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    Mr. Loyal

    You have deducted some amount from our January’s salary. Why? For what? Who permitted you? That is our money not yours. We have not permitted you to do so?

    This deduction may be of Lap tops and Desk tops. But we have approached you for further clarification. At that time you said “NGA MASEY.” Now who “SEY?” When we approach you said I don’t know and now you deducted coolly.

    Some of the installment deduction were made for 13 months which is a month more than the actual voucher signed between the supplier and the buyer at the time of supply.

    The supplier is in loss. So to overcome it anyone will do. The concern authority need to do through study, Check the number of vouchers signed during the delivery of computers. I am very (100%) sure that it will not tally with the number of computers supply stated by the supplier. Please do some favour to the teachers. Very dry salary that also deducted without any consult. Is higher authority can do anything with others money. Account section please do your job clean and correspond to all schools with detail on the deduction made by you so that we will be satisfied.

    It is surprise to see our money lost on the way. Friends any comments please.



    Like to comment here. But what to comment. I am confused…thoroughly confused. Mr. Loyal, I believe some good will come if you be specific. May be one or two accountants would have caused this irregularities, but you have mentioned as if all accountants across Bhutan are involved.

    Teachers are known for clarity, but going by your sentences i got different impression.


    Mr. Loyal

    Hi seismic thanks for your concern. You know am from Punakha, obviously talking about the same dzongkhag. But I think it is the same with other dzongkhags as well.



    Mr/mrs Loyal . you know the value of money rite?SO who owes the laptopS/desktops ,when sb deduct ur money u got shocked but u dint get shock wen u receive laptops and desktop . If some body didn’t know /deduct about it .people like u will think that its my”KHAPSANG”.LOYAL you might be not knowing about the job and responsibilities of account .for ur information acount’s job is to deduct, add, according to the supporting documents and CRYSTAL CLEAR AUTHORITIES/orders FROM THE CONCERN SECTORS AND MINISTRIES ” , NOT to teach in the class by caring one stick, about to” do and die “without any concern about others .

    Its not that company /acct cannot deduct for the civil servant getting dry salary . You think that company can favor you?

    Plz dont get shock/suprise,your money is not lost on the way ,your money went to Thimphu to clear YOUR CREDITS which last for sooooooo long upon giving so many reminders and warning. mind it its not your khapsang .NOW You have to bear with interest rite?
    FOR YOUR INFORMATION. please visit DEO’S office and Ministries (empowering teacher procurement officer )and if i am not mistaken DEOs have remind u many times .



    If i am not wrong….the deduction made against the supply of laptop/desktop cannot be of 13 months….it shud be either 12months or 24 months. If u(mr. Loyal) r sure that the deduction has been made for 13 months…then….i suggest u to get payslip from the time the deduction began to the time when the duduction is stopped…..u gonna get refund…datz for sure….

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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