Sunday, July 5th, 2015 - 1:47 PM
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Dujom Yangsi presides drubchen and wang in the east

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wangDevotees receive blessings from H.E Dujom Yangsi

Well-being: To bring peace and harmony in the country, an eight-day Phurpa Namcha Pudri drubchen (Vajra tradition) ceremony is being held at the Khoma duthro (cremation ground) in Lhuentse.

The drubchen is presided over by His Eminence Dujom Yangsi Sangay Pema Zhepa Rinpoche, Yodra Trulku and Khoma Lam Namdrol Zangpo along with some 300 monks and lay monks of Lhuentse rabdey and nearby goendeys and dratshangs.

Coinciding with the consecration ceremony of the newly built Chorten in Khoma duthro yesterday, more than hundreds devotees received wangchen (great blessing) from Dujom Yangsi Sangya Zhepa Rinpoche.

Phurpa Namcha Pudri Drubchen was opened on March 21.

Khoma Lam Namdrol Zangpo and Goenpakarpo Lam Jurmey Thutob organised the drubchen for the well being of the country and its people. Drubchen organiser Lam Jurmey Thutob said the Khoma duthro is one of the sacred duthros in the country, but said many people could not walk alone even during the day because of fear.

The eight-day drubchen will conclude on March 28, with Nidrup Lhawang blessing to the public and His Eminence will conducting the zhiwai and drakpoi Jinseg and threma tshokhor.

Rinpoche will also conduct a throm wang on March 30 in Mongar

By Dechen Tshering, Lhuentse

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