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    Phuentshogling town has become unsafe over a time. Within few hours, we find our vehicle door being opened and ransacked. This vehicle happening every time I visit the town. My vehicle was being ransacked for three times and I asked around about these incident, and they told that this happens all the time. Now my question is, can’t RBP do anything to stop these criminal activities? These criminal activities happen in the core of the town and Phuentshogling town is not very large for the police to control all these activities. I have seen on my one week stay in the town, fight taking place every time in the core of town, blasting of music till the wee hour and young boys loitering till late night. I feel following suggestion will solve the problem very easily; Installing CCTV in the core town or keeping few police posted in the core of town. There is no police to help the victim when pick pocketing or snatching of wallet take place. Group of police patrolling hardly help since their frequency are very minimal. They are busy chatting among themselves or listening to the music with their earphone in the ear. There is no sense of vigilant to keep the street crime free. They hardly investigate whether vehicle has been ransacked or not. I feel there should be accountability on police on duty if something happen during their duty like other civil servants. Otherwise, it is useless for them patrolling without any accountability. So, keep few police personnel posted in core town which will drive away the miscreant. I hope Phuentshogling town will be safe and memorable during my next trip. Hope Dasho Kipchu will make Phuentshogling town GNH town, free of worry and victimization.



    RBP is on a witch-hunt for hawkers, smokers & poor drug addicts. the real criminals run scot-free…



    i think its not only police can make the town of phuntsholing free from criminal. Everyone have to think that phutsholing is next to Jaigoan and all of us have a responsibility to keep ourselves safe. So, naturally phuntsholing will be GNH town.



    The Police is responsible for the security and safety of the town like Phuntsholing but police cannot do this job alone. As a member of the phuntsholing community, you can help by calling police (113) when you have a security-related problem or if you witness an incident occurring on town. Get to know us better and help form that teamwork that will help make Phuntsholing a more secure and safe environment.
    If you or your department/division become the victim of a crime ,report the offense immediately. Timely reporting of a crime improves the possibility of suspect apprehension and recovery of stolen property. Police investigate each reported crime to the best of their ability. If you are victimized, it is very important that you provide the investigating officer with as much information about the incident as possible.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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