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    Shintu Chenpo

    As long as my knowledge is concern, i think, if 6 Ministers are appointed from the east..it is a biased decision. Ministers’ post should be given from various regions equally. Other wise there might arise regionalism, create discontentment among people, might sow the seeds of nepotism and favoritism.

    If, given the Minister’s portfolio from various region, it will enable to promote conducive socio-economic development uniformly, which will, in fact, promote vibrant democracy….

    According to PDP President..Menbi-Tsenkhar candidate and Jigme Zangpo was already introduced to the public as Ministers. Now, i presume, next Ministers on pipeline to be introduced would be the following candidates:

    1. Dorji Choden, Thrimshing 2. Norbu Wangchuk, Kanglung 3. Mingbo Drukpa, Orong 4. Pelzang Wangchuk., Martshala 5. Damche Dorji, Gasa 6. Chimi Dorji of Punakha 7. Neema sangay Chenpo, Lhamoizingkha, 8. Leki Dorji, Zhemgang 9.Ex-Dzongdag of Haa from Gelephu Dekhong, 10.Chapcha candidate.

    Before election is completed, Ministers are already appointed….What a funny ya……Unfortunately sorry to Tandin Wangmo and RSTA Director Tashi Norbu…Zanglay cannot be bulldozed from that Khar – Yurung Demkhong….

    Mr. PDP President, please..please…do not brain wash the people…

    Also, you have already disseminated to the general public of the eastern Bhutan that your party will win 11 seats out of 17 seats…Don’t count the chicken before it is being hatched.



    PDP is trying to woo the voters of east by playing a populous politics. His promise for appointment of 6 ministers are a mere saga to brainwash those innocent people but deep inside people know the impacts made thus far by the DPT. People are well aware and know much better as to who would bring in development and change in the long run rather than opting for short term promises.



    I think PDP is counting the chiks before the eggs hatch. What a wonderful move….. Good luck.!!!! ha…ha…



    Have you guys notice they have been using the word “IF they wins”.



    Actually both the parties have declared that they would appoint 5-6 ministers from the east. The minister are appointed to serve the country as a whole. Therefore, it should not be based on to which region they belong to. It should be based on capacity and ability of the individial candidate. If appointment is done based on region, it is not for genuine service to the tsa-wa-sum but it is for geting vote and power. The intention is clear.



    As per my observation during common forum of Pdp and Dpt, Pelzang wangchuk, Mingbo drukpa and ex-dzongda of Haa were not effiient as observed during debates. So how can these become Ministers? Of 3 Pelzangwangchuk perfomred worst. From South Gopalgurung of Pdp performd worst.
    Among Dpt Norbuwangzom of Sj, Rebeccagurung and Leelapradhan performed worst.


    Trust me

    Article 17, section 5 of the constitution pronounces that “Not more than two members elected from the electoral constituencies of the same Dzongkhag shall be entitled to be appointed as Ministers” so there cannot be three minister from Trashigang Dzongkhag. PDP should have read the article before telling the people that there will be three ministers from T/gang if they win the election.



    Ministers to b appointed is a mere brainwash to the innocent ppl of the east……this is one evil strategy of PDP to woo the votes in the east where they hav no strong hold……i dont see any capable candidate to hold the post of minister frm the east except for Norbu Wangchuk……Jigme Zangpo who is so slow will take ages to act if evr appointed as a minister……Dorji Choden…… the jumping jack….may again jump frm one ministry to another if given a chance to bcom a minister…….

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