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    Drukpa Pelden

    Hellow, MOIC

    General public of jomotshangkha, samdrup jongkhar were very happy with the news that they are going to install 3g internet facility in an area of jomtshangkha. They said their target is to finish installing 3g by june 2016. The budget was also allocated and they even procured the things for 3g in jomotshangkha, but the management of bhutan telecom in thimphu diverted the things to thimphu which was supposed to be installed in jomotshangkha in spite of thimphu having a good 3g and 4G coverage already. they said that they will be in loss if they provide 3G in jomotshangkha. But in reality here are are alomost 1000 population and most of them are using indian network airtel 3G.

    so we feel we are been neglected, not given the justice and equality.

    The mission for covering better internet facility allover the Bhutan is felt just a bull shit.

    But recently they are installiing few number wifi in a jomotshangkha town and some other places. very thankful for installing wifi, but wifi does cover the whole area of jomotshangkha. it is just going to work near by it and we always dont have time to go near by.

    Therfore, this is our request for immediate attention by the relevant ministry, relevent department and relevent sectors to please look into possibility of installing 3G/4G network. Never forget that We are also one part of Bhutan, a county Bhutan where a developmental activities are driven a philosophy of gross national happiness.

    By poor citizen. wriiten for the benefit of people of jomotshangkha and a country as a whole.


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