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    why there is caste discrimination in the southern Bhutan? i really don’t understand that being a Buddhist country why there are different types of thinking in druk yuel ?
    Still in place like Bhangter under samdrup jongkhar; Gong village under sarpang dzongkhag and Tala under chukha are still in old stone age, they think that by letting pandit to chant the prayers,they can purify everything in the village.
    If that is the case,then every small caste wanted to become a braman. Can they make that? NO, the answer will be definitely a very big NOOOOOOOOOO.

    So there are lots of problems in southern zone of country which govt. don’t have any ideas about it la
    and i wanted to work on it by the way to make it equal every where all around the country,but thing is that one people can’t do anything alone. i want co-corporation from all the Drukpas and Nepali in the country now.

    you don’t need to know who am i now,but only thing is that discuss whether it is possible to remove the untouchability in the country?

    if so how and which way ?

    tell me how can i start working on it. When Nepal and sikkim can remove all caste discrimination in their areas, why not us?



    This is one of the reasons why we have Education minister from your group.You can’t change all,but maybe your small bro i is the education that can do it in greater number.If you really want to help for the cause, try persuading the grownups for letting their children to be in school. Meanwhile, you start visiting some untouchables to make people realise that, touching un-touchabilities doesn’t make you different.


    Make it Simple

    Caste discrimination is not a issue that just came out started a long time ago and is next to impossible to eliminate it.
    It may be possible to change the mindsets of our younger generation but not of our elder whose mind has been matured with such instinct. Even to change the mindset of our younger generation, no one-man can do it. When it comes for cooperation from rises the question of is it possible?

    As far as I know, there is caste discrimination prevalence in the rural areas in the southern belts but it is not very rigorous. It is not their fault, those people are just following what was taught to them by their ancestors. If they do not follow it, society will start discriminating them too, despite being a brahmin or any other middle caste.



    Let it remain as OLD ORDER till people turn to equitable society in the NEW ORDER of the GOSPEL of liberation for all mankind declared by the KING OF AGES. When there exists a BETTER ORDER for the society, why should the old order still survive with so many followers? It is destined to die if its adherents/votaries desert it willingly or the votaries/adherents will all die in the OLD ORDER.



    “Old order changeth yeilding place to new” Our education minister is a live example to show that the people of Samtse dzongkhag care very little about caste. With the increase in literacy rate it will gradually decrease and disappear by itself. Why belittle yourself by talking about. It is deemed to disappear. You can not force the older & illetrate generation to change as it will be inhuman act to them. Their mind is set and it will be hard to change. Let the change take its course gradually. It will be a permanent change.



    Caste system is the indispensable element of Hinduism and mostly prevalent in the Nepali speaking community. The elder people of the community feel good and happy to follow their age old tradition. I feel there is charm, good feelings, happiness and well being by following their culture and traditions. Ofcourse if we look at the humanity, untouchable is humiliating. Other religion such as Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim etc does not follow any caste system. To me personally I don’t follow, every human being irrespective of casts and status are same to me. I have observed that there are only few places where village elders are dominant with their old age traditions and culture, it has far improved from the earlier situation.



    Angel, even if that system lives in the villages at social level, it should not be adopted as part of the government principle. As such, nominating village elders holding to that order is practically wrong in a professed Buddhist country.
    I am a personal looser in deserting this order singularly in my generation. This order however is bound to fall either by the divinity of Biblical Christianity (the practice of which is forbidden by national law as evidenced in sentencing of preachers and pastors, expressing opposition to the peace of Christ) or the violent hammer of humanity under Atheism (communism) that is more likely. I do not see immediate demise of this prevalent cult by other means, though. It retains some form of cultural value from the past that present generation does not know.



    It seems you watch a lot of Hindi Movies Yopo.



    You are right Hulk. Lot of drama on casteism is shown in Hindi movie.


