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    Dear Principal Dungkar PS,
    we would like to request you to kindly monitor teachers who are actively engaged in beating our innocent children.Some and particularly one teacher,He is very much active in using Coporal punishment.I know its ur responsibility to monitor ur teachers.We are not worried about dragging this teacher to the court.

    Lets this be our final and last reminder.Further,if our children are vicitmised then we will surely drag this one teacher to the court and every one know the degree of felony falls.

    Thanks and teache our children with human heart,not with animal heart.




    I really like the way author has put “IF A CHILD DON’T LEARN THE WAY U TEACH,TEACH THE WAY THEY LEARNS” becoz I am a supporter of no corporal punishment. Some of the teachers are still barbarian, wild and we are afraid that our kids will be learning to be such in another generation. Why can’t MoE look into this? It seems schools have misunderstood Zero tolerance policy which does not mean hitting the kids.



    Why dont you mess up little with school’s administration first, go in a group. they may have some good reasons too. Teachers or anyone wouldnt beat anybody without a reason. There is always laws for it. best of luck with your case. system must change; the way parents think must change and the way society looks at teachers must change, and of all, the ethics of the teachers must be bounded, to the need of school, children, etc, not his own self sadistic beliefs.




    just as easily you wrote down your words do you really think being a teacher is that easy if yes than why are you not in that profession oh yes how could i forget you are just too qualified to become a teacher.

    if you complaining guys could just think for 5 seconds what it is to be in the shoes of a teacher……………………. you just cannot describe it………….

    maybe that teacher really is very active in using corporal punishment but is that teacher really active in using or is your child really provoking him in using corporal punishment.

    I am a mother of 2 children and sometimes they really drive me up the walls and at that time i think about the teachers who has to face 30-35 students in a class every 45 minutes……..and then i think about you all so called complaining parents who has had some grudge on their teachers during their school time and is now pouring it over their kids teacher if all of you are having so much problem with the teachers than sit back home and give your kids home schooling our government will have less problem in trying to provide teachers in schools to educate your kids.

    why doesn’t anybody say anything about the corporal punishment used inside the four walls of a house, nobody questions them just because they are the parents/guardians but…………..if corporal punishment is used in school than these so called parents/guardians talk about dragging in the court ALL TEACHERS SHOULD GO ON STRIKE COME ON ITS DEMOCRACY YOU HAVE YOUR RIGHTS



    yea very very easy to say “DRAGGING THE TEACHERS TO THE COURT” but think deeply if the teachers doesn’t care our kids in the school who will be the loser? we,we will be the loser.@ simleonly= you wrote what? did u realized what u wrote?

    just go back to Forum and see once again. you might ve heard from some one that ur relatives kids is being punished in the school and u just simply wrote ever u thought ya? but u know what is the main reasons? no u may not ve detail knowledge of what exactly had happened to ur kids na?

    but i think there should be few reasons why he/she punished ur kids. u make ur kids to do the right work at right place and right time who will say? you know by this notice what we can say and zone ur kids to? ur kids is naughty and no good guidance from parents side. and you are telling simply taking teachers to the COURT.

    actually teachers are doing their good jobs, guiding in proper way to the wise man/women for future to come.

    i would like to support casey! yea Madam what u said is right, we face lots of difficult to handle our own kids at home,why not handling others kids in mast. but what so ever it is,they are guiding our kids to the right path i believe.

    if u think that they are wrong, what is the right path and way to do it? Just writing IF A CHILD DON’T LEARN THE WAY U TEACH,TEACH THE WAY THEY LEARNS. is not enough dude! tell the procedures to deal with the small kids.

    by telling this what u want to prove? you want to prove that u are with Human heart? no a very BIG NO. you are with animal heart that i should say. coz’ u are spoiling ur own future as well as the future of generations to come. what will happened if they punished a bit, they will come to the right path. if i were you i could ve listen to my child with one ear and released with another one. by reading ur text online they will come to know that ur kids needs freedom and will keep free. what will happened to ur kids? DARGO!! not useful to Nation neither to our own life.



    Dear author and the supporter

    Now system is totally change. During our forefather time, government has to force/beg parent to admit the child and now it is time or right or change for parent to beg the government for child admission. Therefore in ur case it is very easy. Not need to blame the teacher or the school, u just keep ur child out of school, no body will force or punish u. may be ur child might get better care at home. Otherwise study ur child’s behavour before blaming other.



