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Another financial crisis

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    There will be another financial crisis in Bhutan after Rupee crisis, this time severe. The employees in the financial Institutions in the oldest and biggest commercial banks are not happy, a survey revealed. They are the unhappiest lot compared to the civil service. In this sectors, the leadership don’t have the basic of people management and manages like dictator. The power of the individual are unchecked or no systems of check and balance and hence authoritarian.

    The example are in Bank of Bhutan limited and Bhutan National bank Ltd.. It’s worst in Bhutan National Bank where they don’t have internal service rules book and is govern by authoritarian Executive committee on their will by the collective body of corrupt.

    These important sector of our economy may collapse through the un-motivated workers and nonproductive workforce. the Royal government can at least intervene in the service conditions sectors to motivate this workforce and avoid labour dispute.



    Mr Adams,

    How can you compare yourself with Civil people.

    1.Corporate people get paid more than civil service people.

    2.You all are entitled to bonus of two to three months.

    3.You all have a very low rate of interest when you want to avail loans.

    You should be happy that you have a job./There are thousand of graduates wondering on the streets looking for jobs.I mean(BBA.BCM,BSCIT).



    This is a clear case of the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.

    People in the banks should be apprised of the kind of benefits that personnel in the other departments are getting, say for instance the Civil Services!

    There are a very few, say a handful of people monetarily happy in the civil services, a case in question is the salary, it has not been revised for a very long time now and the very talk of increasing the salary by the present ruling government has been stalled due to budgetary constraint from outside the country!

    It is time now!



    @adams your reasons isn’t befitting your purpose. do not assume that the readers hear are as foolish as you that you can convince easily. Do you think that underperformance of bank staff is the cause of economic crisis(I wonder which economics you studied). I think crisis result from bad or wrong decisions taken by the decision makers in banks(resulting in loan defaults), not by mere unsatisfied staffs. You want to gain public support for expressing your personal grievance against the boss sorry try to find good reasons.

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