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    1. Iran Western Powers Nuclear Talks
    The recent Geneva 7-9 November, 2013 talks seems promising and its good news for the world in general. Some might say that the Talk was possible due to change in Iranian leadership. I feel it is the change of American position. That’s why Israel and Saudi Arabia are quite disappointed with Obama Administration.
    America remains the most powerful nation but its influence has been waning over the years. Wars in Iraq and Libya not only alienated many developing countries but it created conducive environment for Russian and Chinese sphere of influence to grow.
    Saudi Arabia has the oil dollars whilst Israel has a very powerful lobbyist arm in Washington. But Washington has realized that it does not serve the long term global interest of American if it continues to pursue the narrow policy of pro-Israel and Saudi Arabian interest in the Middle East. The ramification of the past Middle East policy of the western world is at best unpleasant and counterproductive. The recent change in American policy thinking has helped to avert American invasion of Syria and made possible the Nuclear Talks with Iran. It does not take much of a gamble to predict that relation with North Korea will also see a better light in the near future.
    In the recent Nuclear Talk, France seems to be taking a hard line stand against Iran. However, France’s hard line position will peter off because it is just a façade to placate anti-Iranian forces. The stance of France is a repeat of previously France calling for US air strike on Syria and later docilely endorsing Russian plan. So the 2nd round of Nuclear Talk towards later part of this month will see more concrete and peace oriented result between Iran and Western 5 powers. A real Peace in the Middle East region will be good for the whole world including the people of Israel and Saudi Arabia although their present respective governments are dead set against friendly relation with Iran. Administrators will come and go but the nations must adjust to co-exist in peace with each other.

    2. Domestic noose strangles foreign relations for America and India
    President Obama could not make his scheduled trips to Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines due to his government shut down by the Congress. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India cannot go to Colombo because it is politically too risky domestically.
    Both America and India deeply desire to contain perceived Chinese influence in South and East Asia but their domestic politics are curtailing the implementation of their external national policies. Maybe relationship with China for countries like Sri-Lanka, Malaysia and Indonesia could turn out to be more fruitful.

    3. Fukushima nuclear radiators
    I am relieved and hopeful that Japan would finally see the beginning of the end of Fukushima nuclear radiation problem. I pray that the attempt to remove the entire 1000 nuclear rods will succeed without any mishap. I hope that Japan’s skill and courage overcomes the great danger inherent in never before attempted massive transfer of nuclear rods. In layman’s term it is like transferring fish from one river to another. However, the risk involved is very high and incredibly destructive if anything goes wrong with the highly complex technical processes.

    4. Assassination of Hakimullah Mehsud, the Taliban leader
    Peace proposal can be a means for assassination. This seems to have been the successful desired goal of USA and Pakistan to eliminate the Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud. It is possible that the main objective of Pakistan led peace talk with Taliban was to locate the where-about of the elusive Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud. Once that was done, American drone attack assassinated Mehsud one day before the actual peace talk. The timing of the attack prevented the collateral damage to Pakistan Peace Officials if the drone attack was made on the day of Peace Talk.
    Taliban leadership would of course feel deeply humiliated more so because they got completely fooled by the peace proposal. Naturally there will be no Taliban takers of further peace bait in the near future. However, one has to admire the ingenuity of the Pakistan and USA strategists for coming up with an incredible way to expose Mehsud.

    5. Syria Peace Talk
    It looks like that Syrian Government was not responsible for chemical attack and western governments including America was aware of it from the beginning. It is not too difficult to point out who was responsible behind the scene but like president Arafat’s death by poison, it is not possible to prove and even if proven to what end. There would be more bitter and aggressive denials and threats. So I just hope that in Syria’s case, chemical weapons are eliminated without further fuss and that proposed Syria Peace Talk in Geneva becomes a good start for the stability and peace for Syrian nation and her suffering population.

    6. Indian Politics for 2014
    Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi are already battling over 2014 general election. BJP and allies have already spilt and UPA is on the way. There is a distinctive crack within the Congress Party since the day Rahul Gandhi so brutally and globally stigmatized and humiliated Prime Minister Manmohan Singh over the political ordinance for corrupt politicians. The Ordinance was withdrawn but within party differences have widened.

    7. Obama health care rues
    President Obama won all the legislative battles to launch the Obamacare. The hitch was that his administration just could not get out of the electronic maze that snared the implementation. The most powerful man having his triumph legacy Obamacare drubbed by electronic pitfall is an irony of unforgettable lesson. Maybe Obamacare got an attack of his infamous drone attacks that have killed so many innocent civilians.

    Sangey of Haa Wangcha. Dated: 10/11/2013



    Iran is a soveireign country and has every right to develop nuclear power but it should be peaceful purposes only to generate electricity. The nuclear power does not pollute the environment like other fossil materials.
    In one way Iran could develop nuclear weapons which I feel is also a right for the Iranians. Once 1 possesses nuclear weapons, the main purpose it serves is deterrance from power-hungry nations like GB, France, US and Israel. See the example of DPRK where she possesses nuclear bombs. South Korea & US frequently hold military exercises in the Sea of Japan. Depsite strong DPRK’s warning, US-SK saber-rattling manoevor goes on. However, nothing comes of it. I am sure SK-US joint military force cannot defeat DPRK. Morevover DPRK & SK are immediate neighbours of PRC & Russia. Any nuclear stand-off by US will affect PRC & Russia 100%. So US has to be very careful. I am also sure DPRK will never attack SK or Japan despite rhetoric.
    So therefore Iran should develop both nuclear, chemical and biological bombs. If the West led by US rejects Iran’s bomb, then why have they allowed Israel to develop nuclear bombs. Israel has 50 nulcear bombs as far as I know. If US wants to attack Iran for her stubborn resistence, then US should immediately bomb Israel first. But the West and US are silent, why? I strongly feel that Russia as a major nuclear power should discuss Israel’s bomb in the Security Council and also include in the agenda in the UN conference.

    If the 5 Pwers want nulcear weapons, then I think all the countries have the right to develop nuclear, chemical & biological weapons of its own. In this way I think Bhootan also the democratic, fundamental right to go for nulcear weapons. We need to deter both India, China, Nepal & Bangladesh. This is possible economically after 15-20 years’ time because we will have enough money from completed hydroelectric power.

    So I would encourage Iran to go for nuclear power for peaceful purposes & if necessary for military use. The West, Israel & US try to instill fear among their population so that people could support their military invasion of Iran & Syria. In fact this is not true. Using Iran’s pretext, the West esp NATO wants to encircle Russia from the West, from the South through Gulf & Black Sea & from the East by collaborating with Japan. US wants to place some elements of nuclear triad. So in fact Russia should be highly concerned & rightly Russia under Putin has been trying her level best to curb those dangers through hectic diplomacy.

    It is Russia’s well-developed diplomacy that attack on Syria has been put off atleast for now. Russia has also strengthened her navy in the East Mediterranean Sea to 10 ships. This is logical. In fact the combined US & Britiesh forces are more. President Assad has agreed to dismantling of chemical weapons but this is not because of Assad’s proposal. This was forced on Syria by Russia. The Syrian chemical weapons are being dismantled but what happened to the Rebels supported by Saidiarabians. Actually these rebels created problems for Syria. Over 100,000 people died and I would place direct balme on the rebels. Saudis, Turkish & US should take equal blame because of their continued support even now. Moscow has been trying hard to bring the Govt & Rebels together on the table through Geneva II. Govt agreed but Rebels has rejected as of now. I will watch what US & the West are able to force rebels to the negotiation table. If this happens, the Middle East will become little bit safer.

