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    Megha Shakya

    Bhutan is one last paradise on earth. But it’s beautiful families are increasingly breaking up due to divorces like in the western world, something not so common in the neighbouring India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Isn’t this a concern to nation builders of Bhutan?

    Megha Shakya



    Yes it is every one of us concerned that we need to find out in deep study and survey must be carry out in keeping view with the youth or young sapling mental changes in the society and directly effecting the country,s over all scenario changes in the future.

    More view and expression required from other learnded wisdom people or it should continue and go for further.


    To divorce is a sin as per religious point of view. Be always faithful to your wife/husband. Think of your lovely children. Be always positive & think of your family.



    གཉེན་ཡ་འབྲལ་འགྱོ་ནི་འདི་ ད་རིས་ནངས་པ་པ་གི་དུས་ཚོད་ལུ་ གནམ་མེད་ས་མེད་ འཇམ་ཏོང་ཏོ་ཆིག་དང་ ལམ་ལུགས་བཟུམ་ཅིག་འབད་ ཚོརཝ་ཨིནམ་པས། ལམ་ལུགས་འདི་ཡང་ ཕྱི་ཁ་ལས་དཔེ་ལེན་དོ་བཟུམ་ཅིག་འདུག། དཔེ་འབད་བ་ཅིན། “ལིམ་བིང་ཀྲུ་གེ་དར་” ཟེར་མི་འདི་ གཞོནམ་ཚུ་གི་ མཐོང་སྣང་ལུ་དར་ཁྱབ་ཅན་ཅིག་འབད་ར་འགྱུར་དོ། ནཱི་བཟུམ་ཅིག་འབད་ ཕོ་གིས་ཕོ་ལུ་དགའ་མི་ མོ་གིས་མོ་ལུ་དགའ་མི་སོགས་ འགྱུར་བ་ལེ་ཤ་ཅིག་འོང་དོ། རང་ས གོ་མི་ཚུ་གིས་ ཧ་གོ་དགོཔ་འདི་ཁག་ཆེ་བས། མི་ཆེ་འབྲིང་ཆུང་མེདཔ་ག་ར་གིས་ ཁ་ལས་འཐོན་ཚེ་ “ཐ་དམ་ཚིག་” “དགའ་སྐྱིད་དཔལ་འཛོམ་” ཟེར་འཐོནམ་ཨིན་པས།
    “ཐ་དམ་ཚིག་དང་དགའ་སྐྱིད་དཔལ་འཛོམ་” འདི་ ལེགས་ཤོམ་ཅིག་འབད་ ཧ་གོ་མི་ཨིན་པ་ཅིན། ནཱི་བཟུམ་མའི་ དཀའ་ངལ་འཐོན་ར་མི་འཐོན།
    ནཱི་བཟུམ་གྱི་ལཱ་འདི་འབད་ར་འབད་ནི་ཨིན་པ་ཅིན། ལཱ་ཁག་དང་ དཀའ་ལས་ཅིག་ག་ནི་ཡང་མེན། རྒསཔ་ལོ་ན་ ༩༠ ལང་མི་གིས་འབད་རུང་ འབད་མ་ཚུགས་པའི་ལཱ་ཅིག་ཨེན། ཟེར་མནོཝ་མས།
    མགྱོགས་པ་ར་ རིགཔ་མ་བསྒྱིམ་པ་ཅིན་ ཕོ་/མོ་ལོ་ ༩༥ ལང་མི་གིས་ ཕོ་/མོ་ལོ་༡༨ ལང་མི་དང་ གཉེན་རྐྱབ་མི་ཡང་འཐོན་ནི་གི་དུམ་ཁ་ ལྷོད་དེ་ཡོད།




    Divorce in the country is of great concern where no body (husbands/wives/policy makers, etc) seem to bother. Thank you the author for bringing in this issue here and hope this be heard outside as well by every Bhutanese citizens.
    Though there are some policies, rules, regulations and NGOs tackling this issue it still seem to do not enough for keeping the marriages intact. In spite their intervention, if the spouses still want to get divorced then that’s it. So, there should have more education programmes and stringent laws for the divorcees. Levy doubled or dribbled Soe-thue and Baa for the culprit. Come up with the legal strategies/undertakings where the child gets maximum education from the culprit parent; so on and so forth strategies that can curve divorce cases which simply seem to take place because of adultery practices of spouse can be adopted.
    If there is no intervention on such growing trend in the country, Bhutan, 20-30 years down the line will have many bastard like generation who is good for nothing, let alone serving the nation. The very cause for such future generation then can be blamed to the parents today.
    We the parents need to think twice before being so selfish and the government and policy makers should start doing something to curve this social problem.

    Simply my concerned views.



    Divorce in all parts of Bhutan is very common now. Many children are left with either a single parent or no parents at all. And the Bhutanese men are busy going after younger and fresher females they can choose. A 45 year old hooks a poor innocent merely turned 18 year old girl. I wonder why this trend is happening in Bhutan? The government should do something fast to curve this problem or else I can imagine what Bhutan will be like by the year 2020 and that’s not so far away.



    divorce for mom and dad is very ok but the victim is always a child that struggle to survive……so as a point of concern its every one of us responsibility not to let that occur c…thank you



    The main cause is due to poor planning. As a Bhutanese we have a culture of overnight marriages and we are facing the repercussions at the moment. Proper guidance and counseling are required for the young lots from educated parents.

    Therefore, what I feel is that in depth research is required to know the real cause of divorces to address the problem with modern way of thinking and solutions. We need to revisit our marriage plans, prevent from getting victimized by NCDs and all in all being able to respond to the situations like a literate person. Women are more sensitive to such cases and should be targeted by concerned authorities and agencies/organizations to control and bring social harmony in GNH country.


    Commenter 1

    Educate yourself!. the population of people in Bhutan is by far less than the neighboring countries like Nepal, India and Bangladesh to even compare social problems like this. Leave them to solve their own personal problems.



    Active usage of social media especially face booking, wechat, etc are promoting divorce by diverting family time and even work time, then next possible cause would be excessive gambling and alcohol, living separately, personality clash, ego problem, etc are all probable factors. Another big cause is degradation of human values and adulteration of traditional culture blah bla…Thus, first educate oneself, then half of research work on divorce and divorce solution is already done.



    Once married, we all should enjoy a happy lasting married life. Be faithful to your loving partner ( THAE DAMCHEY CHUNGME KHEY LAE NA ). Divorce is a sin.

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