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    We at the front line public service providers in each corner of our country were expecting much more benefits from the recent reform but after being awaited all our expectations and dreams are shattered by creating the new group (SS-level) from P-level for those who are the non-selected RCSC.
    After thorough researches made by our colleagues from this SS-level group, came to conclusion that all the non-selected RCSC are not grouped in the SS-Level and some are kept as if position before.

    Is that reform qualify for Uniform, Fairness and Transparency to all PCS groups? Is this reform initiated by the newly appointed officers and want to take advantages from those who served many years to the general public and is benefits want enjoy the newly appointed officers.

    Is it senior public servants work under the new rcsc selected officers and the meaning of seniority is totally spoiled by this reform.

    This is a just drop of unheard voices from the different corners of our country and it needs to be taken it seriously all the relevant agency and i provide this as a piece of information for the policy makers to take it as serious issues.

    Thanking you all la



    As expressed by nongthob, there are many civil servants who are seriously affected. My opinion is at least those civil servants with BSc certificate and whose position was in P level should be retained as it was before. I think RCSC thought that there won’t be any repercussion for few lots but this shouldn’t be overlooked laa because those affected are the main tools in an organization. Complacency in Bhutanese brain should be waived off. Please intervene something to these affected group. RCSC Chairperson is visionary and we expect lot from you laa. Nothing is permanent, at the end of the day it matters how much and of what quality a person contributed to the nation and his family. Future lots are really observing to this unfair OD. We are really demoralized.




    It is true that the RCSC did not do home works thoroughly although we have appreciations and expect lot of things to be changed by the visionary leader like Dasho Karma Tshitrim, Honorable Chairman of RCSC.

    However, with the change of system taking place, almost all the reforms and systems seems to be going well BUT the change of SS Position Levels or 5 years promotion system needs to revisit by the Commission as most of the civil servants who serves day and night with utmost dedication and sincerity are not at all happy.

    It is also evident that we have lot of civil servants with under graduate certificates (Class 12, Certificates and Diploma Holders) who serves in the fields/ Dzongkhags/ Drungkhags/ Ministries/ Depts. as Officers who perform their duty diligently and effectively.

    What is there to restrict when some one to be promoted or to enter into the Officer Position as long as he or she perform better and outstanding?. In fact, it will further motivate to the most of the civil servants to perform better throughout his or her service. It would be progressive when his or her career or promotion goes up.

    We are wondering as to why RCSC failed to adopt that system and it seems the hard works of those affected civil servants have not been accounted for. Our request would be to study, review and analysis further please.

    Other wise, we believe that the RCSC members underestimate the potentials and capacity of those civil servants? OR discriminate between the degree holders and other category of staff who do not have degree certificates?

    We are hoping and have high expectation that Dasho Chairman as a visionary and capable leader will look into the matters urgently.




    We all civil servant of the country salute RCSC chairperson in bringing such changes in the system. However, what above author pointed is also correct.In my view the reform seems not fair, uniform and transparency to all the PCS groups of civil servants. The stagnated P level civil servants for twelve to fifteen years and some for one to two years are placed in same category. The visionary leader Dasho Karma Tshitrim, Honorable Chairman of RCSC may further revisit the differences of those affected civil servants.



    I fully agreed with the issues raised by the above authors because I was also one of the victims of the same system. My promotion stagnated more than 12 years in the same grade although I have Bachelor degree certificate from one of the recognized college under RUB. Recently I became more sad to see my position level changed to SS from earlier P level. Only God Knows. BUT I am full hope and confident that the present capable and visionary Hon’ble Chairman will surely bring light to the faces of senior civil servant by bringing major changes in BCSR 2012.



    This effect of the latest recent reform have been known to notice the RCSC’s Chairman and its commissioners and even to the policy makers. After longtime awaited to take necessary actions from the RCSC and other relevant agencies, but there were no even single consultation from the RCSC with regards to the recent reform of mapping the SS level. It is a very sad to know about it and our voices have been became deaf for them. Even if the people in the E/P level enjoy their benefits, at least feel the hardship S/SS level people are going through it.

    I have the following questions to the RCSC;

    1. What is the Vested Right?
    2. What is actual reasons for increasing the promotion period from 4 to 5 years?
    3. If the RCSC selected is only gate way to P-level but there many who are not graduate forget about the selected Rcsc?


    Dotar Sangay

    M sure that,there is discremation between degree holder and certificate one and don’t count the work of certificate holder.please look into this matter as serious la



    One suggestion to all who posted and replied to this topic of post here. If you think you are more capable and deserve more than what government is providing to you, it is a gateway for you to resign and lead your own business. You have your vested right to lead your own life and younger happier people will serve the people in place of you.



    Lets be straight forward and no hard feelings. If every one wants equal privilege irrespective of their qualifications and i think there is no point going through strict selection procedures and rather opt for lucky dip bases.
    See, those who are in P levels and EX/ES are mostly those who burnt their midnight oil during their high school and got the opportunities to complete their graduation form the renowned universities. When i say that it does not mean that people who are not selected for scholarships from class 12 are not competent enough. sometimes it depends on our luck. However people who are not satisfied and strongly believe in their capability also opt for higher studies from their own expense. Most of the people who fall in those category that i have mentioned above even get through the RCSC and ultimately placed to P level.

    Government has given us option to upgrade our knowledge and even appear the RCSC exam. One should abide by the rule. If you don”t get through it then its not the RCSC’s fault. It also means that you are not competent enough. Most of the friends say that people who have not got through RCSC are also placed in P level. Its true but see, rules that are effective in the past may not be applicable today due to the amendments of rules with the changing needs.

    So friends, lets be satisfied. Our greed will never be fulfilled. Even then if you are not content, the the door is always open for you to exit.. These days there are lots of graduates who is willing to take up your place. Do something which interest you and keep yourself satisfied.



    We the affected civil servants are still in hope that something good will be heard soon from RCSC and our Government. Please see the possibility at least to put the in-service Bachelor degree holders to P level from SS level who were once in P level before remapped by RCSC. Promotion period for SS level can be brought back to 4 years from existing 5 years. Some SS level Civil servants are still holding important posts meant for P level BUT doing progressive works fulfilling beyond their mandates in every fields. If RCSC can give same opportunity to SS level in place of P level officers considering the seniority and experiences (especially Unit In-charges under the Department & Agencies), it would be highly appreciated… la. and most of the present problems will be solved. No hard feeling la… just my concerns…. We are still eagerly waiting for good news from RCSC and our far sighted present government… Thanks….

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