    I think the peace-loving peoples of the world should appreciate Russia who is the protector of peace in the world. Whatever US does Russia is able to see into the depth. If there was no Soviet Union in 1930s & 1940s, the world would have been enslaved by Hitler, Mussolini & Emperor Hirohito of Japan. It was USSR who defeated Nazi Germany & militarist Japan.
    If there was no Russia today, the world would have been enslaved by US & West. All the Prsedients, Prime Ministers & Kings would have to say Lassola, Lassola or thank you Sir, thank you Sir to US president & Britiesh PM. Will China or India or Russia or Japan or Bhutan be happy if this happened? I don’t think.

    That is why , time to time I write in this forum that Bhootan should develop political, economic & diplomatic relationship with Russia. Russia was never conquerred by any country & likewise Bhootan was not a colonial country. We are both independent countries. Before too late Bhootan should propose to develop Russo- Bhutanese relationship and in this India should be happy to support like she supported in 1971 to join UNO.

    These days, I find Bhootan has developed relations with 53 countries incl US. But did anyone see what US has been doing. She was secretly surveying all the political leaders in the world since 10-15 yaers back by tapping all communication channels. This is a blatant interference in soverign countries. If India or Bhootan spies on US president, what will America do? She would take drastic action by placing economic sanctions & possibly place our leaders in the Hague Tribunal. This sacred tapping& surveillance was exposed by Edward Snowden. He was the American spy and he could not tolerate anymore. So escaped to Russia through Hong Kong. Now all the major countries have problems with US & US president & Secretary John Kerry have finally acknowledged. So we have to be very careful with democratic US for acting undemocratically globally.



    Under the persistent initiative of Russia, the Geneva-II conference will be held in Jan14. The Syrian Govt has agreed to participate i without preconditions. The Rebels have also agreed to participate. The other participants will be the US, France, GB, SA, Turkey and of course Russian Federation

    So there is some silver lining under the darkest cloud. I only pray that GenevaII should be successful. The credit will surely go to Russia.

    In my other forum topics I always propose to our previous Govt and now the present Pdp Government to think of establising diplomatic & economic relationship with Russia because Russia is the only 1 of the P5 countries who always support the developing countries economically and also diplomatically in the UN where there are threats by other capitalist countries.

    With Russia behind Bhutan should feel safer and has a friend in the UN. Of course bhutan needs to consult India BUT I am 101% sure even VP Haran will support, after all, India and Russia are the members of the BRICS & SCO. India imports military equipment from Russia upto 70%. Rest is western & indigenous.

    Russia is esp ahead in space and nuclear engineering fronts. Some elements of space engineering could be established in bhutan with Russia’s support eg in enhancing radio waves, enhancing internet broadband services through GLONASS system.

    So I request Pdp government and the opposition on this.




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    Today there is some peace in most parts of the world. The most hotly debated area was Syria where there was an imminient danger of invasion by western powers hypnotized by power-hunger. Russia vetoed 3 times in the security council & it was fully backed by China though the  India kept mum. If there was no powerful Russia, Syria would have been attacked, President Assad captured, tortured & shot like Gaddafi of Lybia. In this attack Great Britain, France & Italy would have been acomplices.

    One can just imagine how powerful Russia is. Whole NATO countries led by  US versus 1 Russia only. In those days Soviet Union/USSR was a superpower equal to US. Then in 80’s it broke down due to Mikhail Gorbachov’s policy of democritization called Perestroika & Glastnost which means Restructuring & Openness. Gorbachov thought he would grant independence of Warsa Pact countries & they would stay within CIS/Commonwealth of Independent States. But alas!!! Those countries turned against Russia & one by one joined NATO. Soviet Union means 15 countries but when Gorbachov gave independence it broke into 15 separate countries as such & Russia is 1 of the 15.

    One agreement signed between Gorbacov & Ronald Reagan was that NATO would not expand towards the East if Gorbachove granted independence. When these 14 countries became separate, they started hosting missile bases for US & it slowly moved to the borders of Russia.

    Today there is a biggest problem between Russia & US/NATO due to expanding missile bases. Russia is aware that NATO is trying to encircle Russia through various pretexts. One main pretext is Iran & DPRK developing nuclear weapon who might attack west. But I am 100% sure that even if Iran develops atomic weapon, it will not match with US weapon in terms of quantity, quality, speed & firepower. Therefore, it is aimed at Russia & China.

    So Russia is forced to build & perfect its strategic nuclear weapon & its delivery systems. Just now US & Russia are neck to neck in developing hypersonic missile. They are also racing to the Mars & other planets.

    Both of them are trying to dominate the Artic Ocean. Here Russia is ahead as it has >8000 miles of territory under it from the Far East to the Murmanks region. It is reopening its old Soviet time airfields in New Siberian Islands, Novayazemla & Franz Josip Island. So Russia can effectively monitor ships passing through Northern Sea Route/NSR.

    Today Russia is the peace guarantor. Without Russia/Urusu, hundreds of countries would have been enslaved by western powers & US.  Russia is the only country who always sides with & supports developing countries including Bhutan in the UN if there was a political or military problem.

    In this regard I always propose that Bhutan should open diplomatic relationship with Russia. Russia as a veto-wielding power can save Bhutan from Indian or Nepal or Chinese enroachment.

    Therefore, we bhutanese should also support Russian initaitives to make this world nuclear-free. Once the world becomes nuclear-weapon free, the amount saved can used for Research to develop effective medicnes & vaccines to control, cure & prevent diseases like malignancies, Hiv, H5N1 etc.

    So cheers to President Putin & Russia.




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    Due to the shuttle & subtle diplomacy by Russia, the warring factions in Syria are supposed to meet for Geneva-II. There are many opposition parties & the main Syrian National Opposition party has agreed to meet. The meeting is scheduled on 22.01.2014. Russia has made herculian efforts to shuttle between Syrian oppoisition parties, Turkey, US, France, UK & Saudiarabia. However, one of the opposition parties called Al Nusra Front seems to have refused to participate avoiding golden opportunity. In fact this Al Nusra Front is mainly composed of mostly foreign fighters. If it participates is OK if not also OK. Once major parties agree, this front can be sidelined & sooner kick out of Syria.

    One stumbling block is that US does not want Iran in the meeting but Russia stubbornly insists that Iran should be invited as it is a major regional player. During this meeting US & Russia should take advantage to discuss Iran’s nuclear program. This is an advantage to both John Kerry the US secretary & the foreign minister Sergy Lavrov of Russia.

    I pray that Geneva-II to be successful. If successful political problems in Syria will be resolved & there will be a durable peace in the Middle East & in the world.



    The political situation in Syria has improved due to Russia’s unflinching efforts though the Rebels were supported by several countries (US, France, Germany, Saudiarabia, Qater, England & Turkey) whereas the Syrian Government has the support of only 2 countries (Russia and China). In democracy majority wins but here the minority won because the Truth is on the side of Russia & China. These fanatical rebels also reluctantly agreed to meet for Geneva-II meeting.
    Russia’s consistent support to Syria through thick and thin despite various odds diplomatic, political & military areas. So the peace has won over the war and truth has won over the falsity. I hope this temporary peace in the Middle East should continue.

