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DHI Interview Result Announcement using CID No. ‘Risky’

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    Just an observation that i would like to share pertaining to DHI’s method of using CID No. for announcing their interview result. Though i do understand the good intention of this approach, however i feel it is also risky. For example: I can use a CID No. and find out his/her Tax Payer No. (TPN) and name by visiting MoF website. With a TPN, i can mis-use it many ways like false submission of Personal Income Tax (PIT) return and importing goods into the country which ultimately gets accounted to actual/concerend TPN holder.

    Just an observation.



    It is not just DHI,every Ministries & Govt.Agencies,Corporate bodies and private sectors in Bhutan use CID No as a standard means to identify the shortlisted candidates as well as for any other information.
    Usually in other countries such number also called social security number are a top kept secret but in Bhutan it is openly misused.

    Just to give a classic example to the readers,I will copy the CID numbers from any websites or newspapers and go to this citizen service site: and enter the number and also the date of birth(very easy to get too) and print the hard copy of a genuine citizen. Once done,I will just change the photo and submit for processing any thing under the sun in Bhutan. Isn’t so easy?

    And the funny thing is how can Government website containing such vital information be made using some open source?The website is made using some open source which can be hacked so easily and ironically it is linked with the database of all the information of country’s population like CID.When everyday a website in Bhutan is being hacked made on such platform,how can our Government be careless?What will be the disaster if some hackers gets in and changes the whole database of the Census Department through this website? Scary right?

    Also,why doesn’t DIT,suggest all the Government websites to have at least some sort of security in the website like SSL certificate?It is not expensive at all.What is DIT doing at the first place.And see the citizen service website,the fonts used are different for “Home”,Apply now” etc. DIT doesn’t have a good website designer also or just careless?

    A country’s security is at stake through such websites linked to so important database and DIT is just warming their balls with expensive heater.
    Do something guys!!!And some MPs, NCs needs to discuss in parliament about using CID Nos in every adds and announcement by anyone.



    Thanks ‘nobrand’ for an exhaustive explanation. My answer would be to draw up “Privacy Law” parallel to NC Mr. Sangay Kandus proposal on “Right to Information Bill”. This two has to go together as there are lot of conflicting and correlated issues.

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