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    Be careful guardians/parents as there are some inexperienced and egotist GNMs joined district hospitals after studying from India. Some of them are so careless and inexperienced to carry out their responsibilities especially conducting delivery cases and cut injuries. Last week I almost lost my sister due to excessive bleeding after delivery as the concerned GNM did not conduct the delivery case properly. Concerned staff could have asked for helping hand from experienced co-workers but not done so due to ego problem.



    It is disheartening to see such incidences in the Government Hospitals. Apart from this, there are few medical officers in the consultancy rooms, always scolding patients and giving orders with sharp tones rather than trying to understand what could be the nature of complain. The cellphone beeps every now and then receiving messages from WeChat and responding to the weChat friends even while examining the patients. Such responses and behaviors of the doctors in the consultancy rooms strongly discourages our Bhutanese patients to visit Hospitals and sort to visiting medical Shops in Jaigoan where strong Drugs are given for immediate relief.
    So in the long run, so called multi Drug resistant problems will shoot up in our kingdom and Ministry will have to invest huge amount on those patients which could be invested in developing infrastructure facilities in the Hospitals across the country. Therefore i for one feels such small deeds may not concern the authorities but have a greater implication in the economy of the country. No hard feeling to anybody but just my opinion if you may agree.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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