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    Mr. Loyal

    At last answered…got the TA/DA…BUT what amount is sanctioned? There remain a very big question mark for all. Paying TA/DA through account numbers (Bank) without signing a voucher is not a good act. There is no TRANSPARENCY. There is chances of manupulation of TA/DA forms. I dn’t what amount is deposited in my account. Yes we can know but has to go many formalities. There is no time.



    TA/DA claimed for appearing Examination in the month of November is still not Paid.
    I am sure dealing person will let all DE teachers know the reasons for mot depositing the TA/DA which was claimed 3 moths back.


    Mr. Loyal

    Oh, I see. I am not aware about it. As I mentioned depositing TA/DA in account is not transparent. Thanks eeenaaa for the information. Yes the concern dealing guy need to clarify for the delay otherwise we need to write to ACC. Why it is not systematic?



    Hey Mrs Loyal,
    If you think there is no transparency why dont you come and check your TA/da claim form which you have submitted. There isn’t any formalities to check your Tada amount. sori to inform u dat u got lots of time to complain instead why dnt u turn up n check ur details,,,,,,,,
    AcctS people don’t get voucher allowance to inform individual about TADA…………..There is bank statement u can check out. Why only teachers complaining why not other sectors as rules are same in same dzongkhag.IF NOT teachers are getting many TADA since they have to walk form staff quater to classroom/ they dont have work or wat we dont understand.
    So mr. LOyal keep on writing on the forum , forum might sovle your problem one day or u might get lots TADA soon for officiating school caretaker,assistance,driver and all……

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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