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    I am a student from America studying in Bhutan for the next three weeks. I am doing research on traditional constellations and stories about the stars in Bhutan. Does anyone have any stories about stars or know any traditional constellations? Thank you!



    HI Mara your subject seems interesting. You may like to begin by studying Hindu mythology and the Buddhist scriptures. the mythology related to the constellations(star patterns) is nothing but a medium to pass great knowledge to the masses. the star patterns act as reference for studying astronomical phenomenon. Astrology is higher form of statistical studies related to these star patterns. It is easier to understand the immediate universe by considering earth as the center of a celestial sphere. Any way! all the best and i would be interested in learning more from you… if that should be no issue. Kadrin chey and Tashi Delek!



    if i am not mistaken, you may contact school of astronomy in pangrizampa, thimphu
    good luck



    Thanks that’s very helpful! Do you know any of the stories or mythology relating to the constellations? I would be interested in meeting to talk more if you’d be willing. I’ll be traveling through most of the country in the next three weeks, staying at universities.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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