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can GNH shape it how we want?

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    just me

    The future we want: can GNH shape it?

    I was watching the show brought by the BBS on the above mentioned topic. I found it very interesting discussion. Not only this, I have been always enjoying those kinds of genres brought by the BBS. I, as one of the citizens of Bhutan, am worried about the kind of future we are going to face. Therefore, I am very grateful to the producer and looking forward to such similar topics that would make our people reflect back and think forward on the future of Bhutan through the development philosophy of GNH. It is said, “Theory not practiced is philosophy; and theory practiced is meditation.” Who will achieve Buddha hood- a philosopher or a Gomchen?
    The GNH means Gross National Happiness. No other variations than this full form. Accept it because that was, is and will be for all the three times. But who is grossly happy? Who is totally happy-without any deductions? Is there any? If so, please share in this forum how to live grossly happy in this land called-Shangrila.
    The state of being happy in the mind of a person has no intrinsic entity by itself. Its state of being in the mind of a person in its empty form exists only when as long as factors are available without any obstacles by other agents. Then what are those factors? GNH office has many factors and pointers. Are those factors available equally to every citizen of Bhutan to result equal state of happiness to make it gross? Otherwise, happiness will blossom perfectly only to those Bhutanese where the factors are available without any obstacles. If a bar is barred, one will never get drink or drunk.
    In the pristine environment of Bhutan, we have different kinds of woods. Some are soft and others are hard. In the south we have Sal and Teak. In the north we have Jishing, and Tongphu. But the fact is some are allowed to build their houses even using Tsendenshing and Tagoshing, where as some people have to visit forest office repeatedly even for their soft firewood pass. Is it what the future we want and can GNH shape it further or otherwise?
    All over Bhutan where there are rivers, they have worked day and night to produce sand for every Bhutanese without considering any class or level. But when its practicality appears, it is not as the rivers have thought. Some can shovel out into the lorry from any banks of the rivers and for others it is restricted saying it is reserved for some one. Kurje Drupchu is found only near Kurje Lhkahng in Bumthang before the resonance of the GNH. But now Kurje Drubchu is available even at Phuntsholing. Where do we want the pour of Kurje Drubchu in the future? Can GNH shape it?
    Guru Rinpoche visited Bhutan and blessed different caves and places with his deep prayer to accomplish meditation for those people in the future if meditated. Our country is known around the world as the only Mahayana Buddhist Country. We ourselves also call it Choedhen Gyalkhab. Which one is Choedhen, the people of Bhutan or the places of Bhutan? If people are Choedhen, why are people not afraid of Lay-Ju-dre? If afraid-why corruption? (One example: the principle of Taktse middle secondary school, Sonam Rinchen ate the budget meant for football ground. He made students work for free to develop football ground. Not a cup of tea was given for their labor from that budget. More over Mr. Sonam Rinchen’s partial mind is doing partiality between the students who were there and the students who recently joined for class 12 from ILCS, Simtokha. Corporeal punishment is the guiding principle being practiced there.) Is it what the future we want and can GNH shape it?
    If the place is Choedhen, then why that Choedheness is disturbed? Just near to every one’s eyes is Tandin Ney. Where did those tshampas go who lived there producing plumes of sang-smoke in the morning? What construction is going on there now? Is it meditation centre for Choedhen people for doing retreat? I don’t know if GNH can shape it, the future we want? Not only in the capital, across the country, even the remotest villager’s Goenpa were made to dismantle and Choepa had to descend to the village for Drodon. Lay Buddhist practitioners have no proper place to do meditation. Everybody cannot be a monk to achieve Buddha hood and every monk cannot attain Buddha hood either. Whatever it is, it looks no proper and peaceful meditation place for a lay practitioner near blessed places of Guru Rinpoche and other Buddhist saints. But it says Bhutan is Choedhen Gyalkhab. Can GNH shape it, the future we want?
    In the country, we have suitable land for apple in the north, and orange and cardamom in the hot places. But the best part of the land where ever it is across the country has not left un-Thramed in their names. Those were done and gone like the epic of Geser of Ling. On the other hand some people who got kiduland are just hanging on the cliff wherein monkey could win a case if forwarded to the Supreme Court. But monkeys are not filing the case against those Zhisarpa. They thank monkeys very much.
    In the schools, young Bhutanese are learning how to read and write. But they graduate as lesser educated young Bhutanese than young Bhutanese growing in the villages. A graduate is harsher in the speech than a village innocent. The type of intelligence he carries is more crooked than a villager’s. In the court, Dasho Drangpons have cultivated their habit that way- ready to jump onto a person from his Thri with his Patang terrifying the person making his flow of points to vanish nowhere. The natural humility of a human being from the beginning less beginning is overtaken by his artificial information supported by his literacy degree. Is it the future we want? Can GNH shape it?
    Engineers know exact calculation because they were trained expenditure incurred by the government. Amongst all the topics they know more is about the Manipulation topic. Sand and Cement ratio and the quality of the iron etc. are the easiest topic for those dealing in construction. But they are using their perfect knowledge just imperfectly. If used perfectly, why bridge collapses just after completion, why retention walls crack after a week of completion, why black top gets thin very soon.
    Bhutanese students wanted to become engineers and doctors because our country wants it more. But, unfortunately, it seems there are no capable science teachers of our own. Be it professional in science studies, the credit goes to Bhutanese teachers who became science teachers that studied sciences from class seven onwards as separate subjects as Bio, Che, and Phy, and to those Indian teachers who really taught Math and science with full dedications. Now what is happening? Why many students are compelled to seek admission in Yangchenphu, Motithang, Punakha and other higher secondary schools leaving their own schools and expensively in Ugyen Academy. I think we should thank Dr. Pema Thinly and Dr.Jagar Dorji in volumes for integrating the sciences and making present science teachers at this stage. Therefore, Bhutanese should offer Kusung Thugten Mandal and Khandro Tenzhug to Dr. Pema Thinly for if he dies there is no one in Bhutan to take the post of VC. Even if earth rumbles and the stars clash, that is his post as VC. Despite being all phenomenons impermanent, he should remain permanent as VC. Oh! Allah please, help him stay ever permanent. Is it the future we want and can GNH shape it?
    Again there is a hue and cry for low English standards saying it has gone down. Could it be true? There should not be a problem now because Shakespeare-believed to be an obstacle for learning English by those English experts in Bhutan including H.E. Lyonpo Thakur, was removed from the English curriculum. It happened when Dr.Pema Thinly brought Canadian English consultancy from Canada to change the English curriculum. They agreed what curriculum officers said and finally uprooted Shakespearean English concluding it helps no language learning.
    Now who does not want to study in a school that has good teachers? All try but only a few get. For some it is said, not allowed by rules of regional cluster system. For others there is no rule applied. To like us not even a reply is spoken pretending very busy-starring at the computer. Is this GNH? Is it the future we want and can GNH shape. One funny thing is the admission rule of the Drugyal Hi School for the admission in class xi. The school principal is not giving the home students to study in class xi though they are qualified by the criteria of cut off point. The principal gave admission to students of 80% above even if those students came from other schools. Is it the school that falls under China, not under Bhutan? If it falls under the Ministry of education, Bhutan, why the school should be allowed to practice that kind of corrupted rules as they wish?
    As all parents wanted to shape their sons or daughters’ parents who hold post as directors, Dzongdags, Army Dashos etc. seek admission and were given by those schools that has good teachers. It is a clear cut corruption when education rule of regional cluster system is being manipulated by giving admission to those kinds of parents. But we are left to sigh Alas! Oh! Allah where are you when in need?
    Bhutan has become a democratic country. It gives opportunity to vote during the election time. But there is a daily freedom for our youth to keep their hair as they wish which is quite away from the way of Bhutanese should look. If “The language and Culture,” one of the pillars of GNH remains as philosophy, the children of these youth when become parents will surely groom their children as their ways with this kind of hair keeping and tattoos? Are we ready for this or can GNH shape it?
    Although Bhutan is a small country, now no one walks from Thimbu to Punakha. One has to travel either by his car or by public transport service. Some drivers drive at a normal speed and others do it very fast even on the bumpers. One day, while traveling from Trongsa to Gelephu, I was at the back seat. The drivers was in a faster speed and when it bumped over the bumper half the passenger shouted and heads of the many passengers got hit against the inner face of the roof of the bus. About three passengers were bleeding. When asked for a slow drive, the driver got angry and telling us to drive the bus. This was my experience. But many might laugh at this narration, and here is the demarcation between who laughs and who actually experienced. Many passengers may be experiencing even now. If RSTA staff could sometimes travel as passenger in the bus, may be they will experience it. With regard to bus fare, the booking counter person never returns the exchange. If the fare is say Nu.203, and if we give Nu.205, Nu.2 is silently theirs. Sometimes they give us chocolate which we accept if it is one or two. But to take back about four chocolates is sometimes not our will.
    Now what happened to taxi meter? I think it was now gone after having met some vested interest. When it was discussed, neither taxi operators wanted saying it was not applicable to their passengers nor did customers support it. But it was forced to buy taxi meter using man made rules. Where is it now? What benefit did it bring to us taxi drivers and customers? Only our money flowed out of the country and now cries of rupee deficiency.

