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    i just could not comprehend what he tried to convey to the public by saying ” it is not necessary to have good number of opposition”then what is use of introducing democracy which is five years old only. he seems just afraid of not get liberty to exercise his and cabinet the veto power, so to keep rest innocent under his /their control.it is better we have other type of government. he should not get disturb by having good number of opposition, the fate of part is yet to decide.the president must welcome the more opposition………..all most equal number of ruling and opposition strengthened dynamic and vibrant democracy, am i wrong then. one should not fear of commotion and havoc THAT may result, as saying “ARGUMENT IS EXCHANGE OF ignorance” AND DISCUSSION IS EXCHANGE OF WISDOM”…….



    Too much opposition will only cripple the developmental plans of the country. In Bhutan, besides the opposition party, even some newspapers play opposition’s role. So, opposition becomes stronger than the ruling party. That’s why India cannot keep pace with China in terms of development.



    Hello joker,
    Do not make comments just to favour your own party. Think about the benefits of people and country as a whole. Anyone can make out from your comments, you are always supporting one of the party, which we don’t like as a concern citizen.



    @joker.. so u mean you want dictatorship in the country??? like during Hitler’s time?? i wouldnt like that… after all more brains means more ideas to develop the country….



    oye…. Joker… when ever u write in this forum…. i see u r always in the DPT side…. Y? so,,,



    For the coming General election on 13th July 2013, we all should votes the right candidates who are well experienced & capable to solve the problems & also who are willingness to help the poor people.

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