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BBS persuasion on Rape Case in India

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    Recently there is a huge movement in India against rape of girls in India. The government of India, politicians and Police are already working towards combating and responding to the movement. They have already acknowledged the existence of the problem.

    To add fuel over fire, on 27th Dec 2012, I felt it was unnecessary for BBS  trying to pursue the molestation of Bhutanese girls further to the local authorities like those Indian news channels when the Bhutanese girls have already been given assurance by the DCP of Bangalore that if they faced any problem, they could call him directly. I am not against reporting the story by the way. I thought there was absolutely no need to take the matter further as she said she will. The girls said they felt safe after the DCP’s assurance. Sometimes I feel our BBS is trying to act like Indian news channels who are extremely cynical in the name of trying to make better world. Just my thought.



    ….its is gud to know your place and see the situation before taking any action,,,..so i thing it wasnt very ethical for bringing such matter…while the situation at india was already disturbing…

    my opinion..



    sorry but i had to disagree here cos this piece of news confirmed me that India isn’t safe anymore and even after such tragic incidents Indian people still isn’t serious about it…raping molesting still continuing …this

    and yup this did help me cos i gotta inform my sisters out there in India to be more careful.



    Like I said being vigilant and informed is necessary. We all know India isnt safe for women. But I thought there was no need for the only Bhutanese news channel to act like an investigator when the Bhutanese girls already was assured of safety by the DCP. BBS wanted to inquire the local authority further about their safety.
    I am definitely not undermining the security issue in India for girls but I thought the BBS could have just reported the news.



    Good deeds, BBS. Good concerns for our people and good report about the situations in the neighbourhood for informing the mass.
    Hope India will hang the rapists in the public and give peace to millions feeling unsafe due to protection of criminals! It will raise the morale of the great neighbour.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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