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    Dear Dasho, I would like to know what is the consequences for abusing drugs? Two Junior Engineers has been abusing drugs and they are met with no consequences. Why?


    Mr. Loyal

    Dear author,

    Your statement is not clear. Were they brought to custody and released without any action? OR…..Please mention clearly.



    little angel

    I support Sona Asst. Lecturer. she is not only concerned about two junior engineers its concern about GNH country as a whole.




    I was wondering y the issue is being raised to dasho drungpa for abusing drugs.  m sure u r also well aware of  the consequences of abusing illegal drugs if proven medically. more over if u r really concerned y not address this query of urs to the narcotic dept or police…. I think dasho drungpas name out here dosent look nice and gentle out here…..lets respect the name dasho esp of sipsooo please.




    aaaie- its the work of Police to deal with drugs.not Drungpa.silly wai.



    We are confused as to why author pin point to Dasho Drungpa? its none of his business actually. Police as a law enforcement body will be there to take the charge if it is true but for God’s sake, plz dont put Dasho who is clean in heart n nice person in the middle of ur problems. Dasho is a capable, potential n man of words as we see in his personalities. We just appreciate him but author us making a silly mistake la.




    Unless someone is given red kabney and pata by king….,  no one is dasho, just called them Dungpa, dzongda, OC…etc….since that’s the correct designation they are given!



    Thank u acc for ur comment but i know what to address and what not to address. However, i as a humble person can address them “Dasho” since they r the heads of district and sub-districts. There is no harm while i addressed them Dasho.

    In fact, we should appreciate them as a senior civil servants and best of the best selected among so many civil servants of our country. It is ur ego problems and it seems u r an arrogant as a person n through ur personality. Let them be Dasho or whatsoever. They r representing our Beloved king in the districts and Drungkhags. just appreciate them.



    Why to bother others, it is their life. Law will take course one day other.




    Druggies are human beings as well. Dungpa is servant of us who is there helping with responsibility to help those sick people. He justified by being a good leader understanding with heart of those people. Had he been other Dungpa living in air of boss, the engineer would have been sacked off to the authority concern. By not being into action packed like these, he understands every one would have cascading effect. The WHO would define theses people as sick and need a rehabilitation and would be rebirth given a chance.  What would you in your concern think of these people. You would definitely make a prayer service of this people or sack them from the office, forcefully add him as convict in the society.

    Dungpa is leader by choice and he does it humanly and he will do it the same even if it is your son or daughter. The only mistake that he has made is being too good as human.

    The cosmic effect is there and one day, it would be you or me appealing the Dungpa to be considerate on one of your siblings into doping. It is always a cyclic and we cannot say we are free from such malice. It is sometimes good that your assumption and thesis should not mar the whole human values.

    Dungpa is human first and he deals it humanly not leaning on his authority and  archaic laws. He is not a divine but good human.

    And I pledge to keep  my mouth stitched if someone who is supposed to be boss is leader first. And the engineers will be human given them social environment.




    I dont think the Dungpa is responsible for drug consumption by other people. Lets not get confused.



    I think the point here is not about whom to report but the information that we get. Sona is informing about drug use and its the duty of the concerned officials to take action. I feel Dasho Dungpa is not bad choice, since he is also responsible to whats going on in his dungkhag, he could inform the Police if so to be.


    Used and Users

    Depends on how much they are into Business Together!!! It’s an ace up somebody’s sleeve.



    Dungpa is the head of that particular region. If he is not able to take firm decision on that two engineer, then he is very weak dungpa. He shouldn’t compromise such type of people. Engineer are very important job and their duties are far important. Because of their negligence, many school may collapse, many road may not be useable, many bridge may shake…we already see lot of corruption and colludtion, so how can one for give such type of people. Send them to rehabilation.

    may Sipsoo dungpa save our country rather than two engineer.



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    it is sad that people do not like to work but earn a easy fame. a drungpa is the head of a drung and is responsible for any acts there. its amazing that he wants to take credit for only good that happens in the dungkhag.

    and well, khenpaola, u r straightaway *. and on the wrong time and the track too for stressing ppl to address ‘dasho’ to the dungpa. btw, why dont  u advise kuensel to corectly address JYT? do u know who is he?


    It shows someone who is a psychologist is psyched up.  Supposed to be counseling and contributing a service needed, is in deficit of. There is need for all us especially to understand the Maslow’s hierarchy of need especially the person who initiated this topic. My dear, You are one very foundation of Bhutanese education psychology and you are now the inescapable client yourself with emotional impulses souring up on the engineers and Dungpas who are actually innocent. Do your abuse on the forum hold water. It is too personal.  The personal matters should be personal: be it romance, sex, fags and moonshines, why drag the official to mind someone monkey when he had his professional monkey to mind.

    There are some useless incidences which actually get to this very thread. Little hyped up and frequent emotional outburst made people pour out the frustration in the forum. My sona sister and the friends, only you are capable of solving your own problem as you have the knowledge of psychology but little short of wisdom. You can do it well if you go through your Psychology book which is on the table almost burnt with the ash tray on the top. With little decrease in drinking but more water and tea can stabilize you to think well, consciously and consciously. You have a challenge my friend and sona sister  to lead the people well and not everyone into crabs pool. By the have finished your correction?.    Take care……..Cheers.

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