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    The few Managers, Site Engineers and Supervisors of Bhutan Power Corporation Limited who were executing & looking after the Departmental works are seem to be corrupted. They often used to claim fake cash memos, fake purchase bills & also they are habits of making some extra amount from muster roll labors for personal gains.



    The Managers, Site Engineers & Supervisors etc of BPC who are corrupted by claiming false bills for personal gains are against the philosophy of our Gross National Happiness.
    As they are being paid salary & TADA monthly by company, they should perform their duties sincerely & also maintains account transparently for the benefits & welfare of the company, people & country as a whole.



    Rightpath and Graciously,

    You both have come to wrong place. Correct place for such complaints is



    I fully support the author for highlighting the suggestion in the forum.

    Yes, I have noticed that the managers, Site Engineers & supervisors of Bhutan Power Corporation had jointly corrupted by making some fake (extra) amount in muster roll payment & embezzled company money for personal gains. Now it is the high time for the management of BPC to stop the corrupt practices of site incomes.



    In order to stop the corrupt practices of making fake amount (Extra) in muster roll payment by site engineers, Managers & Supervisors.

    It is better for the Management of Bhutan Power Corporation Ltd to award the Departmental works to contractors



    There is no room for corrupted people. Everyone should be penalized if they violate the laws of Bhutan.

    So, BPC officers to be very careful while executing & carrying out the Departmental works, better to be transparent & clean, otherwise you will be terminated from Service without retirement benefits.



    There are lots of pity contractors without works at hand. We the small contractors will be grateful, if the Management of Bhutan Power Corporation Limited is kind enough to awards their Departmental Works to contractors like Rural Electrification Works.



    If the Departmental works is awarded to the contractors through tender, the expenditures on maintenance & capital works will be reduced automatically.
    TADA & POL expenses will be reduced & more over the managers, site Engineers & Supervisors will be getting less chance to embezzle BPC budget.



    The Management of Bhutan Power Corporation Limited is very kind enough to provide uniforms to Technical staff but we have noticed that the technical staff working in BPC, Samdrup Jongkhar are not wearing uniform during office hours. They used to wear casual dress which is not good to look especially officers.



    The DHI is planning to establish Right to Information (RTI) system in order to stop corruption in autonomous corporate companies under DHI.



    Especially supervisors & field Line Mans of Customers Services Division, BPC, S/Jpngkhar are often seen in formal dress. Uniforms are provided by BPC for free of cost, they should wear uniforms during office working hours, if it is continue our tradition & culture will be lost.



    Good Observation!!! ” Jam Gongdu Bewda, Japey Awbu tsa”. So, do not try to bring down the fame of big company of Bhutan. Instead give some suggestion how to improve the reliability of power supply.

    Pelden Drukpa!!!

    Gyelo x 100000……00



    I agree with author. I am a engineer by profession and I have been visiting Samdrupjongkhar quite often during the past six months due to some official duty.
    The work for the high voltage under ground cable line is going on and I have observed the following lapses.

    Most of the time ,the engineer/technical supervisor are not seen at the work site.

    The trenches are not as per sizes/ specifications.

    The laying of sand cushion(prevent cable from damage by rocks/stones) before the laying of heavy cable is missing.I did not see sand(fine sand) even nearby work site.

    The RCC slap/flat stone , to cover the cable to prevent from out side force is hardly used,I mean refilling is being done with ordinary soil/mud only .. Of course…. ………………………… can see precast RCC slap made on wire mesh, at the work place but.. it is understood that it is for eye wash only at the time of checking.

    Note : The laying of high voltage under ground cable without proper technical supervision and technical
    requirements is prone to fatal accident in future. Therefore, concerned authorities and Thrompon
    office need to wake up.



    During 2012 DYT meeting, the Dzongkhag Administration, Samdrup Jongkhar had instructed and warned corporate offices especially BPC, Customer Services Division to be in national dress during office hours but it was very disappointed to notice that some of the technical staff are still wearing casual dress during office hours.
    Management of BPC had provided uniforms free of cost to technical staff in order to wear in office hours while carrying out emergency works.


    It is every one’s responsibility to keep our culture & Tradition alive. It is the must to be in Driglam Namza during office hours. The foreign volunteers working in our country were happy to wear our national dress but why the staffs working in customer Services Division, BPC, Samdrup Jongkhar are not wearing uniforms during office hours.



    Many started complaining about BPC,ESD Samdrup Jongkhar, too many complains, it indicates that the BPC Customer Service Division of Samdrup Jongkhar is working hard. (Not working, no complain)(Working hard, more complain). All the Best Customer Service Division, Samdrup Jongkhar. See one day your Hard working will be rewarded.



    Especially in summer , it is very much difficult to wear Gho & Kira ( national dress ) in Samdrup Jongkhar due to hot.



    The Site Engineers, Manager & Supervisors who are carrying out Departmental works are working hard but also they are still habit of making some extra amount in Muster Roll for personal gains.



    There seems to have some real corrupted practices in BPC being corrupted by site Engineers, Managers & supervisors of ESDs , so that management intervention is very much needed.



    YesorNo has rightly pointed out. The corruption is still going on in BPC in construction site by site engineers, Supervisors & Managers for claiming extra amount in Muster Rolls for personal gains. The management of BPC should find out the solution how to stop the corrupt practices.



    If the Departmental works of BPC is awarded to contractor, then TADA & POL expenses will be reduced & more over the managers, site Engineers & Supervisors will be getting less chance to embezzle BPC budget.



    Yes, it is much better for BPC, if the Departmental Works is awarded to contractors. BPC can save atleast 10% of the expenditure.



    It is not possible to award the small works to contractors but the management of Bhutan Power Corporation Ltd should instruct the managers of ESDs to form the payment committee while disbursing labor payment in order to stop the corrupt practices.



    Man caught at Wrong Job are writing against……. If you feel you are right, please call upon ACC for the investigation. we will welcome your move for the further prosecution.



    Circular /notification had been issued by Secretary of Public Works Department vide reference letter no. PWD/97-98/2803 dated 18-12-1997 to all the Government offices & corporate offices especially for Departmental works being carried out by Department should be made joint payment to Muster Roll labors duly signed by the payment committee.
    Government offices / corporate offices are still following the content of the notification but why only BPC failed to follow the orders of the Government.

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