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    Let me first present the background of this issue. After the Kings Cup, Woezer Event announced to organize 35+ Veteran football tournaments. Then after sometime, influential and self centred individuals influenced Woezer Event to make the event 40+ which actually happened. But after vigorous complains and pressure from the 35+ football enthusiast, Woezer Event decided to keep it 35+. Many were very happy with this reasonable decision and some also started their preparation. As was anxiously waiting for final kick-off schedule, recent announcement shocked us all. They made it to 40+ again with the exception that a team can recruit four 35 – 39 age players. What saddens us is not because of 40+ or 35+ but how few individuals with high calibre, status and capacity can get involved in such a pity event and turn things around to suit ones need victimising many genuine football enthusiast.

    Argument put forth by these individuals is that if 35+ considered then there are teams who are all between 35 – 39. They say that composition of such team cannot be considered as Veteran and level playing field is not available for other teams that are above 40+ (BUT I could see only two 40+ team qualifying….so I guess woezer event could organize 40+ direct final). Anyways, let me counter argue this point by presenting below the online definition of Veteran:

    “A person who has had long experience in a particular field” OR “A person or thing that has given long service in some capacity”

    Above definition needs to be interpreted in broader context of Sports and in particular Football. Veteran in Football is reasonably considered above the age of 30 if I am not mistaken. This can be viewed through EPL, LA LIGA or any other top league in the world. I do agree that there are exceptions like GIGGs of Man-U. So, I personal feel that 35+ Football Veteran tournament is fair enough. Fact is, there are only few teams that qualify 40+ categories.

    Let me also present the bigger implication. It is known that sports as a profession in Bhutan is not yet a possible means for living. So, 35+ football enthusiasts that I am mentioning here are all office goers and football is one means for them too to keep fit and live a healthy life. We all know that we have limited healthy entertainment options/platform and yet we are further being cut-off due to few individual’s selfish and narrow motive. I could see that Football for office goers has become a popular sporting event and this in itself is a big merit to the society as a whole……HOW….you all know it better than me……Message that I would like to convey is, “DO NOT DESTROY THE SPIRIT & ENTHUSIASM OF GENUINE ONES…….After all its just a game whereby someone has to win and loose……It is not THE END OF THE WORLD WAI”



    Just a wild thought: Will the age limit for veteran football tournament keep on increasing as these selfish, narrow minded and influential individuals get older?????

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