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Farm road, which benefits 5,674 households of eight gewog
Farm road, which benefits 5,674 households of eight gewog

Farm road benefits rural farmers in Trashigang and Trashiyantse

Neten Dorji | Trashiyangtse

Farm road connectivity has increased in the last decade in Trashiyangtse and Trashigang, bringing immense benefit to rural residents.

Trashiyangtse dzongkhag has 321.88kms of farm road, which benefits 5,674 households of eight gewogs.

Local leaders say 165.86kms of farm road was constructed in the 10th Plan and 156.02kms in the 11th Plan.

Dzongkhag tshogdu chairperson, Yalang gup Chosung Wangdi, said most of the chiwogs are connected with a farm road except for few chiwogs in Yalang, Bumdeling and Toedtsho gewogs.

“Some villages could not be connected with farm road because of security issues,” he said. “The government and dzongkhag support the residents of those villages with other amenities.”

Chosung Wangdi said farm road changes the lives of people and their farming activities, as people sell their farm produces.

Yangtse gup Goenpo said farm road has become the most important infrastructure for rural residents. “It empowers farmers, as they could connect with vegetable vendors in Trashiyangtse town and earn income.”

He said the living standard of people connected with farm road improves.

However, bad road condition, local leaders say, hampers developmental activities. “Only bolero taxis could ply on the farm road and people have to pay a higher fare.”

Meanwhile, Trashigang dzongkhag has 851.164kms of farm road connected in its 15 gewogs. The farm road has benefited 11,721 households of 77 chiwogs in the dzongkhag.

The dzongkhag tshogdu chairperson, Kanglung gup Kinzang Dorji, farm road connectivity gave a boom to the local vegetable vendors. “In the past, only vegetable vendors from villagers are seen in the town.”

Sakteng Gup Sangay Dorji most although farm roads benefit people, most farm roads in his gewog remain blocked.

Local leaders say it is difficult for gewogs to maintain the farm roads with a limited budget.

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