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    I as a concern citizen would like to seek clarification from your office on conducting your principal conference at different location on different dates.
    Monsoon is at its peak season, would your office be responsible for unforeseen disaster? What is the reason behind on conducting such important conference at different location on different date? Is it that your office is going to reduce the expenditure (TA/DA payments) for principal or DEO’s and OA are going to conduct it without claiming their allowance?
    As I heard last year that within the space of 2 months time (may end n early August ), conference was conducted twice but as usual no school agendas were discussed, it was just for collecting reports from schools which were already sent. Conference at Samdrupjongkhar seems never fruitful (as per principals) till date as floor didn’t have right to express concern of schools , even if it was expressed , it didn’t value anything to DEOs. As per my observation conference are conducted in presence of all school heads rather than conducting cluster wise in presence of 5-6 principals. And it’s unnecessary to for OAs to be included in cluster wise conference, if need is felt necessary why can’t they deploy schools OAs during conference who are free.
    why not DEO’s office conduct the conference at one go, i.e, since it’s already been divided into three cluster, three DEOs can conduct simultaneously at a time, reducing days of empty space in the Dzongkhag office. Each DEO can go to different location n conduct, if it is felt conference is necessary at this peak monsoon. But in other hand rest 19 Dzongkhags n thromde they r not conducting. Is it not necessary at this time of a year?
    Could your office conduct the conference during favorable monsoon.

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