    Heavy Heart

    Ofcourse it is understood that who ever is against caste system has no knowledge of what it is and why was it not eliminated before today. So true it is that the very first day someone decided to enforce caste system in human society in Prayag, Illahabad; India in the first manavantar (human cycle, which lasts for 1.4 billion years) there were some who refuted the concept, then there are people who disagree with the system and others who changed the original concept of attesting/assigning caste to a born.
    Truth is such, that the caste system was first on the consumable products and later was inforced on people who consumed them after full maturity.
    In Bhavishya Purana (an story of the future, written thirty three years before the advent of Kali Yuga, unique of eighteen Puranas) there has been long rows of discussion about how why there should or should not be Caste system, in the debate between sage Yagnyavalkya and Vashista rishi. It is clear that the concept is distorted, skewed and unjust today.
    It is found in Yajur Veda, which is one of the four supreme books of Sanatana Dharma (Please dont name their religion as Hinduism, it is a name given by british to defame it, it stated in an propaganda to eliminate Sanskrit and vedic system). The Qualities of food and the consumer of food are compared to parts of a body and a society is condensed into the same body and it says which ever food that nourished the body at best is Bramana (milk, honey, fruits, cooked grains are threes varna not Brahmana) e. Other which disturb the function of body ( tobacco, sugar, etc) is Chetria/rajanya. Food which disturb the function of mind are vaishya such as alcohol and Soma (also the name of mind deity). Food that destroy the life of other animal( meat) is sudric food.
    Yajurveda 10.90. 11
    Brahmanosya Mukham asid. Bahu rajanya kritaha. Urutadasya yad Vaishya. Padya gung Sudro ajayata. Now that Veda has fourfold meanings in a sentance (Bhautik = worldly/material. Daivik= deity. AdiBhautik= mental and adhyatmiK = spiritual) the above explaination related to food is a Bhautic meaning of the sanskrit verse given, its adibhautic meaning would mean as below. Brahmins are organs of head, Hands and chest are chetri, abdomen and thighs make Vaishya, feet are are Sudra. Bhuatic explaining pertains to individual material as percieved by mind whereas adiBhautic explaination is staged on a body and society is made into a body.
    Remember females have no caste in Sanatan Dharma, a person is not born with a caste but is later acquired based on Achar( conduct) and Vichar(Mental ability).
    When it pertains to mental ability the caste is determined by marriage, if a person marries someone without prescribed procedure reciting Veda he falls one step down the ladder, if he marries a relative the falls two steps down, if sister and brothers marry they become the lowest of all caste. Remember the hirarchy is very complex because managerial functions of a society like politicians and lawyers are chetris, producers(from growing plants ) and marketers are Vashya and designers, musicians, Producers from other sources and tailors are Sudra. Brahmins are role model and are forbidden from eating food produced by other Varna (Caste) and are held responsible for teaching and learning Veda, performing rituals and recieveing and giving Dana (offerings). They are responsible of passing down the adhyatmic (spiritual) traditions and should not marry within a Gotra but within Brahmin varna. Still if father is a Sudro (Kami, Damai, Sarki, Mochi, Dhobi, Teli, Pataki, Chutaki or Kusule) and sons is well versed with Veda or Vedanga then the Son becomes a Brahmin and not Sudro if he doesnot consume alcohol, tobacco and meat.
    Contact me for further information
    Ragu Pati Suvedi
    Bacholars of life Sciences from Sherubtse
    Bharadvaj Gotra, Angiras-Brihaspati-BHARADVAJ 3 Parvar, Madhyandini Sakha of Shukla Yajurveda.

    Jayatu Manukulum, Jayatu Bhutanam. Glory to Mankind, Glory to Bhutan.



    @Heavy Heart thank you so much for sharing those things to me



    @ Hulk & Buthomas = what u think i am just watching Hindi Movies and writing this articles to give ur opinion here ya? do u think i don’t ve work of my own and writing unnecessary like that to forums ?
    this are the things going around the village in Bhutan not in Movies. i know what things are going on in movies. but think logically, even if i watch the Hindi movies on the screen, why should i write all those movies stories online ?
    silly u Guys are ni! when some one is coming with true intention to really know about what is all about. You just write without thinking anything na?

    if you don’t think there is no caste Discrimination around Bhutan you just visit the above mentioned places, you will get all the informations from the old people. i am not writing like that only, i am doing research on it dudes.



    Dear Logical I agree with you that mainstreaming caste system for the election in the chewogs are wrong if thats really happening. However I don’t agree with you becoz the gups, mangmies, tshogpas etc are all elected through votes. So whether brahmin or darjees or gurung will depend on the majority of the voters, but don’t think that any racist would vote for opposite caste. In fact I doubt the voting would be based on the caste. It would be very interesting to know where in Bhutan are such caste system being followed? It cannot be ruled out that it does not exist. However as far as I am concerned the situation has improved but doubt if they can be rid off. I think we should divert our time on more economical activities than being bothered by such caste system.

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