    Regarding the Land case in Jelpozhing, Attorney General once brought out final conclusion that the case with the land in Jelpozhing has no corruption. Now who is not understanding or applying the law of the country properly, Drangpon of Mongar or Attorny general? Lastly Tshogpon and Home Minister were proved corrupted. Is it the future we want, can GNH shape it?
    Thank you for reading



    Kenchosum! this is the reality of life and the author has taken pain to write such a post. Its worth reading and all readers must sit and think, are we heading the right direction? What can we contribute, its getting late already for our future generation. We will be held responsible collectively as party to it. High time, change is required from all of us for better tomorrow.



    hey just me,it was very interesting to go through ua post.its 101% fact.if such a thing goes on dan a day is nt far wer our poor people ll lost faith in GNH,coz of those greedy corrupted monsters GNH’s philosophy should nt go in vain.Now its time to fish out corrupted people from der post.sumtime its reali irritate n feel lik giving 1000s of blows in public,make dem shit in der panties coz of the pain dey received.Such things r nt happening in Bhutan so dey r taking advantage of it.people go to such a extent wen dey r frustrated wit the systems of govt.Everybody is nt Ghandi Ji or Dhali Lama………..God has created our brain in such a way dat it react to evri actions.We r nt standing still behind u but we r following n watching u.A day ll kum dat u guys would yelled out “OMG!!!!!! i thought u were my Asst.,Shaffer,Fren,Galfren,Bla bla bla……..and u turn out be ……….????????????????????”.



    Dear moderator,
    What happened to my previous post under this topic? Did it hurt someone else?

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