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2012 Engineers barred to join civil service

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    What RCSC is thinking till now of the Engineers’ failture in 2012 RCSC examination. The country is facing acute engineer shortage in the country and yet government did not want to take the engineers. I could not understand, please comment.



    Quality Vs Quantity.

    We know roads gets potholes, bridges and houses collapse right after construction? So which wast the government resources. One component could be quality of so called engineers. Doing mere Engineering course doesn’t mean one can become Engineer. Anybody can study Engineer but those who are capable will become Engineers? Quality should not be compromised for shortages. There is every chance every tom dick harry will take advantage to fill the vacancies.

    Same thing should be done with MBBs . We can practically see some Munabai MBBs doctors who knows nothing just becoming doctors by virtue.

    Why RCSC have been keeping Teachers post vacant without bringing down the criteria or requirement for PGDE, Because RCSC learnt enough lessons that we need quality not quantity. Had criteria brought down those who didn’t qualify in any other will again fill the teachers post. Because that was the trend in the past to residue used to fill up the teachers post.



    What the RCSC has to think? If there is an acute shortage of Engineers in the country also, the RCSC can’t do anything because they (Engineers) have failed in the examination which indicates that they lack their competency. I’d say, never ask government to do something for those (Engineers) when they fail to do so for what they’re expected to do. So, dear author, try to understand to be understood the situation!



    Perhaps those Engineers failed knowingly to graze on greener pastures in the local market. Otherwise they will have to refund government money for not joining and serving the government….



    As XXX rightly put it that there needs to be a required degree of quality in the personnel selected to fulfill a particular responsibility while playing the role of a bridge between the government and the people. So to say, the present day, Teachers passing out of the two Colleges of Education are not directly recruited for the job. The criterion has been set for them and only upon fulfillment of the same are they recruited.
    Calling one as an Engineer just because of qualifications is not enough. Can the so-called Engineer perform like an Engineer is the question in search of an answer?
    This issue will boomerang in other professional requirements too, sooner or later. The bench mark set for excellence is too high for those aspirants to reach and the same will be copied and pasted by the other governmental recruiting agencies

    The inside story is that the government may like to run the show with the shortage of engineers to prioritize their spending of the limited budget. Less budget, so the authorities in their austerity measure mode have found an excusable excuse to raise the required standard of engineering professionals so that they need not recruit and e … all the budget to themselves through professionally clean methods.

    One day the truth will come out!

    Let us wait and watch!

    Patience till then, please!



    Author! Any comments?
    All are against you!
    Let me comment one line
    May be the questions set for those engineers were so tough or else, government want this year’s engineers to join private firms!




    Why only in Government when there are lots of vacancies in pvt. sectors and corporations..i think there is no extra privilege in govt. I am also one of the fresh engineering graduates but i didn’t opt for government not because of my fear that i would fail but there are many slots in pvt. sectors. So i think govt did select the best among us. No heard feelings. Just my view.

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