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    Whose Authority to control the sky rocking price of the menus in the airport restaurant, Paro airport. the employees working under aviation and other agencies are being robed and cannot afford to use the restaurant. there must be a rate for the employees working for the airport unlike other visitors.  on the other hand the price never matched the quality of the food and services. i believe the civil aviation has the authority to make the operators to operate within the agreed price when awarding the bid to operate. see example like in the MoIC canteen. they have constant price for  menus and all reasonable for the staffs. This is because the operators cannot hoard the price as per their wish since he/she is operating within the govt shed or land. if such practices are to be continue ……..then the operator must vacate the building and operate outside and increase the prices as per his/her wish. The Current operator being sole operator is taking advantage of the situation.

    We,the employes and other agencies working in the airport unanimously request the DCA to immediately re-tender to invite other operators to refurbish the restaurant. it seems that DCA is being controlled by such small non-govt organizations and weakening further. COMMON GUYS ……….Civil Aviation Authority is supposed to very strong agency. but here it is just the opposite. Hope this will bring some changes.



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    The fact is, no one in the DCA/ Civil aviation management give a * to such control measures as long as they have their perks and sky rocketing salaries in their hand. For the welfare of the general public the DCA or any other authority such as trade as well should look into such grave day light robbery and penalise the people of such mismanagement of the restaurant. Such small thing goes to defy GNH and in the long run affect the country as a whole. Kick those * out of the canteen and re-tender the restaurant space.



    The CAVEAT EMPTOR and it is their choice of business. There is paradigm shift of it. Earlier the Caveat emptor (the buyer be aware) has now been shifted to (sellers be aware). Besides the escalating cost of that cafeteria, the sales person at the country is far from manners. Her style of marketing is very apologetic. In the pretext of being young to deal with customer, she markets Bhutan and Druk air in a  lose-lose situation.

    I as a stranger have had a terrible experience of my little daughter just four years old popped into adjacent room in that cafeteria when the sales counter girl immediately closed the door with such an unruly attitude  which gave me fever all the way home driving back. Such innocence of arrogance has been mastered and the long run becomes a habit and these would manifest the marketing of the cafe and the airlines. I never knew Bhutanese pretty looking appearance would have have such rowdy behavior. I mean no offence but if the sales people could be more human and as the Druk air service is rated good so could these people be.



    So sad ata…….I know this is really rude and bad examples to our kids who are growing learning.

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