    The next global flashpoint is Ukraine. It has a direct border with Russia. Russia and Ukraine have enjoyed political and socioeconomic relationship from times immemorial. During the WWII also Russians shed lot of blood fighting the Nazi army of Germany to protect Ukraine.
    Like in Syria few western educated people have created political problems by rebelling against the ruling party of President Yanukovich. Now many people in the western part of Ukraine have started revolting against the Government. This rebel group is firmly supported by US where recently Mr McCain the head of the Republican Party visited Kiev. This is interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine. If one of the ministers of Russia went to Mexico or Jamaica which are very near to US and joined the protest group & support the rebels, I am sure US will not like it.
    The main reason why US provides direct political support to other countries bordering Russia means that US does not want Russia to become strong economically & militarily which would be counterweight to NATO block. US does not want Ukraine to join Russian-led block of Customs Union. If Ukraine joins European Union, then NATO will surely install radars and some military units to encircle Russia.
    However not all Ukrainians share the veiws of protesters. The protesters come from west Ukraine & supported by the EU and US. If worse to worst, Eastern Ukraine will recede from Western part. So Ukraine will be divided into two -east & west. West can then join EU and East could join Customs Union, CSTO & SCO. Therefore Russia is trying to prevent this scenario because it does not augur well for Ukraine & Russia sharing thousands of Kms. It will be like our Bhutanse Gnolops being supported by US, NATO & EU whereas India will be supporting Bhutan Government. The situation goes like this in Ukraine now. I hope common sense will prevail there because it seems to me Russian President Vladamir Putin & PM Dmitry Medvedev are like some kind of Jangchub Sempa. Otherwise there could be WWIII if Russia has no patience. Thanks



    However not all Ukrainians share the veiws of protesters. The protesters come from west Ukraine & supported by the EU and US. If worse to worst, Eastern Ukraine will recede from



    However not all Ukrainians share the veiws of protesters. The protesters come from west Ukraine & supported by the EU and US. If worse to worst, Eastern Ukraine will recede from…



    My note on Ukraine composted on 10.4.14 was totally reduced by Webmaster on the pretext that it was repetition. I want to reiterate that it was not repetition. Anyway I would now post latest flash-point news on Ukraine.

    Once again I like to reiterate that the presently ongoing major political military problem in Ukraine is not engineered by Moscow. US & NATO blames on Russia. As far as I know it is not true. The Main Reason for this ukrainian problem started after ex-President Yanukovich refused to sign document in Brussels to join EU. If signed, this would be the 1st signal that EU to take roots in Ukraine legally. Once EU feels that Ukraine is a signatory to EU memorandum, then EU countries esp 28 Western European Goevrnments will be free to open their offices in Ukraine & also Ukrainians can work in EU countries.

    Next/the 2nd step is that if there is a problem between Russia and Ukraine because of Eastern & Southern Ukraine, then the EU will justify to establish their military bases in Ukraine. The Main Objective is to encircle Russia by NATO bases which is easier to fight Russia as Russia shares 1800 kms border with Ukraine.
    So I want to clarify that this Ukrainian-Russian flashpoint is actually created by USA. As of now 12.4.14 there is a Ukrainian army with helicopters & tanks invading East Ukraine. There is lot of death among civilian population. NATO/EU blames everything on Russia but this very problem is created by EU/NATO.
    In fact the invasion of East Ukraine started after the CIA Director Jeorge Brennan came to Ukraine. It is reported that over 300-3000 US army in civilian clothes is directing the Ukraine army in Donetsk and Slavyanks.

    The present Kiev Govt is installed by themselves without democratic election, it is illegal. This is the reason that people in Eastern & Southern Ukraine don’t want to live under Kiev Govt. Moreover majority of this people have Russian blood as most Indians have inherited Asuric blood from the times of King Yayati of the Lunar Dynasty (Chandra-vansha). So due to continous socio-economic problems in East & South Ukraine, they want full autonomy from Kiev. They are not fighting to join Russia like Crimea.

    On 11.4.14 Donets & Slavyanks went to polls. The result is that over 71% population in Donets & over 90% population in Slavyanks want separation from Kiev Govt. This is the people’s determination for self-rule & is not imposed by Putin.

    People should decide through democratic votes if they want to remain with Ukraine or not. The voting has proved beyond doubt that East Ukrainians want separate state with total self rule. Time will determine if they want to join Russia. Personally I would prefer East & South Ukraine to go for separate state instead of joining Russia. Russia should support it. However it is 100% sure NATO & EU ruled by US will not recognize it. Because the political rule of today’s world is that Govts in any country should accept what US tells whether it is good or worst and whatever US & EU tells is correct and then whatever Russia tells is always wrong.

    Finally I would recommend Putin not to cow down but support East & South Ukraine solidly through diplomatically, economically and even militarily. I think there is no mistake if Russia invades East & South Ukraine because when USA invaded Grenada, Panama, Iraq and Libya in the past without any justification.
    These countries are 1000’s of miles from US territory whereas Russia-Ukraine shares long border. So problem in Ukraine & Russia will automatically affect each other. So Russia has full right to intervene if necessary.




    It is high time Russia should intervene in Ukraine as thousands of East Ukrainians are killed by Ukraine Govt forces who is solidly supported by NATO and US. Where is the Promise of Putin when he declared that Russia will support any Russian citizen anywhere in the world if his or her life is threatened. This was said before and during the election time as Putin was the candidate of the United Russia Party.
    After URP won the election, things were going smoothly in Russia. Russia was developing economically. Russians have become rich. Hundreds of countries in the world benefited financially from Russian tourists. Militarily Russia has the best. Scintifically and technologically Russia is at par with US and in some cases like Nuclear and Space engineering Russia is better than US. These days Russia is again emerging as a superpower which it lost in 1990’s after USSR broke down.

    Now the problem is US is very much jealous of Russia emerging as a superpower. At all costs US wants to prevent it. Therefore, US is interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign countries through dirty politics. Special focus is made on countries bordering Russia like Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Liuthenia, Romania, Bulgaria & Ukraine.
    As of now except militarily US is fully involved in Ukraine domestic policy & caused the present internal conflict between the Govt forces and East Ukraine. Majority of East Ukrainians are Russians and they do not want to stay under Ukraine because the present Government is a self-appointed Govt because the elected Govt was prematurely ousted through US and EU support. Actually East Ukraine wants to stay as a part of Ukraine if the central Govt was an elected Govt but it is not. Therefore, the East Ukraine esp Donetsk and Luganks want a federal state. In this Russia has so far provided moral and political support only.
    At any cost US & EU wants Ukraine to become 29th European state whereas Russia wants to prevent this. If US achieves this dream, then US & NATO military forces will have surrounded Russia 50% and it will be easier to fight Russia easily.
    Before this happens and as Putin has promised some years back to support Russians anywhere in the world, it is high time that Russia sends military forces to East Ukraine (Luganks and Donetsk). This will be as per his promise. Otherwise Russians and the people like me will not believe Putin. I strongly believe Russia has full right to support East Ukraine and in fact Russia should ask Kharkov, Kherson, Odessa & Mariopol to rise against Ukraine.
    Russia should also speed up operations of BRICS Bank and do away with use of US $ system. Time has come that Russia should also set up military base in Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia & Brazil. Russia should also support Indonesia, Vietnam and Argentina to be admitted immediately into the BRICS economic grouping. These measures may go a long way to strengthen Russia at the present and in near future.



    a)US speaks with Russia from Position of strength:
    US & EU talking to Russia from position of strength because they know-
    1. US & EU combined has 28 countries whereas Russia is alone.
    2.US & EU combined more economic & financial strength than Russia.
    3.US & EU combined has more population of almost 600million than Russia with 140 million.
    4.US & EU has corporations & in fact it is Corporates who rule US & EU & corporates finance elections in the
    West & indirectly corporates rule the West.
    5.Some years back US openly said that US & Russia have equal brains but anyway US will win at the last because Russia cannot match economically.
    That is why US is interfering in different countries of the 6 continents of this Zambudvipa. US will like the countries leaders if its foreign policies click with theirs. If some developing countries act smart like Saddam Hussein & Gaddafi, their fate will be doomed.

