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Bosses rush for out-country meeting, avoid in-country one

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    It is interesting to note that many bosses attend the out-country meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences one after another, whether relevant or not. Some bosses would have travelled more than 10 times a year. But, when it comes to important meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences within the country, these bosses would find excusess and send their representatives. These representatives are the subordinates and officers. These leads to so many drawbacks.

    1. The out-country travel is not evenly distributed, it kills motivation of the officers

    2. The in-country meetings attended by the officers on behalf of their bosses often results in them not being able to make decisions for the organization

    3. These officers are usually forced to use their ownn cars, uses their own fuels and put pressure on their income

    This is not healthy development. Something must be done in the system. RCSC musk wake up on this issue. Why are the bosses not available for in-country meetings, which are more important and why are they so punctual in ex-country events, when these may sometime be not so important?



    yes RCSC has done something for this by implementing 6 months gap if one goes for “training” only, so not only bosses but any officers are allowed to go as many as they like in the name of conference, meeting, institutional visits provided they have budget



    Money counts more than the” loyalty and sincerity “towards the services rendered for most of the people. why visit all those polluted and war zone,when we live in a peaceful and pollution free country. i feel that i am blessed for not getting opportunities to visit out countries. i love my country and can learn a lot in our own peaceful country.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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