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BBS live streaming needed

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    What happened to BBS LIVE STREAMING. Before we were able to watch live streaming through online and not necessary to watch through tv. That way we could keep the news update from any part of the world.

    Therefore the BBS should restore BBS LIVE STREAMING for the benefit of public



    I support the author. Not only the BBS live streaming, we cannot listen to the BBS on-line radio most of the time. There are many Bhutanese living abroad mostly students and we would appreciate if BBS could do something sooner so that we can keep updates on our country.



    Yadi under Mongar din’t have BBS for the past few months. I am going mad in wanting to listen to BBS musics. BBS MD please Telephone your Engineer at Kanglung station today itself. I want to pass my message to my parents back hom today evening.

    I am badly in need please leave a reply as to when you will be able to restore and what has happend to the BBS.



    I also support all the authors. All the channels in other countries have live streaming. The only national broadcaster BBS should revive the LIVE STREAMING. Hope to see it soon.



    I am just thinking whether BBS has any vision or mission for their existence. Public have been requesting for the live streaming for months and they do not care to reply forget about responding to the needs of the public. I surely doubt they are guided by any vision, they do what comes in their way and viewers interest are in the back seat. I remember their song( performed during coronation-Druggi jandra laezin B- B-S…) lyrics of which describe who they are and what they do and intend to do but now I just realized that it is just a lyrics and nothing more than that. they do not mean what they sang. anyway i still love that song!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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