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DPT supporters – stop with your accusations

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    the 2013 elections are over….we have the results …lets accept it for its the decision of the people………….and MOVE ON…for we have more pertinent issues to deal with like how to improve the economy.

    the beauty of democracy is that no can predict the end result……accusations will fly…as in any situation that has a winner and loser…..but the quality of the participant is determined by the way they accept the results – lose or win!.

    as a common citizen i am fed up of the DPT’s accusations…..please stop it n stop creating this unpleasant environment in our happy nation..

    if u think ur party should win exercise ur voting rights in the next election…..

    but right now…i say STOP!!!!………..all party supporters …… towards strengthening ur party supporters but PLEASE STOP CREATING THIS UNHEALTHY NEGATIVE ATMOSPHERE FOR THE REST OF us.


    Lha Gyelo

    Dear “drukpaisme” Don’t you realise that PDP predicted and result was out before the general election? how do they know it? or it’s already preplanned by bribing? If u don’t believe go and visit Bhutan Nomics, international body has seen it. We also being the Drukpas we accept the verdict wt respect….think thousand times, analyse with due attention, don’t be biased please. Dasho Karma Ura is mentally ill historian he will never tell the truth as he did during the live telecast held abt Wangdi Dzo in 2012…. BE WISE, THINK WISE, YOU WILL WISE RESULT. Don’t let ur believe be swayed away by one sided thinking.



    Many people may be fed up with PDP and its supporters too of cheating, bribery and threats. Loser lost honorably and let them find solace in what they do at least they are not creating any problems so far.



    drukpaisme, It is okay to stop accusations as the damage has already done. Election won and over. But drukpaisme, PDP supporters themselves have complained to their coordinators. So quite interesting, DPT supporters do not have to complain wai.



    i hate that attitude,,,over is over now……… PELDEN DRUKPA GYELO

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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