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2G, 3G, 4G, Where is Bhutan Telecom or Tashi Cell?

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    During the recent general rounds, I was deputed to a remote place in Zhemgang. It made me laugh. Just below Malaya, the Pass between Buli N Nimshong had 3G facility. I was cleaned off my feet.
    But then the biggest shock came when i reached Tingtibi. THis small town though had more governmental organizations than most of the Dz. HQ. Two schools, A hospital, 2 park offices (JSWNP, RMNP) Geog Office, DOR office, BNB, RBP outpost, Mangdechhu Project Transit office, post office, NPRC, MOeA; BPC substation, A Sheydra and a host of people technically sound BUT there was no 3G. Even the GPRS connection was a shameful one.
    Presently people have started going for Tashicell edge facility… N its getting crowded.
    NOw either Tadshicell or BT could come up with a short research and do the necessary. i really dont know whose job it is but i am sure that a proper survey on the availability of the customer could be carried out at the earliest, besides you are Business Entity and there can be no good avenue than this… Concerend officers or Area Managers could look into this and do the necessary



    Thank you Lonestar, for fronting this infuriating issue here…i fully agree with you la…not only in Zhemgang, i think its the weaknesses of BT even in S/Jongkhar area. as i being one of the frequent visitor to the area, i never got even a chance to check my mail using 3G Network, which is really very slow…i don’t know what they’re doing in the office, are you all (technical person-BT based in S/Jongkhar) not paid by the company?..????
    not only once or twice, i have noticed this issue most of the time and all the 3G network users at S/Jongkar are shouting just behind the bush, since they’re not responded at all by the concerned staff.
    As pointed out by Lonestar above,’ you are one of the business entity and you should provide better services to your customer….please………

    awaiting thoughtful suggestion from the concerned BT Office

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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