Do we really need to pledge our commitment against corruption??

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    Dear all,

    Hats-off to ACC for their unprecidented job in fighting against corruption in our country and trying to make bhutan a corruption free society.
    But one thing that goes through my mind is, do we really need to pledge our commitment against corruption. As long as we don’t creat any corruptions, I feel we really need to pledge our commitments. But hey! I don’t mean to say that I want to do corruption. Never! What I mean to say is, will it (pledging our commitment against corruption) help in minimizing corruption in the country??
    It has been discussed in forums long time back that the main reason of having corruption in the country (with middle and lower income people), is that it is not enough for them to feed on! Topics on necessity to increase pay and DSA have been discussed. Why? because it is not enough. Corruptions involved with high level income people and so on.. is a different topic.
    Therefore, ACC rather than letting people pledge their commitments, why don’t they look for MEANS and WAYS so that corruption is minimized. Especially, government drivers have to sometimes depend on little bit of fuel adjustment, which is corruption., and ACC is well aware of that. Did ACC ever propose the government of these issues to come up with better pays??
    I guess, letting people sign on their page so called PLEDGING bla bla bla… may not help in minimizing corruption.

    What do you guys say??



    100% correct. I like your comments.



    Knowledge leads to consciousness leads to reaction with human nature (innate fallen one in case of CORRUPTION) and strong probability to inclination and consequent failure due to attachment. Pledging to abide as consciously as possible with the standing laws of the country is enough in my opinion. It holds every bits and pieces of concerns of every institution, I suppose. If not, our laws are incomplete!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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