    b)Actions to match position of strength:
    1.Since EU & NATO have decided to provide weapons to Kiev, Russia needs to provide weapons to the Sou-
    theast Ukraine where majority of population is Russian.
    2.AS NATO & EU advisors are swarming in Kiev, Russia should send military to the SE.
    3.President Putin should personally visit each CSTO, Customs Union & SCO countries personally & make
    military technical cooperation.
    4.Russia should approve the request of India, Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia & Argentina to admit to the SCO
    as requested.
    5.Russia should lobby the admission of India. Brazil & Indonesia to UNSC to be more balanced.
    6.It is the right time that Russia should open military bases in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua & Argentina for
    request to these countries could be worked out diplomatically & find means to have military post in
    7.Russia should beef up military forces in Syria.
    8.Russia should accelerate production of S-400 & S-500 SAM, AAM, SLM missiles, Antimissile, Anti-anti-
    missiles of ballistic & cruise.
    9.Russia should speed up its plans for Mars flight before 2020.
    10.Finally the BRICS countries should start joint military force & 1 contingent each should be posted in
    Europe, Asia & Latin America wherever there is a hot flashpoint.
    I know that Russians are very brainny, it has necessary scientific technological resources to respond to every sanction. I have my prayer to achieve Russia’s goals of self-reliance



    Loss of Malaysian airplanes:

    1.Malaysia lost 2 nos passenger-full planes in the Indian Ocean & in Ukraine. The 1st plane had several Chinese & other. In the next plane there were lot of Australians & Malaysians. In this my prayer goes to the families of the victims & let the innocent souls rest at peace & hope there should be no further loss.

    2.Next we need to find out the main causes & who is behind this disaster. In the 1st case, no debris or traces have been found despite international efforts & applying advanced technology. It is simply curious.
    Where has it disappeared -has it fled to the stars or shar lusphagpa or nub balang chod? There must be some reasons or some countries incl Malaysia trying to hide the facts! Otherwise there is no reason why it could not be found.
    My suspicion is that is that US military might be involved because US has several military bases in South Asia & 1 prominent is Subic naval base. Even if US military has shot down, there will be traces of broken parts & the “Black Box” could be found. Or has it been hijacked by the “extra-terrestial aliens” of Mars & Jupiter etc. I am dumb-founded.

    In the 2nd case I can straightaway blame Ukraine government & its jealous political backers. As soon as the plane with 298 passengers was hot down, Ukraine govt strongly supported by US & NATO blamed Ukraine Rebel fighters & some blamed Russia. All the fingers were pointed to Rebels & Russia.& all the countries believed it even today.
    To me nations believe what West says because we are enundated with the news through BBC & CNN only. We have no Russian channels in Bhutan for example. This news is just one-sided. If there were Russian news-channel & magazines & journals in Bhutan or India or any other nations, then we will get some balanced news & then one can form his/her opinions. Then we can suspect & blame. So how can we believe it is Rebels & Russia -we cannot? One needs sold proof. Don’t believe whatever other says. 50% of it may not be true as per the prince Vessantara (drimay kundhen).

    After going through Russian journals, Moscow news, AIN, BBC, CNN & Arirang, to 80-90% I believe it the plane was shot down by Ukrainian govt forces fighting the rebels in Donets. It is reported that the Russian radar has seen 1-2 military jets near the plane but this is not mentioned by Ukraine & its supporters & they know it. 2nd query is that why should Netherlands, Ukraine & NATO allow passenger plane to fly through the war zone. It was deliberately sent through it to be shot down & then lay the immediate blame on Rebels & Russia? In this case serious action should be taken on the “sender” & Ukraine govt for not rejecting it.
    Meanwhile Russia has asked 10 questions to Ukraine & NATO & so far no satisfactory replies had been given. Netherlans has studied & made the reports but Russia has rejected it for being biased. Now Russia is insisting that thorough investigation should be done by international aviation experts from non-NATO & non-EU countries. Russia has also reported the momentum of this air disaster seems to be going down & therefore is a sign of blunders commited by Kiev & supporters. Once a totally unbiased report comes out in future, then one should blame. If Russia is responsible, then she should pay costs & international community should place whatever sanctions. If Kiev is proved responsible then international community such as UNO should place full blame on Kiev & its supporters such as US, EU, Japan & Australia etc. At the moment it is unwise to jump at the one-sided storey.



    Sergy Ivanov’s visit to Iturup island angers Japan:
    Japan expresses indignation over the visit of Sergy Ivanov, chief of Kremlin, over his visit to the Iturup Island on 24.9.2014.
    My personal comment is that Russia has the right and the Nippon is wrong. The major reason being that the Four Disputed Islands -Iturup, Habomai, Kunashir & Urup w ere transferred to USSR at the end of the WWII in 1945. At that time US,Britain & France thought that they could take long time to defeat the well-trained emperial army & by the time Japan is defeated, many millions could be dead unnecessarily. Therefore the 3 powers & esp US requested USSR to join them to defeat Japan. By the time USSR was celebrating the defeat of Nazi Germany because USSR alone defeated the 3rd Reich. But USSR agreed to join the war against if the 3 powers agreed to transfer these 4 islands to USSR at the end of the war. US under President Eisinhowar,Britain under Winston Churchill & France under General DeGaully Tasigny agreed to the “condition” proposed by USSR. This was the outcome of the Postdam Conference.

    Then and there USSR declared war on Japan. USSR sent its army, navy & air force under the command of the Marshal of the Soviet Union A.M Vasilevsky who had played a critical role alongwith Marshal GK Zhukov in defeating Germany. In 3 months the best-trained and well-equipped Japanese Kwantang Army was encircled in Northeast China. This was the crack army of the Japanese 6th Army. Overall over 1.6 million Japanese army was encircled. If USSR didn’t join, US could have taken another 1-2 years to defeat Japan or even more because this 6th Army could have been used against the 3 powers & the 3 knew it.

    When USSR declared war, the Japanese Emperor Hirohito announced & fumed with helplessness by saying that it could be the real end for Japan. So Japan surrendered fearing USSR. Later many Western Historians & Western Governments mentioned that it was due to the atomic bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki esp by US that Japan surrendered. This is totally wrong. At that time the Emperor mentioned that the Japanese forces came under critical point that there was no use of prolonging the fight because USSR’s entry in the war was the last stroke & also Emperor mentioned that Japan will not capitulate to the 3 powers because Japan’s main forces were located in the North & China.
    This is how USSR received the 4 Japanse Islands as the compensation of supporting the 3 powers. The allied powers put their signature on the document confirming the surrender of the islands to USSR. Therefore Japan has no right to reclaim these Islands called the norther territories by Japan & Kuril Islands by Russia today. The people in these islands are happy under Russia.

    Every year Japan observes Northern Territory Day by reclaiming these Islands. In 1990s when USSR broke down, the present successor of USSR, that is Russian Federation, once came under heavy political pressure & suggested to Japan that they could divide the islands into 2. Initially Japan seemed to agree but later Japan refused & asked for total claim to which RF also refused to surrender. To this day Japan had not signed the Peace Treaty with Russia.
    I support Russia not to surrender the islands because it was legally signed by the then US, France & Britain’s rulers & plus signed by the defeated Japan. If Japan really wants then she should OK for 2 islands i.e Habomai & Kunashir & the other Iturup & Urup can remain with Russia. This is the best solution as there is no other way.



    Buddhist subjects should be given 1st priority at Nalenda University in India:
    Recently a new university has been reconstructed at the huge cost and now began studies by international students. The construction cost was met by Japan, Singapore, China and India.

