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ATTENTION ECB: DPT campaigning on social media

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    DPT camp posting posters on Facebook that are “CAMPAIGN MATERIALS” – with slogans that read: I WILL VOTE FOR THAT ONE! WOW, My party, My leader!. May be ECB’s social media policing needs to be strengthened! Let the Formal Campaign begin when it should!



    wake up DPT, what abt the banned on import of Vechile……..n loans for buliding. i think now its high time for the DPT govt to look into this matter for the benefit of thier VOTEs in 2013 election…



    Dirty parties will do anything to win. they wont mind principles and rules! So ECB pl be alert.



    DPT is the strongest party right now, then y this madness? Is dpt scared? Must be coz dpt could lose in the pry round. there is so much negative opinion abt dpt, chances r, dpt may in fact be blown out in the pry round! god save dpt! Bt God isn’t there.


    Rigzin K

    If DPT is campaigning on social media than all other parties are also campaigning on social media. Why only victimize DPT?



    Is DPT really doing that? ECB must do something immediately then. make DPT take those posters out and if other parties r doing the same, they shouldn;t be allowed either. The fair application of rule of law, right?


    Teacher to be

    Is that person who is bring such topic on this forum looks into ground reality. I don’t think so. Reason is simple. Not only DPT but other parties too. Be sensitive. I am using one of the social media and i see parties name on my wall but i just ignore. I would say don’t bother about someone. I am neither supporter of any parties nor apolitical. It is better one wipe off your own dust from the head than seeing dust on some’s head.
    Such simple issue will lead to community division, i feel. Respect the philosophies of democracy and do what is deemed by the law of the land.
    Politicians are all same. They are human too. Only thing is they form different parties with different ideologies, after all their main intention is to serve the country by forming government. When we point finger on someone, we have to realise that three fingers are pointing towards us.
    Thank you, others can also share your views la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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