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    The academic performance result of class X of Samdrup Jongkhar Middle Secondary School in the year 2015 was seemed to be very very poor. Only 32.% of class X students had qualified to class XI.

    Therefore, we the parents & residents of Samdrup Jongkhar are humbly requesting the TEO, Principal, Vice Principals & Teachers to kindly improve the academic performance especially Class X from this year.



    Dear Author,

    I sympathize with your concern. As residents and as parents, it is obvious that one will worry about one’s child or children. Now-a-days, if our children do not qualify for admission in class XI, parents have to shoulder big responsibility of sending children either to private schools or abroad, preferably India. Sending children to private schools or India do not come as we say. It means huge expenditure, and for some it may even cost their life time savings. Big burden indeed!

    However, teachers alone cannot improve students’ academic performance. Parents too have equal role to play in the improvement of students’ academic performance. Asking teachers to bring improvement, I believe, may have been recorded by teachers of SJMSS. Together, I have become anxious to know what parents are doing to make their children study at home after school hours and during weekends. I am afraid, your expectation may not be met, if you let your children enjoy excess freedom at home, to the extend that you do not even ask your child whether he has any homework or see whether s/he opens a book.

    Join hands with teachers to educate your children. Let teacher teach in school, you teach at home. Wish you best of luck in providing the best of education to your children.



    During the teachers & parents 1st meeting in the year 2015, the principals, vice principals & teachers had proudly explained & said to parents that the academic performance results of class X would be improved dramatically as the SMSS had became Autonomy. But we the parents & residents of Samdrup Jongkhar were not happy with the academic result of class X as the students had performed very poorly.



    The academic performance result of class X of Samdrup Jongkhar Middle Secondary School for the year 2015 was ranked one of the lowest at the bottom list among the Middle Secondary Schools in Bhutan.

    The academic performance of class X of SJMSS needs to be improved from henceforth (2016).



    The academic performance result of class X of SJMSS seems to be very poor, there is no improvement so far even in School as Autonomy.
    Anyone controlling & heading school should be farsighted and helpful to society, and must strive to help & support the students especially for building academic performance of students.



    The teachers of SJMSS used to give lot of home works to class X students. Teachers thought that to give important notes to students is like a spoon feeding, so that the teachers suggested the students should learn more by doing home works compared to time spent on studies.



    We the parents are very appreciated to teachers for conducting the weekly test on every Tuesday. The marks obtained in weekly test, home works & other assignment are being added to CA (continuous Assignment). The total CA marks in Mid Term Examination is 15. It is very sad to notice that the two of the evil minded English & Dzongkha teachers had awarded very low marks to students . If the students are neglecting the home works & not performing well in class, the concerned subject teachers should informed the parents in writing or phoned them. It is unfaithful for English & Dzongkha teachers to punish the students by awarding low marks in CA despite the students had obtained pass marks in weekly test.


    I am supporting the suggestion being raised by Rightpath as the writer had rightly pointed out.

    Most of our people were humbly respecting the valuable teachers for their great noble work but we have also came across the cruel, evil minded short tempered teachers who seems to be bother less & trying to spoil the academic performance of students by awarding very low marks in CA as the subject teacher had full authority to do so. If the student is disobedient & not submitting the home works in time, the concerned subject teacher should either report to parents or counselor for guidance instead of awarding very low marks in CA.



    Why are the teachers differentiating while awarding CA marks to students? Is it totally depends on teachers; they have full authority to do so. The English Teacher had awarded very low CA marks to his students but whereas the English subject teachers of class VIII in other section had awarded very good CA marks.

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