    Nalenda Buddhist University became most famous not because of its architectural designs but for its brilliant scholars, professors & Pandits that came out of it. There were 17 most celebrated scholars out of the 1000s moon & sun-like scholars. It starts with Arya Nagarjuna (‘phags-pa klu-sgrub) and ends with Dipamkara Shrignana (Dpal-marme-mzad bzan-po). The latter is also commonly called as Jo-wo-rje dpal-ldhan Atisha who came, stayed & preached in Tibet.

    Recently the occidental researchers had named Nalenda Buddhist University as the Oxford of the Orientals as they found that the level of studies at Nalenda seemed to be equal to studies done at Oxford. It is excellent for this comment. But to me Nalenda is more than this.
    In the west & east nowadays, one becomes professor once one is able to prove his thesis eloquently, intelligently, articulately, logically & with facts and figures. But in Nalenda the above-mentioned is one of the requirements but also one had to possess miraculous powers also. So the celebraties that came out of Nalenda had:
    (a)most erudite theoritical knowledge and
    (b)possessed clairvoyant knowledge.
    Our professors and academicians of recent age do not possess the 2nd part mentioned-above. So we cannot compare the ancient scholars of Nalend, also Vikramashila, Odantapuri, Ratnagiri, Somapuri, Vallabhai & Taksha-shila in the Aryadesha.

    In Nalenda the following subjects were studied -art & architecture, medicine, philosophy, metaphysics, religion, maths, astronomy, engineering, logics, rites & rituals, songs and dances etc. Not only the Buddhist but Brahmanic religious studies were conducted where 4 Vedas, 6 Puranas, Ramayana & Mahabharatas etc of the Outsider (phyi-pa) were taught. But the study on Buddhism was the top-most priority.

    Nalenda had 10,000 erudite students and over 2000 teachers. Students in this most famous institute came from Tibet, Mongolia, China, Formosa, Indonesia, Iran, Greece, Afghanistan, Japan, Indo-china, and also from Central Asia besides the Indians. Almost similar number of students and teachers worked at Vikramashila & other universities.

    In 1097 Nalenda was destroyed by Muslims led by the general Iktirudin Khaibek of Turkey. It took 3 months to burn the library. 1000s of monks were killed. So sad.

    During Buddha’s time it was visited by Buddha on many occasions, Shariputra & Mogallana were born here.
    So it was the blessed place. Nalenda means the giver of the padmas. Na =padma flower, Lendra=giver. This was true as Nalenda offered knowledge and wisdom of both the Insider & Outsider. It was constructed by Kumaragupta 1st of the Gupta Dynasty (230 – 550 ACE). The Gupta period was considered as the “Golden Age of India” in those days because not only the religious & the pholosophical, science & literature flowered during this day.

    Finally, it is excellent that the university has started with over 40 international students. It is chaired by one of the economic noble laurates of India. However it is very sad that His Holiness Dalai Lama is not included in the list of the faculty. Surely there are politics involved because of the Chinese factor. I request that politics has no role here & the Chair should invite HH Dalai Lama as one of the faculty members. Without salt curry is taseless & so HH participation, it seems something is missing. Therefore university teachers, students & sponsers need to find ways to invite HH. HH is the most learned in both Hinayana, Mahayana, Sahajayana & Vajrayana besides of the mundane subjetcs. HH presence will be the Plus point for the university as HH is respected by millions all over the world.

    Further, Buddhism should be the main subject like in the ancient times. Of course university should offer studies on all the contemporary religious studies. I offer my prayer that Nalenda once again shines as bright as the sun in the years to come.



    Malaysian air disaster & international action to be taken:
    It is unfortunate that Malaysia suffered 2 disasters in the air. 1st one was on 8.3.2014. The plane with 244 passengers mostly Chinese lifted off from Malaysia to Beijing but half an hour later into the flight turned back suddenly & disappeared into the Indian Ocean. Some say it might have landed in Central Asia. But the most probable theory is that it must be in the Indian Ocean. Several countries joined the searches using latest technology but to no avail till now. Another effort is being made just now. The problem is that the plane might sunk below 25000mts below where today’s technology faces difficulty to reach there.

    2nd Malaysian plane with 298 passengers was shot down in Donets on 17.7.2014. Without going into proper investigation & analysis, almost all European countries & US placed blame on the Ukraine’s SE rebels & on Moscow. Of course Rebels denied & in fact placed blame on Ukraine Govt. So did Russia. Rebels said they have no equipment to reach 25000ft whereas Ukraine Govt forces have Buk missiles which can shoot down the plane. Meanwhile the Russia reported its Radar discovered another near the Malaysian plane. This was not reported by Western & Ukrainian press.
    Knowing that the disaster was caused by Ukraine’s own fighter jet but placing hypocritic blame on Russia & Rebels, the West under US recommendation put sanctions after sanctions on Russia & Rebels. The Netherlands Govt conducted investigation & placed blame on Russia.
    At the moment Russia is not satisfied & demands unbiased investigation by UN agencies & Countries not involved in the conflict.
    Also since the West & US have no solid proof of Russia’s involvement, the temper of blaming Russia & Rebels have died down. But now Russia has been continously demanding for in-depth investigation into the crash.
    Looking into the findings I have no doubt that the Malaysian plane disaster was caused by Ukrainian army. Once this is proved Malaysia should demand compensation for the deaths, arrest Ukrainian officers & put behind bars, also supporters of Ukrainian crisis must be held responsible, Malaysia should apologize to Russia, Malaysia should also support Ukrainian SE rebels for its independence.

    US main aim is to defeat its main rival Russia militarily & economically:
    It may or may not be possible. It may be because US is garnering support from West & East European countries. Esp East Europeans hate Russia. During Gorbachov’s presidency Soviet Union dismantled Warsaw Pact but NATO still exists today. Ronald Reagan promised that NATO will not move an inch towards Russia if Russia allows East & West Germany to unite. But after reunification, the promise was not kept because the US & West knew that the new Russia had no military power to challenge NATO. So it started accepting East European countries who were under Warsaw Pact into NATO & into EU. Russia has been objecting this scenario over & again but no avail. Now US & NATO wants to grab Ukraine & put under NATO to which Russia has serious objections. This is the main cause of today’s political problems between US & Russia which is created by US. EU is blindly following Washington’s advice. So it is 28+ versus 1. 1 is sure to be defeated by 28+.

    On the other hand Russians possess highest stamina & can overcome any difficulties. Napoleon was defeated in the Battle of Borodino by the less experienced, rugged Russian army. Napolean’s aim was to defeat Russians & place Russia as 1 of the French colonies. So same was Hitler’s idea to annex Russia to its empire. Hitler promised to defeat Russia in 1.5-3/12 & German army will celebrate victory parade in Mosow. Hitler knew it had the best army, best weapons, superior economy & best educated experienced Generals. The German army under the general Guderian knocked about 30kms from the doors of Moscow. But it was here near Moscow that saw the 1st major stretegic defeat of the invincible German army. Then German army saw 2nd stratigic defeat at Stalingrad. General Von Paulus who got the post of Field Marshal recently was encircled by Russian army under Marshal GK Zhukov, AM Vasilivsky & Konstantin Rokossovsky. Then in 1943 Germany suffered a debacle at Kursk. This was the last nail in the coffin from which Germany could not rise its head. Therefore, history might repeat itself. I advise the US & NATO to adopt wiser policy because today’s Russia possesses nuclear arsenals no inferior than NATO. Also in fact Russian leaders are very wiser than the Western, otherwise WWIII might have broken long time back when Yogoslavia was bombed by NATO under US, when Iraq was invaded, when Afghanisthan was invaded & when Libya was invaded by the West.
    Today in the name of democracy, US & NATO have reached near Russian borders from the West, North & SW. Still they place blame on Russia. US is acting smart thousands of kms from US borders. US wants to fight Russia in Europian soil not on American soil. In the process of attacks & counterattacks millions of Russians & Europeans will die but few thousand Americans only which Washington can afford.

