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Can Media report on economic analysis of Hydropower Projects

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    There are lots of skepticism on how the hydropower projects are going to help Bhutan’s prosperty. The educated lots are doubtful too, needless to mention about rest of the populace. The other uncertainty is Bhutan does not have control over tariff which means getting peanut from sale will take ages to repay. How long, no one knows. So far such analysis never came to public. Will such answer ever come to public. doubtful.

    The other thing is why so many mega projects should start in a rush while Bhutan’s absorption capacity is limited. Rupee crunch is one aspect but there are so many problems that are poping up which will have serious repurcussions.

    Therefore, even if is tentative, it would be very helpful if the public is informed about the economic analysis. The analysis should conlude with remarks in a language that common people can understand.

    Looking forward to get some reply.

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