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    Past years students(class-12) seeking admission for collages or institutes facing lots of problems. we are not aware to register under RUB too early before the result for class 12 was out. we thought that registration will be done only after the declaration of result. we all was waiting for last one year and hope for this year, we the remote students are not aware that registration will be done early. we expect for renouncement through BBS where kuensel were not available. This problem has been faced by more than 100 students. Many student they request to RUB for late registration and they all send back with hopeless. For the benefit for more than 100 students if RUB could extend the date of registration. That kind of rules and regulation made the students to felt hopeless n start to do unexceptionable manner. This is for the benefit of many students as well as parents. Hope Vice chancellor will look in to mater.



    It was very sad to notice that the same year Commerce passed out students of 2010 who obtained less marks & not even got chance to study as self funding in 2011 has got chance as full scholarship in GCOBS in 2012 while registered again but whereas students scored high marks & not selected full scholarship by 1 mark has to pay high amount of tuition fees to RUB. Why are such funny things happening in RUB?



    RUB & DAHE had differentiate so may gap between luckily got full scholarship & students not selected full scholarship by 1 mark. Due to 1 mark the students has to pay high amount of tuition fees to RUB.



    Vice Chancellor ,Royal University of Bhutan should also discussed with students in details & try to solve the problems and just RUB shouldn’t stay silent just by giving Dean’s and Director’s allowance to please them, expecting them to work further. Just get out of Mindfulness box and do something beneficial to the society and RUB colleges.



    There seems to be a real problems being faced by the students of GCOBS, So RUB should looked in to the matter seriously for the welfare of the students.



    People working in Royal University of Bhutan are really confused, ever year they used to change full scholarship rules & regulation. They follow rules in one side of the coin, so, RUB failed to maintain equity & Justices to our first batch private self funding students.



    To develop our country all the citizens should have quality and higher education. The Government should encourage the students who had not selected full scholarship by 1 or 2 marks to take higher education in RUB colleges by giving reasonable tuition fees at least discount by 10,000.00 per year.



    On line system of selection of private self funding studies in RUB colleges is better than requesting the merit students through telephone & mobile calls which were begged by RUB colleges in past years.



    What will be the case, if the Private Self Funding student stood first position in annual examination? Will they get full scholarship for that particular year or still being considered as private self funding?

    RUB & DAHE please comments .



    Dear ZangkeDi, I don’t think that the Private Self Funding student would stood first position in annual examination?



    In Sherubtse College, Kanglung the political science 2nd year private Self funding student stood first position in annual examination by scoring above 75% marks.



    Congratulation: RUB will be going to sponsor you as half scholarship only for this academic year 2013.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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