    In this regard there is no other way but to defend its own country & its friends. So Russia is perfecting its nuclear weapons, space forces, air defence & the navy. Russia already has the newest weapon called Topol, Topol M, Yars missile. It is perfecting its Bulava SL missile. These are weapons which can evade US missile shield & hit US mainland. Moreover US & Russia shares borders between Alaska & Chukchi peninsular & Wrangle Island. Russia also possesses some naval weapons which can suddenly appear near US naval coast.

    So it is better for US & Russia to cooperate. It is better for Europe not to listen whatever Washington says because in the event of a major war, it will be Europeans & Russians not US army. So it is better that common sense prevails.



    Is United Nations Security Council necessary?
    Yes because the UNSC aims to prevent conflicts between countries.The conflicts are caused by border disputes, trade imbalances & ideological differences etc. During such incidences, the role of UNSC comes into play wherein UNSC meets urgently to discuss & takes a stand through voting.

    UNSC is composed of 20 members representing 20 countries. Of this 15 are non-veto members & 5 have veto powers. They are China, England, France, Russia & US. If a dangerous flashpoint occurs in any part of the world, this UNSC urgentlys meets, discuss & take a decision but it has to be 100% unanimous. Otherwise the decision cannot be implemented.
    Since May 1945 it is due to this body that global threat was prevented because the council tries to reconcile the warring parties & in some cases if necessary sends in UN peacekeepers to control & prevent conflagration. In this way the council was able to prevent disputes within the countries or between different countries.

    On the other hand it seems that UNSC is unnecessary because most of the veto yielding members are western-oriented & also most of the non-veto members. In the past it was 4 versus 1 (US, France, England & China against USSR). For unknown reasons China used to support the 3. It’s just 2-3 years only China began to support Russia. In a way 2 against 3.
    The major problem is extant within the council itself & therefore how can it control, prevent major security problems in the world. This happened in case of Syria when China supported Russia thrice to prevent US bombing.

    If 1 veto member disagrees then other 4 cannot implement unilateral decisions. This is enshrined in UNSC charter. The paradox is that it does not happen. Again the main cause is egoistic approach of the US. The US feels that it is more powerful economically & militarily. It knows that Russia cannot challenge because Russia has become weaker after the break-down of Soviet Union in 90’s & cannot challenge US for years to come. US also knows that France & England are solidly behind it, come what may happen because of corporate & capitalistic approaches. The other 15 members are just sitting ducks as it cannot influence the Big 5 for its wrong approaches.

    The main argument is that if US alone makes unilateral decision, what is the use of UNSC. There are several occasions when US alone took unilateral decisions to attack countries which it thought stood in its emperial domination of the world. This happened in spite of vetoes by 1 of the members. Vivid examples where US acted in total contravention of UN principles are:

    a.bombing of Yugoslavia as a result of which it broke into several parts which are Macedonia, Slovakia, Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovinia, Yugoslavia.

    b.bombing of Iraq on the pretext of WMD possessed by Hussein. Internally US knew Iraq did not have the said weapons but it wanted to invade it because Russia was its ally & also the latter was very weak due to breakdown of USSR into several east european countries & moreover Iraq has the biggest oil deposit.

    c.bombing of Afghanisthan on pretext of the Taliban take-over. It also had pretext that Taliban bombed New York. Some years later it was reported that the NY attack was engineered by the CIA.

    d.bombing of Libya was again on the pretext of Gaddafi going to possess nuclear weapons. Here it was bombed by France but supported by US army. Later it was found Libya had no such weapons.
    Also 1 of the reasons of Libyan & Iraqi attacks was because Gaddafi & Hussein acted independently from US policies. It they listened no invasions would have occurred.

    e.In case of Syria US planned to attack but due to resolute diplomatic action by Russia, the attack was warded off. Yes Syria had chemical weapons but this was now 95% disposed off.

    f.Now in Ukraine too US is strongly involved. US secretary, undersecretary, opposition leader McCain, CIA directors visited Ukraine several times & as a result the elected Govt was deposed & new unelected leaders like Yarsenuk, Avakov, Yarosh & Poroshenko etc came to the front. US & unelected Ukraine Govt thought it easy to walk over the problem & join EU later in NATO. But the people in the Southeastern Ukraine refused to obey Kiev leaders & they declared independence, of course legally through referendum.90%+ people supported secessation from Kiev. That is why the present problems there including shooting down of Malaysian MH17 by Ukrainian Govt forces but indirectly blamed on Russia & Rebels.

    If US as a UNSC members wants to act unilaterally, I propose that Russia & China should propose to dissolve UNSC because 1 of the members always takes unilateral decisions & tamples upon sovereign rights of other countries.
    2nd proposal is that UNO should immediately reform it by admitting new members who I think should be:

    a.India because of its sheer size of economy.

    b.Brazil for the same.

    c.South Africa

    d.Japan and

    e.Indonesia as we need to give opportunity to 1 Muslim country also.

    Only then we might get unbiased decisions in the UNSC.

    3rd is that if this is not possible China & Russia should walk away from it. In fact the BRICS, SCO, CSTO & EEU should form a separate security council.

    4.It is also possible UNO offices could be relocated to India or China instead of New York. The use of Indian, Chinese & Russian currency could be immediately implemented instead of using $ as international currency.
    This is the Food for Thought for the Day.



    Bhutan needs to establish diplomatic relation with Russia:

    1.I am neither pro-Russia or pro-US. But facts are facts. Russia is a huge country extending from Kamchatka to Murmanks. It is inhabitated by >100 nationalities. Within the union there are 3 states whose state religion is yellow-hat sect Buddhism. Russia possesses huge resources esp gas. Russian gas is exported to EU through Nord Stream project.

    2.Russia never attacks other countries but if someone attacks it, despite problems at first but finally victory belongs to Russia’s. For example:
    a.Japan attacked Russia in 1905 where a million Russian soldiers were killed.
    b.In 1939 Japan attacked Mongolia in Khalkingol. Russia rushed to help fraternal Mongolia & defeated the Japanese by combined Mongol & Russian army in the battle of Namohan Incident led by General GK Zhukov. Japan was taught a lesson never to attack Russia.
    c.Nazi Germany attacked Russia & >23 milion Russians were killed in the WWII but finally Russia defeated Germany in 5 years. Hitler had to commit suicide.

    3.Russia is a country which produced Tolstoy, GK Zhukov, 1st satellite, Valentina Tereshkhova, Yuri Gagarin & Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.

    4.During 700 AD Nanam Dojidujoms who was one of the 5 foremost disciples of Guru Padmasambhava came from Samarkand in the south of Russia. Since 1646 AD Chabje Dudjom rinpoche has been reincarnating till now which we are lucky to get blessings from him time to time.

    5.In Mahabharata epic stories a place called Uttarakuru is mentioned time to time. This falls in Central Asia & Russia.

    6.Despite its own economic and health problems, Russia has been a constant supporter of the developing countries. I don’t know what Indians think, but I always find that Russia stands solidly behind India on Kashmir issue, supported when India was attacked by Pakistan.
    When the powerful countries of the west interfere in developing countries, Russia backs them to solve problems. This has happened in Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, Syria & in Africa.

    7.In this regard I propose that Bhutan should open diplomatic relation with Russia. If Bhutan faces big problems in future, I am sure it will be Russia who will support Bhutan’s case in UNO & UNSC. India will surely support this initiative since India herself has excellent relationship with Russia.



