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Battle for the National Assembly Seat

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    Dalim Koti

    I have been observing the debates in the BBS TV for the second time. It is good to educate the public on the potential of the political candidates and parties.

    The debate besides knowing the manifestoes of the partieis also reveals the peronality of the party presidents and pary candidates. Some of the party presidents sound immature in their thinking.

    I will definitely not vote a party which is radical and ideology driven, the one that is likely to divide the families and societies.

    Ofcourse past performance and ethics is important. Maturity has to be there among the candidates. Amateur politicians can not make good policies and therefore country and people will suffer ultimately.

    Some party presidents are talking from the sky with no concrete proposals till date. What the pary will do important but how are they going to do is more important. Therefore, next debate must be on the how?

    How the employment will be created? How the rupee crisis will be solved? How the salary will be increaed? How the poverty will be addressed from this to that %? How the rural-urban migration will be addressed?
    We need concrete proposals.

    Politicians, please do the needful. Some political parties think that politics will provide their candidates with the jobs. Sorry, if you are thinking like that. Politics is not joke. We will not give chance to pilot the plane or drive the bus if you are not good pilot or a driver; lest we will not sink due to our own foolishness



    DNT wants to completely change Bhutan. Do we like too many changes? DCT wants the youths to rule the nation. What are the roles of experienced senior citizens? PDP wants to bring banks and oil distribution centers to the geog? Will the BNB and BOB Bhutan Oil Distributers have the capacity to meet the requirement? Are the parties being realistic or just trying to win votes?



    The debate must focus on how the parties can address national concerns such as earning Rupee, solving growing unemployment of literate youth, save Bhutan’s rich biodiversity and its environment, slow or stop rural -urban migration, practice democratic principles in all sections of Bhutanese society, especially the RCSC’s recruitment system, appointment system, professionalizing civil servants, up gradations, promotion to higher positions (dzongda, secretary, constitutional posts and nomination to NC). I do hope the parties, especially the new ones and the PDP will stop DPT could not do well.



    @predictor, so u mean DNT, PDP, DCT are not a good choice? In my opinion, DPT ruling for past 5 years has put us in difficult economic situation despite few positive results? so what do you say about DPT?
    I am bit skeptical about the change but i would still go for DNT.

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