy FC in Punakha, Yeedzin FC will face Zimdra FC in Thimphu and Samtse FC will play Phuentsholing FC in Phuentsholing.

By Tashi Phuntsho

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