    Prevention against Ebola viral disease:

    Ebola virus has been spreading throughout the world of late. It has originated in Africa. Even US & EU have not been spared. Its fatality rate is very high.

    Bhutan is very lucky so far. But sooner or later we will not be spared by this virus. This virus belongs to Influenza type A like H1N1, H5N1 & H7N9. These 3 are spread through air and also by contact. The Ebola is not spread by air but only through human contacts and also through fomites. But once contact is made with the patient the case fatality rate (CFR) is very high.

    Today many countries are gripped with fear of Ebola. WHO is busy developing strategies to control immediately & prevent in the future if not exterminate the virus. For treatment and prevention many advanced countries are developing drugs and vaccines.
    Russia too is also developing the drug & vaccines. Compared to other countries EU & US, as per the report of the Russian Academician Chereshnev on Pravda.Ru dt 13.10.2014, it seems Russia is far ahead with the research. Within the next 6-12/12 Russia will be producing & marketting a drug called Triazavirin. This is found to be highly effective. This is being developed by Moscow & Siberian Medical Research Institutes.
    Russia has already developed “special medical boxes, insulating chamber & highly protective suits”.

    Presently the affected African countries esp Sierralione & Gabon have requested Russia to help them & Russia has complied.

    That is why, in my 12.10.2014 newsline, I requested that Bhutan needs to develop relationship with Russia.
    I know that one day Bhutan will have relation with Russia. But what I mean is that we should speed up the process because Russia & Bhutan are just a part of this global village.

    Tomarrow or day-after either a Bhutanese or foreign citizen will introduce Ebola virus in the country. So we should be prepared as follows:

    1.MoH should inform through circular all Dzongkhags on ebola.

    2.MoH should collaborate with WHO & develop guidelines & issue to all Hospitals & Health Centres.

    3.MoH should air on the Ebola through BBS, Kuensel to educate the general public.

    4.Hospitals & BHU-1s should simulate exercises to deal with Ebola outbreak.

    5.WHO, UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, Save the Children Fund, SNV should provide fund to Bhutan Government. The fund will be channeled through MoF to MoH & then to Dzongdas’.

    6.As I wrote above Bhutan government should invite Russian doctors who have enormous experience dealing with Ebola outbreak in Africa to Bhutan. Of course this can be done through Bhutan & Indian WHO offices because:

    a.Russia has treatment experiences in African countries.

    b.Russian research is ahead than other counter-parts.

    c.Russia already has developed effective equipments.
    These can benefit Bhutan. I request Bhutan government not to be complacent.



    How to prevent Ebola virus disease (EVD):

    Today WHO has placed Ebola disease as the emergency outbreak. In fact this disease is not new. It was first reported in Zaire, one of the African countries in 1976. It was the 1st strain. The ebola of today is the 4th strain. From the 1st to the 3rd strain, it was not virulent. The 4th strain virus is reported as virulent & most dangerous as its fatality rate is >50%. As of 29.10.2014 there are 10000+ cases reported and 4922 deaths. It has spread to 8 countries including USA.

    Its clinical picture comprises of fever, headache, bodyache, malaise & later with diarrhoea etc. Previously there was no haemorrhage whereas now there is fever with haemorrhagia which is dangerous.

    It is spread with bodily contact, sexual intercourse and transfusion but luckily not spread through air.

    It is reported in the news source: Sceience>Planet Earth dt 11.8.2014 (Mail@prav.ru), the ebola virus did not originate from african monkeys but was bioengineered by US Labs as a biological weapon. Same with HIV virus.

    It is aimed to create panic in the world. But before the pandemic occurs, US would do adequate research to create vaccines but would not sell to the 3rd world. Due to panic countries will approach US to sell the vaccines & as a result the corporations in the US would get billions of dollars. This happened in the past with H1N1 disease. The only loser is the LDCs.

    Since it is a virus, there is no effective treatment except there are preventive methods. These are very effective which we need to practice.

    National level:
    a.quarantine people coming ebola affected countries eg at Paro airport itself.
    b.do not visit affected countries.

    Hospital level:
    a.follow infection control measures.
    b.isolation of the suspects with ebola.
    c.proper management of the patient.

    For the general public:
    a.frequent handwashing with soap and water.
    b.once the disease has come to the country, we need to practize safer sex using condoms.
    c.if influenza-like symptoms appear, report to nearest Health Centre (BHU/Hospital).

    So we need to be careful.I hope with the initiatives taken by MoH & other relevant Ministries, we can prevent EVD from coming to Bhutan.



    Relationship with Brazil:

    It is very happy to see that Bhutan has established diplomatic relationship with Brazil as I saw that its Ambassador talked with our PM on 30.10.2014 in the BBS. I think this is a right course for our country.

    Brazil is one of the economic giants in Latin America and an emerging economic superpower in the world alongwith India and China. Brazil, a few days back, held elections where the present Government headed by Mrs Dilma Roussof won by 3% more than the opposition party. This low vote for Dilma is mainly due to Brazil’s crushing defeat by Germany in the 2014 world cup. Anyway congratulations to Mrs Dilma.

    Brazil is 1 of the 5 members of the BRICS which means Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa. These are the 5 countries from 4 continents which possess huge manpower, huge economic base and scientific potentials. Of 5 Russia is an emerging power & the Western World is afraid of India and China which might become an economic & military superpowers. It is reported recently that China has overcome USA in economic indicators. Also just few days back India has successfully sent a rocket to the Mars which will collect soil samples back to Earth. India has already tested a supersonic missile called “Brahmos” which is superior to recent Chinese, Russian and even American missiles.
    In sports Brazil is the champion in football. Though she was defeated by Germany this year but overall it has won more Gold cups than Germany & others. I request that Bhutan should bring 1 or 2 footballers from Brazil to coach our players, otherwise, I am pessimistic that Bhutan may reach the world cup level in 100 years’ only.

    In religion Brazil is a catholic majority. It has also given equal opportunity to other religious sects. Though Buddhism is slowly dying out in Bhutan but it is thriving & increasing in Brazil. I think there are >500,000 Buddhists in Brazil & over 2 – 6 million in US.

    Brazil as a member of the BRICS has a strong relationship with Russia. With Brazil’s consent Russia has already stationed one of its GLONASS system on its soil. The GLONASS is equivalent to GPS of the US. So both Brazil & Russia use both systems. Sooner or later Brazil will be orbiting its own cosmonauts.

    The BRICS countries have recently created a BRICS Bank. This is a separate international bank from IMF & WB. It is going to support the economies of poor countries in the world. It will start with 50 – 100 billion $. The headquarter will be stationed at Shanghai & India has been chosen as the 1st Chairman.
    Another decision of the BRICS countries is not to use American $ as the international currencies but to use its own currencies in its trade. If this policy materializes, then in 5-10 years’ time, the potential of the $ will reduce whereas Chinese Yuan, Russian Rouble & Indian Re will increase. When the value of Re increases, our Nu will also increase on a par with Re.

    Therefore, having a relationship with Brazil which is a member of BRICS is a correct political step for Bhutan. Bhutan should accelerate our economic contacts with BRICS countries in general & Brazil in particular.



