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    Actually, i came across many traffic police always treating harshly to those driver who have black glass window over their car….even penalized. one day i was flying to Thimphu with emergency suddenly i was stopped and asked my documents. All my documents are valid one, but finally because of that black glass mine documents has been suspended till i report to their office removing all the black sticker of the car….. Nothing much but without any perfect reason i lost my one day just for that foolish act… When i asked that traffic officer why you all are not allowing to drive the car with black window, that time answer i got is in-case of hit and run, they can’t recognize the driver lo. So, i asked if it is so then if bikers hit and run then how will you recognize the culprit, he got stuck with some bla bla……..
    I think our road safety authority should revised this rules and regulation, if not they have to make free of riding bike without helmet ahead if u all really wanna see the face of rider…
    secondly, rules is being made for everyone not only to those people like us…. if u all really wanna do strict over this black window glass car then many big shots and malik are driving their very expensive cars with black glass window but no action to them…………. you need to be sensible to make rules with perfect reason, before you go for implementation ahead……



    You are right.
    The only reason requiring the need of clear glass in cars I heard from Nepal radio was to monitor/curb the crime of trafficking humans. We know from news sources that numbers about the size of our country’s population are traffiked and sold in India…. Does that take place in Bhutan also for police to be careful about, without ascribing reason? I believe it has nothing to do with cases of accidents. It is related to the cases of other crimes….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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