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Five-year-old allegedly raped in Dagana

A five-year-old child was allegedly raped on September 18 in Dagana.

The incident took place around noon when the girl’s mother was on duty. She works as a cleaner in one of the schools. The girl was at home with her stepfather.

According to the mother, the suspect is a friend of the stepfather.

She said the stepfather was in the kitchen preparing lunch when the incident happened.

She said her husband told her that when he returned from the kitchen, the girl and the suspect were not there. 

“It was learnt that the suspect has lured my daughter to go with him to buy noodles.”

The mother said when she came home for lunch around 2:30pm, she found her daughter crying. “She had scratch marks all over her face. When I asked about it, she said she fell down.”

She also found her daughter bleeding. “It seemed like my daughter was warned not to tell anyone, as she kept lying and crying.”

The principal of the school reported the matter to the police.

The child was admitted in Dagapela hospital for a night and sent home yesterday afternoon.

According to the mother, the suspect kept visiting her home and she never suspected him to do something like this.

The police arrested the suspect at 7:30pm yesterday.

Rinchen Zangmo  | Dagana

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