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Farewell K2

LAST PAGE: Once every Saturday, I would reach a particular shop that deals with newspapers before Kuensel would reach the place. Summer or winter, I would never mind Phuentsholing weather.

I would hurriedly flip through the newspaper for any stories that I would have missed. Normally, they would not interest me much. What kept my heart beating faster would be what K2 – the weekend magazine that accompanies Kuensel – had in store for us for that week. Every issue of K2 interested me and kept me going week after week.

And most of time we would buy the weekend papers just because K2 came with it. There were also Saturdays where I had ordered Kuensel all the way from Thimphu when Phuentsholing sold out every issue of it. My Uncle, who is now in Phuentsholing, has subscription for only Saturday edition of Kuensel.

Once in November 2011 I wrote about Bhutanese doma tradition that K2 featured that month. And the following was a passing comment I made to K2 – “But sometimes I become uneasy with the expression K2 comes free with the Saturday edition of Kuensel. Because on the other days Kuensel is sold for Nu.5 while the Saturday edition cost us Nu.10. That in jest I explain my wife: “Nu. 5 is for the free K2 Magazine.” In subsequent editions, K2 team had removed the expression.

Since its inception in 2005 K2 crafted a name for itself. Unlike other magazines, which were closing one after another, K2 was going stronger by the weeks. Of course it had its mother – Kuensel to take care of the logistics.

The topics that the magazine covered were timely and relevant. They explored issues such as lifestyles, youth, employment, fashion industry, modern-traditional trends, tips from doctors and fitness experts, and changing musical landscape to name a few. The magazine also promoted our colorful festivals and dresses. Due to its friendly size, layouts and color, K2 appealed to young and old alike.

I always had high regards and admiration for the K2 team for the work done well.

When I heard Kuensel is doing away with K2 I was unhappy. It was difficult to accept that my favorite magazine will be no more. I am sure it will take different form, but for me it will never be the same.

Of course the decision might have been reached after careful considerations and for the best interest of the company. But again the absence of K2, in its current form, will be felt for a long time.

And until we meet again – farewell K2 – you will be missed!

Ngawang Phuntsho
Development Officer
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