11 arrested in connection with Lhakhang robbery

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    Jan 19 2013

    The Police have arrested 11 people involved in the smuggling of elephant tusks and Cordyceps so far. They are suspected to have transacted a total of 25 pairs of elephant tusks worth over Nu.4.5 million.

    The police arrested two suspects in connection with the robbery reported at Ugyen Tshemo Lhakhang at Paro Taktshang in December, last year.
    The two suspects have confessed to stealing of two pairs of elephant tusks from the Lhakhang. The police have recovered the tusks stolen from UgyenTshemo Lhakhang from a hideout near the house of the culprits.
    The two suspects have also confessed to stealing a pair of elephant tusks from Poomla Lhakhang in Thimphu in November last year.
    Further investigations revealed illicit transaction of the tusks across the border.
    Meanwhile, police in Wangduephodrang have arrested another two suspects in connection with robbery at the Pangsho Gompa. The two have confessed to stealing of an elephant tusk from the Lhakhang in August last year.
    The cases are still being investigated.

    This is the other side of the Chorkden Gey Gyelkhap. Bhutan on the one hand is putting every bit of their resources and energy into promoting culture through construction and restoration of temples and monasteries in the country so that citizens could live in peace and happiness forever. But, on the other side, we also have another breed of crooks and deadly thieves in the country largely unknown to the Bhutanese public trying their every means to bring in destruction to this SANGAY TEMPA.

    Now, who are these dangerous thieves? Bhutan has no place for these criminals? May be, we have to do some research on the backgrounds of these thieves and see from which type of society they originate?

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