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    Borang jogtang

    We need a attention and concern over the moment that is being cherished for now almost 2 years by some agents working in some different areas in Bhutan.

    Commonly, like place in Samdrupcholing (Bangtar); the dungkhag officials are sometime hard to find them for official needed work when visited in their respective office during some of the time on weekdays but surely never will be able to meet them during friday after lunch, as it normally remains closed for may be good purpose like, officially used as cleaning period in their agent. Does it mean that they does not have workload on their table or they did complete their work and remain free.

    The higher authorities to investigate these case further before we see a scenario where we would one day hardly meet any officials in the dungkhag during our official work visit.
    There also in need of an investigation about the late payment made by the dungkhag accountant, and his unclear skeptical over the payslip of many civil servants working under this dungkhag. Many other civil servants are frustrated over the few years for this misdemeanour by the dungkhag accountant.

    Thank you! Wake up concern la!!!

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