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    Dorji Choden whom many people believed to be a humble lady and she herself introduced to be a humble person and nyamchung is now showing her true colour after DNT lost in the primary election. Her interest is not to serve the nation but to fulfil her own desire and greed. She is jumping from party to another and back again in a desperate move to become minister. I can now read what lies beneath her skin of sheep. Once a respected lady now looks like a hungry tiger. God save DNT and innocent candidates who are dumped.



    The people of Thrimshing and Kangpara should really watch out their candidate Dorji Choden. Firstly, she resigned from a very noble agency ACC, thinking that she would become minister under Lyonpo Sangay. Then, after loss with PDP, she thought she would become Lyonchen by heading DNT. Again, she lost and now she thinks that she can still become a minister by joining PDP. If this is not power-hungry, what is it? If she really wanted to serve the nation, she could have done by remaining in ACC like Am Neten. Her only desire is to become the first lady minister because she is already proud to have become the first lady engineer though it does not make much sense to me. Even if you the people of Thrimshing kangpara vote for her, she will be in the opposition seat. So, whether you want to be in the ruling or opposition party, it’s up to you.



    There is nothing wrong joining other party, as long as Election Act allow it. Don’t be so narrow minded. Your post on the forum is always against the DNT and PDP. Please think about the benefit of country and people not only to your own party (DPT). It is always good to have experience people like Aum Dorji Choden in Parliament, be it be in ruling or opposition party.



    DNT President…you are making the right move. Your party members have the full support in jointly venturing with the PDP to form the government. You should contest from your won constituency for PDP and rest of your distinctive candidates as well. In general, people away from the capital choose to have PDP in the forefront to taste DPT’s opposition role.


    so so

    I hope the people of Thrimshing Kangpara know the type of person Aum Dorji Choden is, if she can leave a party she was the President of, than can the people really trust her.



    PDP and DNT have some dirty business going on and finding it difficult to come to terms. PDP says I want only this and this. DNT says, you have to take these as well or else you get none. So much for individual decision to leave DNT. Actually everyone in DNT wants to go to PDP but they get only limited seats. How do you strengthen democracy with all selfish dirty business deals going on underneath. Is this what you call national interest?? People , I had higher expectation from DNT. But I opened my eyes. And i do not want people to make same mistake I did. How do you expect such liars to be our MPs? How can we trust people who say one thing and does another thing behind?



    Hahahaha….this author must be DPT’s supporters and he is scared that PDP and DNT when merged together might defeat DPT….inna? DPT supporters are becoming very very insecure….lol. To me it does not matter which party comes but to rule the government and take the country into the right direction is most important. Probably it must be the same for DC also why are you defaming her?



    Bardo -trong leki Dorji have joined back to PDP? what about Dr Tandin Dorji founding memeber of DNT?
    Please copy like your President. We pray please and have seat in assembly.



    Till now every section of people had believe and trust with Dorji Choden, being a first lady engineer of country and herself being the most humble lady, faithful to tsa wa sum. Now something wrong is there with her related to health. what makes her jump one to another and back to original party. Secondly how TT can trust her again ahving neglected party.

    She is showing her true colour to the nation. What is Nyamchung? It is her lip service. I dont find any hope in her to serve the people of country. How can people trust her if her attitute acts like mad dog. By chance if elected, there wont be charm of winning and cannot face people. Otherwise if lost, then she dont have to go anywhere else to show her face. because it is GREAT SHAME TO THE NATION AS WELL TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD. Look at the example of other countries where democracy government is matured, they don not take part like her. She is really hungry of power. Please people ofThrimshing Kangpara have mercy and vote for her and give her chance, otherwise she will not have her last breathe
    properly and wll give problem to her family. Azai zai zai wai gazum che ghi mee moo. dhey mey ghi wangtsay luu dheypa.



    DNT is dissolved forever now, i think they could have been in the PDP from the begining. its just a huge loss to the country financially. such parties should be disqualified from contesting in future. are the people of bhutan all fools according to them, i think DPT and DCT should not contest in future, let PDP and DNT do whatever they like in our country as they wish.


    pema thinley

    Dorji choden keep the NAME & FAME of your CANDIDATES instead of playing urself dirty politics



    Dorji Choden Just Want to Become First women Minister! She tried for First women prime minister but got knocked out in the first round! lets see second round knockout!

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