    Casey has pointed out right. You know parents they have a difficulty in managing their few kids at home, how could they expect teachers to do so at school with all those kids. ” The unbeaten brat will remain unlearned”.

    If you want such a environment, I would suggest you either you sent your naughty kids to private schools or Give them home schooling.



    Dear casey, first of all you don’t have qualities to be a teacher, you hate kids and have no patience to deal with them, secondly its not about parent-teacher grudge, no not grudge at all sound silly, thirdly hitting and beating anyone whatsoever is a crime. Its good that Bhutan is developing very fast, including parenting and child right, accordingly its time for us to raise our children with advanced system, thinking, approaches etc. While we the parents are trying hard to give them values specially to be polite, kind, passion, respect, the teachers should also support this. Beating and hitting using harsh words are all barbarian and stone age system. Please remember like the author said, we don’t mind to drag those who hit to the court. Finally you are in the wrong profession, please get transfer to the non-teaching post, teachers like you are a great threat to our children.



    Dear all,let me firstly thank you all for expressing your own positive concern.Thank you once again.

    Secondly,I am very sorry for raising and defaming other teachers.My intention was only to one single teacher.Once again sorry to all the good teachers who are hurt.


    The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. ~William Arthur Ward

    Don’t try to fix the students, fix ourselves first. The good teacher makes the poor student good and the good student superior. When our students fail, we, as teachers, too, have failed. ~Marva Collins

    With this please understnad that I am a learned parents-otherwise,I could have been in the court seeking justice.But I didn’t do this thinking that a teacher will have to bear the cost of unprofessionalism.

    Mr. casey,I know that you are also very active in beating kids.Please control your self and find other alternatives.This is not a case,just sharing concern only.You too please be careful.My earnest request.

    Lastly,Thanks to all the teachers,but not the one who treats his students as enemies.

    As saying- la magay laptsa bhu and Loong magay longpay bhu.There is still chance to be ethical and professional teacher.


    No matter what, when and how a child is.Teacher have no right to use physical force.Rather,children are children.Their heart could be moulded if we give time.Rather going to the last resort.Punishment should be the last resort,thats also for students who are very very naughty.

    Don’t beat the children just for not being able to say the right answers.Who knows,teachers himself might have asked the wrong question in correct way.I too support teachers who punishes children who are naughty and disobedient. But not those teachers who simply punishes children who are weak in studies.
    Please remember that we have eight different multiple intellegence.



    To spare the cane and spoil the child policy adopted by our Education system, is indeed a blunder, yes it’s perfectly true that it works in the West, only because they follow a well-developed Education plan, They have done away with examination pattern, and follow assignment based study method, where a student is required to submit a number of assigned curriculum to the teacher in order to get to the next level, Therefore, it minimize the use of any form of punishment and the teacher is still in command, when a School follows the two examination method to get to the next level, a Teacher cannot be in total command of a student if some authority of punishment has been taken away from him. Most teachers do a job without any self-dedication resulting in poor performance of individuals.
    May be we need to fully understand the concept in our own context and act accordingly..



    Do you know what is empathy? You try to be in the shoes of teachers, I hope within few days of the work you will say to drop from the job of teachers. Do not blame too much to the teacher that they have brought ur life at this stage.
    If the taechers you have learnt under have not adopt the corporal punishment, right now you must have land in nowhere like stray dogs.
    So as being a human please have sense of graitude towards your helpers. Dont let your heart to turn to stone.




    my hats off to all the teachers, and parents to for being bold enough to warn the teachers, I wonder who is at fault actually but in the long run one can easily see what’s going to happen next we might face teacher shortage and wild children with their wild parents I guess”



    Whatever it is, I feel what teacher does is for students only. Teacher, in question might not have beaten any student for his own gain. It is only with human heart, teacher tries to correct students. If teachers do not have human heart then he may not bother what child does or where he goes.

    Many, I am not telling all, students into drugs, substances, illegal acts and many more in conflict with laws of our kingdom are the end results of parents objecting to teachers disciplining students. A person like “author who brought this topic for discussion” must understand this. There will be reasons behind beating. If that teacher is asked, he or she may have their reasons.

