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    This is to all the Leaders in sports: Federations, Olympics, HRC of the MOE & any agency concerned, also pertains to the media institution like BBS and Kuensel for attention as the 3rd eye on delivering the justice to the robbing of innocence of the professionals in athletes.
    May we bring to our leaders in sports and leaders of the nation, our concern on the discrepancies that was resulted as an outcome of the recent selection on the School Sports Instructors. The oxymoron created by the Department of Youth and Sports was far from professional justice when four of the professional diploma students in sports and coaching were the casualties caused by the committee of people who lacked the professional and technical competencies.
    Our redressal to the selection committee in Department of Youth and Sports is out of the grievances that selection was “flawed in implementation”. Our submission is to any concerned responsible authority for an intervention.
    We made choice of the career with professional competencies with sports movement intelligence and have graduated. We hoped our degree has the credence that was certified by the University of Bhutan. We remember the evaluators on the day as not a good advocate of sports.
    The four students represented the University sports: one basketball player, two were runner up fort the University championship and last one was the college soccer player. There were others, who were from qualifying, qualified and that shocked the whole group. If anyone with a sense of good sports was on the team for selection, there will not be a suicide mission anymore for the youth.
    The DYCS selection criteria are flawed in its designs; however do bear any elements of corruption.
    1. The selection committee has a deficit of professional expertise; could have had the technical expert but not enough to qualify to be in a selection committee.
    2. The attributes for selection, as general observation, was based on running 3000 meters race. The committee could think of the proficiency movement test and not the Physical Fitness Test (PFT). The PFT is a conditioning physiological factor that will be churned out with the training. The PFT is the result of phenotype.
    3. The interview had no academic essence of sports and there were no question asked on the sports instead the generic question like:” Who was the Dzongdag of Pema Gatshel and where is he now?
    4. None of the selection committee members would have a required CV to scrutinize the attritibutes of the SSI.
    We bear no spite to anyone and this is professional critique for the good of the sports.

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