    Russia must recognize Luhanks and Donetsk Republics:

    These 2 regions under Ukraine declared themselves as a separate republic after a referendum where people voted >90% to be separate from Ukraine. But Kiev does not recognize. To me whether Kiev likes or dislikes should be secede from Ukraine because of socio-politcal-economic reasons.
    The election in Ukraine was completed where Proroshenk& Yarsenuk emerged victorious but with very less votes.
    Now there will be election in LPR & DPR on 4-6/11/2014. Following this, Russia should immediately recognize the result whether it is pro-Kiev or pro-Russia. If the result is pro-Kiev and wants to be integrated with Kiev, then Russia must accord due respect to this. If the result shows that it wants independence or autonomy, Russia should recognize this and provide immediate political & economic support & in the event of Kiev makes massive military invasion, then of course Russia should respond militarily or if necessary make a pre-emptive strike meaning stationing military contingent in these republics.

    Russia should not hesitate now as it is becoming too late. Russia should follow the West & US who recognized East Timur in Indonesia, Kosovo under Serbia, Croatia, Hergovina, Macedonia, Slovakia under Yugoslavia despite so many objections from international communities. Russia should act as it had done to South Ossetia and Abkhazia under Georgia in 2008.

    I request Russia not to hesitate so that thousands of innocent lives can be saved in Luhanks & Donetsk Republics as over 30000 lives have been sacrificed.




    Bhutan held several rounds of meetings to settle boundary with China in the past. If our experienced DPT government could not solve the problem, I am pessimistic if PDP government can solve. In the past after having had several rounds of border talks, we lost a major chunk of our land in the north of Haa. I hope PDP would not surrender our land above Satsham Chorten for which I heard China lays claims as a lost territory.
    Everybody knows that Bhutan’s map looked like Australia. After seized our territory, Bhutan map appears like a potato.

    In our next round of meeting with China, Bhutan’s delegation should strive to return our lost territory. See, China is the largest country yet she claims to all neighbouring countries incl the smallest Bhutan. Bhutanese team should be very bold in projecting our issues & ensure we get back our Haa’s northern territory.
    Actually Bhutan never had boundary question in the past 1000 years when we Tibet was independent. Of course Tibetan invaded Bhutan 6 times and each time they were defeated by Bhutan. However the Tibetan invasion was not due to boundary problem but Tibet wanted to take back “Ranjung Kharsapanni”. This is a priceless gem of Druk Ralung, Tibet. It was brought to Bhutan in 1616 ACE by Shabdrung. He came to Bhutan as he had a conflict with another Shabdrung called Passangwangpo who was supported by Deshi Tsangpa. Today Ranjung Khasarpani is “life force” of Bhutan being the nangtan tsowo.

    If Tibet had broder problems with Bhutan, then it may be right that China could lay territorial claim agaisnt Bhutan. When there was no such question in the past till 1959 ACE, how can China lay claims to our territories? This aspect must be brought to the notice of Chinese government next time. The next Bhutanese delegation should bring forward strong arguments in our own favour & make China realize their claims are inccorect.
    Further Bhutan should point out that instead of China laying claims against us, they should return our lost land in Haa North and also that China should vacate Tibet because Tibet was never under China & vice versa. Tibetan dialect & culture are completely different from China’s. Tibet was independent, religious and isolated. China took advantage of these factors & China knew noone would come to support Tibet militarily.
    Millions of Tibetans were killed & Tibet was forcefully annexed to China. Once Tibet became a part of Communist China, the boundary issue was opened. Therefore, China has no right to annex our territory.

    Regarding diplomatic relationship with China, yes, Bhutan should open Chinese embassy in Thimphu and our embassy in Beijing. Both Bhutan & China are independent country under the UN system & so we have every right for this and I am sure India will not object. If India interferes in this, then Bhutan is not independent but a colony of India. So the boundary question & the diplomatic relations are entirely different.

    Bhutan had religious relationship with India since the time of Gururinpoche who visited thrice. We have no major boundary problems with India. The Duars were annexed by Britiesh in 1700’s. India itself remained under the Britiesh for hundreds of years. Our Duars should have been returned by England before India gained independence in 1947. But Duars were kept under new India & they made India compensate Nu50,000/yr to Bhutan. I heard this annual payment was increased. I don’t know if it is continued today or not. If continued I propose that Bhutan should increase 1 billion $ per year and I know India will agree to this. This amount can be used for economic development of Bhutan.

    I never heard of Bhutanese territory in Arunachal as Chinese map shows. I think this is a ruse to create problems between Bhutan & India. We should not believe this. We have only the Duar problem created by the Britiesh not by the Indians as such.
    I think our 3rd & 4th monarchs raised the issue of returning this Duar to Bhutan. Later on the issue was not raised further. Even if present India agrees to hand over the Duars, then Bhutan has to accept not only the land but population also. There comes the biggest problem. Where will these millions of Assamese & Bengalese go? They have nowhere to go and Bhutan has to accept them. Of course I heard Assamese & Bengalese will be happy under Bhutan. But we the original Sharchops & Ngalongs will become a minority.
    Therefore, from my point of view, there is no question of the boundary with India.

    On the other hand there are some minor problems which need to solve which I think India/Assam will not object. For example when I was serving as a civil servant I know there is a patch of land below the present India-Bhutan gate in Sjongkhar. There is a huge bodhi tree near the old gate. Here there were some Bhutanese households. During the time of Dzongda Dorjiwangdi’s time, I believe there was a survey & remapping of the areas following which this patch of land came under Assam. How this happened? I doubt if some Bhutanese higher level people might have received kickbacks from Indians. Otherwise how can this land inhabitated by Bhutanese suddenly came under Assam. There may be many other issues like this. This part of land should be rediscussed, resurveyed & returned to Bhutan. Otherwise Chinese engineered map should not be considered.

    We should not have harbour 2nd thoughts on Indians. We need to appreciate that it was India who supported our joining to UNO in 1971. If India did not respect Bhutan, she could have swallowed us like she did to Sikkim. India had full power & not a single nation could have supported us even Russia, US & England. How China annexed independent Tibet. But India never did this because India had wise, democratic rulers. So instead of sowing discord we should rather strengthen Bhutan-India relations from years to years.



    President Putin should recognize LPR & DPR:
    Mr Igor Plonitsky won the election on 2.11.2014 in LPR (Luhanks People’s Republic) with 63.8%. LPR has 2,246,884 million population & its area is 25% less than Bhutan’s 36000sqkms in 32 districts.
    Mr Alexander Zarchenko won in Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) with 80% votes. It has 4,356,392 million population with 26% less area than Bhutan’s with 46 districts. Observers from US, England, France, Poland, Russia & even Israel reported that elections in these 2 Republics were equal to European standards.
    Now the elections are over and right candidates have been elected under international observers on 2.11.2014 and it is now running 2 days after the election, what is President Putin & Russia doing. I think Putin & Russia should immediately recognize as per the election results.
    In 2008 Russia recognized South Ossetia & Abkhazia after the US-backed Georgia attacked Russian peacekeepers & bombed the capital Tshinvali mercilessly. Not only that Russia invaded Georgia where 5 days war was fought. In fact South Ossetia has only 3900sqkm area with 51547 people & Abkhazia with 240,570 population & 8660 sqkm. Therefore it is higly justified to recognize LPR & DPR where there are huge population.
    Russian Foreign Minister Sergy Lavrov said before the election that the election will determine the recognition. Following this election there was a meeting of the UNSC where Estona drafted the bill not to recognize the result but Russia had vetoed the bill & the issue was not discussed.
    In the past there was a huge political problem in East Timor & despite serious objections by Indonesia since East Timor is part of it, the EU & US recognized the election result. There was also a serious problem in Kosovo province whict didn’t want to stay under Serbia & despite Russia’s serious objections, the EU & US recognized Kosova as a separate state.
    I am sure the same logic applies to LPR & DPR where I strongly recommend Russia to recognize the results where it is absolutely the South Eastern Ukrainians do not want to be part of Ukraine. Act Russia before it is too late.

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