    An appeal to that teacher in question not to beat the child of an author. Let him or her be in the hands of fate. Let fate decide a course of life for that child. I got hurt when you are charged for the good work you are doing.



    My dear fellow teachers, it is wastage of time to argue and convince our educated parents. Neither of the solutions and evidences we provide are justifiable to parents who dearly cares their children.
    The fact is whatever action we (teachers) take against any students is in the best interest and welfare of their future. Such intention is never realized by our parents, especially educated lot. No teachers, unless unintentionally, may resort in dealing students that might affect their health and well being.
    I would like to share (whether parents like it or not) my practices and observations about such issue. I had couple of experiences on corporal punishment being a teacher for last seven years. Teachers usually don’t punish while teaching and learning. The main issue of punishment occurs in relation to discipline and behavior of the students. Frankly speaking, I too, sometimes, with positive and optimistic intention to bring positive change in behavior and discipline of my students (as last resort after counselling and other means) may/have used so called corporal punishment. Fortunately, my students’ parents never complaint and I am confident they will not because they were/are aware of the behavior of their children (being parents). They want their children to be well disciplined and worthy human.
    But with couple of issues and tensions between teachers and parents, some even in court, I decided and withdrawn my own principle of disciplining my innocent in-disciplined students. I know I am not performing one of my mandate but what to do, some of the parents don’t want their children to be disciplined. Who knows I might become victim, if I continue.
    Therefore, I would recommend my fellow poor teachers to teach and complete your syllabus. Make your students understand and fulfill your objective of teaching and learning. Forget about discipline. Parents will deal in the WAY THEY AND THEIR CHILDREN DESIRE. If we follow such, parents will be happy because they get opportunity to discipline their children; teachers are happy because parents will not complain and we don’t have to read all this bullshits disturbing our mentality and dooming our noble profession.



    We are fortunate enough to be breathing in a country where the golden Throne had bestowed us with unwavering love, care and support. The golden philosophy from the golden throne brought about many positive changes in the perception of mankind across the globe. We are proud to be a Bhutanese and even prouder to be a nation where GNH is our guiding philosophy. 20th March, 2013 was celebrated worldwide as an “INTERNATIONAL HAPPINESS DAY’’ and this day will be marked till human beings extinct from this beautiful planet.
    Gone were the days where physical forces were prevalent and very much favored. Physical force can never solve a problem and bring forth positive changes in the society. It rather accelerates the problem and brings about never ending societal conflict, tension, unrest… We are living in this modern age where people are sensitive and we need to solve the problem through various strategies than resorting to physical forces. It is against the Constitution of Bhutan, policy of the Ministry of Education and UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Article 19 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child requires States to protect children from “all forms of physical or mental violence” while in the care of parents or others. The Committee on the Rights of the Child has consistently interpreted the Convention as requiring States to protect children from all corporal punishment and has recommended that prohibition should be accompanied by public education to promote positive discipline.
    I am an Educator and even I feel that corporal punishment should now become a history. There are eyes and ears every where and we should not invite trouble. Do your best to handle situations and if at all you can not bring changes in the learners than it is not your fault and it is not the student’s fault. But the concern parents need to find solution to the problem as they are your flesh and blood. My earnest request to all the parents is that please create conducive environment for your children back home and always find time for them. Nurture and groom your children well so that they will make you and the nation proud.
    Children in schools are our clients and we should treat them with respect, love, care and affection. My fellow educators let us all work together and end this matter now before it is too late.
    Palden Drukpa Choley Nampar Gey!!!!!!!!!!



    Thanks Zalapey thats a great peace of mind and a reminder for all the teachers and a Big Compromise from the MoE. I am one of the teachers who have worked in one of the Pre-Primary schools in USA for a year. Having worked there and knowing how children should be handled I really feel pity to the Bhutanese children and find myself in mess when teachers themselves support corporal punishments with harsh language and gestures. There is a long way to go for our teaching colleges to develop our teachers with passion and true profession of handling school children. Probably I feel the blame not to go to the present teachers but the training modules who trained the teachers. All these things must be incorporated into the training syllabus or we will continue to see the frustrated teachers who do not know how to handle the children without physical force.



    Dear Simpleonly,
    i agree with u…conditions r same at Wamrong LSS. Teachers especially those teaching lower class students r doing the same thing…if complained then the particular child is either neglected or failed if is he/she is academically poor…

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