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Dear 2013 graduates- How was your PRELIM- exams?

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    torma guru

    Dear 2013 graduates- How did you fair in your RCSC controlled PRELIM- exams on Sunday (11th August 2013)?. How were the relevancy and difficulty level of the Prelim exams?

    But I am told that the PDP govt. has lifted PE from 2014 onwards. Well, you all belong to either lucky of unlucky graduate batch this year-2013.

    On an average, how much would you expect to score in the Prelims.?

    Wish you every best in your result.

    Concerned guardian/citizen of youth.



    Those people who are self centred will only think will benefit the young graduates by lifting the PE. If we truly think forgetting about our kids and kins and our relatives, this PE is a platform which offered the FAIR PLAYING ground for all university graduates.

    Graduates who are concerned of their parents, their guardians, their family would have benefited from this PE because we feel responsible for all these members and worked hard to get through it and of course the main selection exam. Sadly, parents who are wealthy, big post and of course their greedy kids who wants the civil service job by the influence of their influential people may well think it is a good way of getting into gov. job without having to get through PE.

    But think for a second, there are challenges, life isn’t like just eating cake, we all need to work hard if we are to enjoy its fruit. So by lifting the PE, firstly it will encourage lot of corruption, only the kids and kins of influencial people will get the govt. job and leaving behind the young graduates from vulnerable background.
    Secondly, it is one pledge our present govt. made to woo the young voters for which they are obliged to fulfill it but failed to understand its importance and ill effects of lifting it. Of course I’m one among many who voted for it and hope to get it in return but I’ve failed to understand and analyse its negative impact for generations.
    Thirdly, the elected govt. whose ideology is the WANGTSE CHIRPEL, giving power to local govt. and constitutional body only contradicts and shows double standard by infringing the autonomy of a constitutional body in RCSC.
    As author rightly mentioned the word ‘RCSC controlled PRELIM-exams on Sunday (11th August 2013), if the civil is not taken care by RCSC which have been done for decades and been successful in recruiting the right persons despite ups and down being now controlled by an elected GOVT. is the most worrisome and unprecedented trend setting.

    Unfortunate citizen like me and many more can only watch all these happening and cry the fall of this great NATION with vest interest imposed in all govt. agencies.

    YOUNG GRADUATES AND CITIZENS of this great nation, let us think critically for the future of this NATION.



    what is confusing u here???.. There is no bias in PE…simply testing the basic skills in english, Dzonkha and mathematics, which is needed for day to day office matter from which profession u come from..
    that too is very simple..all cl-x level mathematics and basics of Dzongha…..i feel PE is scary for those who hardly attended classes during college days,simply enjoying on the wealth of their parents possess..Again they need shortcut to RCSC without PE..???.. i wonder … author if ur concerned guardian u shud have guided ur child while studying rather than sending just money order..
    RCSC is doing Best to recruited deserving candidates to shoulder the responsibilities in government so that our country will move forward.. i find it fair….!!! Don’t ever find loopholes to be in civil service…


    torma guru

    It is really sad that ……………….our youth are unprepared for their own causes in life and very sluggish in their responses.



    With the decreased no of jobs in the govt, it will be difficult even if one qualifies in the exams. Hope this time the RCSC considers to allot the seat as and when vacancy comes up instead of again asking the candidate to compete in the RCSC exams otherwise, there is no value of the exam which is suppose to be real test of the deserving candidate.



    I would like to say that, Preliminary Exams are a gateway of equal opportunity to all graduates who covets to be a part of civil service. Sons and daughters of noble society! Even if we cancel the PE, the intake of the graduates or the vacancies will not increase , PE exams are just a basic numeracy test that is required even to carry out normal day to day life activities and a basic language competency test required to be a part of professional and management…rather taking into account the cost benefit analysis:

    cost of 1 graduate= 300 Nu per day (just an assumption)

    Cost, If we Keep PE:
    3000 graduates= 900,000 Nu (i.e for PE alone)
    1500 graduates (since approx half of the graduates will be disqualified)*4 days exams (1 day for viva voce)* Nu 300(assumed cost per graduate) =1,800,000
    Cost of PE (900,000)+Cost of Main Exam(1,800,000)=2,700,000

    if we cancel PE, the cost will be:

    3000 graduates *4 days exams (1 day for viva voce)*300(assumed cost per graduate)=3, 600,000 Nu

    Therefore we can save the cost by:

    3,600,000-2,700,000= 900,000, even as we keep the cost per graduate minimal at Nu 300 per graduate.

    And also, think of time and other resources that gets wasted….Boys and Girls take PE as an opportunity not as threat….best of luck



    PDP said No PE and you had to do…… hahahaha voted for PDP to be kicked by unfaithful horse. Had it …and will have more



    What I personally feels about the PE is that PE is one gate to check bias/ or corruption in the Bhutanese civil service system. The PDP’s pledges of doing away of PE is to recruit their party supporters son, daughter, niece, nephew etc…into the civil service system.
    If PDP eliminates PE from the BCSR-2012 then i can guarantee that we are inviting corruption in our civil service system.

    But on the other hand RCSC really need to do a major review in the conduct of PE, especially in the selection of invigilators and the code of conduct of these invigilators. What is happening is that we are beginning to hear graduates complains of some invigilators allowing graduates to use mobile phone during the examination, while some do not. And the most pressing complain of all graduates is there is no clear instruction on how to fill the OMR answering sheet and also on the need to fill in properly the question series one is given.

    Every invigilators at the end and before the document are submitted to RCSC should be checking especially the correctness of question series in the OMR answer sheet and if found any discrepancies in it, should inform the graduate on the spot and made to do the correction.



    i really don’t understand why many people think PE and Pedestrians day is such a bad idea .
    PE gives a fair ground where the most deserving candidates are chosen for ME.
    And sure pedestrian day was trouble some for some of us but it was fun and new !!!

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