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Cheated by the buyer.

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    I was the second lowest bidder during the tendering. The supply order was already placed with the first lowest bidder. when the first bidder expressed his inability to supply the goods because of the rise in the cost of materials. The buyer insisted me to make the supplies. with the threat of blacklisting me he forced me to take up the project, I had submitted in written that the time provide was insufficient for me to complete the supplies so I needed time extension , I also requested them for the immediate release of payment for the supplied goods.

    He replied me in written, stating that they accept my proposal.

    During the supplies i had to undergo a financial crises, still I continued to supply.He never paid me on time. I also wrote to him for the time extension with the reasons, he never responded in written,but verbally assured to help me out.

    In the end, when it was my time to get the payments for the hard work I had put in to complete successfully, he slapped me a penalty of 10% of the total value of the project stating that I delayed in completing the task. Now I am left with nothing after I invested even my savings in the process of executing the project.

    I would alarm all the business people to ensure that you are not in the hands of cunning buyers.

    Every one, please suggest me if I have any where to appeal. I have already tried discussing with his superiors but none of them are forthcoming to dispense me the justice.

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